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Rinat Bogdanov won WPT Venice Grand Prix

Tags: Alessandro Longobard, Alessandro Longobardi, Andrea Dato, venice grand prix, world poker tour.
Posted on 14 February 2012 by "T".

Last Saturday the WPT Venice Grand Prix final table was played. When the final table kicked off, Andrea Dato had a big lead with 1,591,000 chips and in second place was Simon Ravnsbaek with 922,000. Both players built their big stacks by playing extremely aggressive and bluff a lot.

On the final table, however, that tactic didn't work out so good for them as their opponents picked up good hands. In fact, Dato and Ravnsbaek tried to three-bet bluff their opponents a few times and ended up losing lots of chips.

It seemed like Dato and Ravnsbaek bluffs only worked when they played against each other. Well, that was until Ravnsbaek tried to represent the nut flush in a hand that Dato actually had the hand in question. After this hand, Dato was once again back in a big lead and Ravnsbaek was running short on chips.

Ravnsbaek was eliminated in 4th place when he moved his final 600,000 into the middle holding pocket deuces and Bogdanov called with pocket tens. Bogdanov was also responsible for the elimination of Andrea Dato. Dato moved all-in with KClub4Diamond and Bogdanov woke up with AClubKDiamond and sent Dato to the rail.

Once Dato had left the tournament room, the Royal Flush Girls came out with the remaining prize money and put it on the table. Bogdanov, from Russia, almost had a 3-1 chip lead over his final opponent Alessandro Longobardi from Italy.

The Italian media crew and most of the crowd shared for Longobardi and hoped that he could turn the game around and keep the title from leaving the country. But Bogdanov played extremely well and took 1/4 of Longobardi's stack already in the first hand. Then it didn't take long before the final hand was played.

Alessandro Longobardi raised to 200,000 holding KHeartQDiamond and Rinaty Bogdanov called with 6Club4Club. The flop came QHeart7Diamond4Diamond. Bogdanov check-called Longobardi's 60,000 raise. The turn card 6Spade gave Bogdanov two pair and he check-called another raise, this time 240,000.

The river card 4Spade gave Bogdanov a full house but still he decided to play it cool by checking - for the 3rd time! Longobardi raised almost straight away to 300,000, convinced that he had the best hand. Bogdanov couldn't contain his excitement when he moved all-in with a smile on his face. Longobardi took a few moments of thinking before he decided to call.

For the win Bogdanov took home $302,065 and a seat in the WPT final. Below are the final table results: 

1. Rinat Bogdanov $302,065
2. Alessandro Longobardi $146,826
3. Andrea Dato $95,003
4. Simon Ravnsbaek $69,095
5. Gianluca Trebbi $56,134
6. Andrea Carini $42,319

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2 comments for "Rinat Bogdanov won WPT Venice Grand Prix"

 Fakiry14/02/2012 12:00:51 GMT
What a tremendous party that should have been, just look at those girls… woow!!! About the game, if there’s someone who deserved to win this it would be Bogdanov, the one who eliminated the two players who were giving harder headaches to the rest of the table. Can’t understand that Longobardi's 60,000 raise at the flop. He could be trying to hide the top pair, but this way he opened space for Bogdanov to see the turn, and all the game flipped after that.
 pochui14/02/2012 13:35:29 GMT
yeah dude- the girls was my first thought as well, who cares about those winners- just take a closer look at those babes- the only positive of winning such a tournament is that you have plenty of money to spend on those girls- you can buy yourself a gangbang, some blowjobs and generally have some great time

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