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Gus Hansen returns to Macau

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Posted on 29 March 2012 by "T".

According to a Danish poker news site, Gus Hansen has once again returned to Macau and joined players such as Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Sam "tri1cky7" Trickett in games where millions of dollars can change owner in just a single hand.

The Danish news site has been in contact with Hansen ever since he arrived in Macau and they report that he has played in games as high as $1,3000/$2,600 with a $5,000 straddle. But things haven't gone so well for Mr. Hansen so far. A big chunk of Gus's losses is due to a hand against Tom Dwan in which he failed to bluff with a HK$1.7 million bet on the river. 

"- 3 acres at 'durrrr' drawing dead. It's like regelt not a profitable way to go. 

- I had planned it from the beginning, a continuation bet on the flop, followed by another bet on the turn, and when he called both bets would I give up on the river. 

- 'Durrrr' called, but when the river was my considered opinion that he was on an Off topic-draw, and since I could not beat ace-high, I decided to send yet another bet going. A HK $ 1.7 million river-bluff, but a quick call from 'durrrr' sent all the chips in the wrong direction. 

- The good news was that 'durrrr' actually had the draw-Off topic, but the bad news was that he also had a top pair. Oops," 

Gus told the Danish news site. 

Sam Trickett wins his biggest pot ever!

Someone who's doing quite well in Macau at the moment seems to be Sam Trickett. According to Trickett's Twitter, he won the biggest pot of his entire career the other day.

@Samtrickett1 1st time I have been on the right end of a massive pot all year...

@Samtrickett1 I'll do a blog about it instead! More fun!! Biiiig pot though...

@Samtrickett1 Been playing for 12 hours now, just won my biggest pot ever..... Smile



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3 comments on "Gus Hansen returns to Macau"

 Fakiry29/03/2012 12:46:28 GMT
Macau is starting to become an addiction to some high stakes poker pros. I cant blame them. If it is there that the action is running, it would be stranger not to see these guys there than to know they are all going there. This can also work as a way to improve the financial stability of the countries where they are from, if we think that, after this, they will probably spend the most of their profits at home.
 pochui29/03/2012 16:45:26 GMT
ooops i just lost a million, what happened? nothing serious, just been caught bluffing Thumbs upthat's gus- always entertaining to watch and read about. so durrrr found a new home- read quite a while ago that he was going to macau, but never heard him returning from
 Macubaas29/03/2012 19:28:14 GMT
Gus Hansen did great on his last trip there so i think it's obvious that he wants another shot at those sick games Big Smile

And if you ask me i think more than sure we'll see that he will be on profit once again considering he really knows his game Smile

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