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Macau Casinos reopen at 50% Employee Attendance after Two-week Shutdown

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Posted on 27 July 2022 by "T".

Macau casinos have finally reopened Saturday after almost a two-week shutdown was mandated in an effort to slow down and stop the spread of COVID-19.

However, no tourists equate to business being slow for the gaming venues, and analysts have estimated that the closures would cost the casinos $1 billion.

In response, the government has proposed to distribute $1.24 billion to businesses affected by the shutdown. Officials have also emphasized that, even if allowed to return to business, casinos shall be required to limit their staff numbers to 50% only and must follow strict disinfection and health guidelines.

Other than that, activities that require the removal of masks for long periods of time, such as eating, is not allowed indoors unless there is a separate room for each person. The starting phase of business resumption goes through July 29, along with public transport being reinstated, with passenger capacity at 60%.

Non-gaming venues such as bars, cinemas, malls and nightclubs are to remain closed, while dining in at restaurants is also banned. Even though Macau's 41 casinos are allowed to open for the time being, it is unlikely they will open several tables due to an expected lack of customers.

President of the Power of the Macao Gaming Association Stephen Lau told Bloomberg, "We won't be seeing any tourists. At the rate things are going, tourists may not come back until mid- or late-August."

The casino regulator, Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, said to local media that 35 casinos have resumed operations on Saturday, July 23. Meanwhile, two casinos at Broadway Macau and Regency Art Hotel remain closed as their associated hotels are currently being used as quarantine areas.

Casinos were allowed to reopen after two weeks of closure as COVID-19 cases have massively dropped in the past few days. The city had five cases on Saturday, compared to 146 at the peak of the latest outbreak. The Asian gaming hub adheres to Beijing's "Covid Zero" policy.

Macau's gaming revenue has already plummeted 46% in the first half of the year, amid repeated lockdowns and travel restrictions since outbreaks appeared in mainland China in March. The outbreak in Macau started in June, prompting a shutdown from July 11.

Morgan Stanley analyst Praveen Choudhary estimates that the city's gaming industry this year may only collect $7 billion in revenue, a 35% drop from last year, and would be 81% lower than pre-pandemic in 2019.



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17 comments on "Macau Casinos reopen at 50% Employee Attendance after Two-week Shutdown"

 CALICUL27/07/2022 18:48:16 GMT
this is good news for gamblers or other people
 geseco1228/07/2022 00:01:20 GMT
the good news is that the locals are opening little by little to resume the economy, but the problem is that there are few tourists and that makes each casino have a loss of almost a billion, that's incredible, hopefully this will happen for the benefit of all.
 CALICUL28/07/2022 00:01:32 GMT
this is the situation. They win now and it's very good
 geseco1229/07/2022 02:20:25 GMT
the situation today is very bad, every day that passes the situation worsens with this disease, a pity that this is happening, little by little we are becoming more aware and we are taking care of ourselves, the casinos are opening their premises.
 dule-vu29/07/2022 04:35:20 GMT
More and more cases in my country,but for sure they will not close it again,at least till end of summer,because of tourists and money!
 geseco1230/07/2022 02:43:17 GMT
the situation in each country is very different and this affects the economy of each of them, when there are restrictions trips are canceled and many tourists can not travel, it is a shame, in my country tourism is the third source with more income.
 dule-vu30/07/2022 02:49:55 GMT
In my country everything is great with tourism!
 geseco1231/07/2022 03:56:59 GMT
the economy always falls when businesses close, especially when they are sources of income for the country, this pandemic has greatly damaged several countries, hopefully little by little this will come to an end.
 dule-vu31/07/2022 08:19:54 GMT
This kind of things will be even more in next months!
 geseco1206/08/2022 01:53:29 GMT
I hope that little by little this will pass and that the casinos can open so that everyone can benefit from this game, the pandemic is affecting many businesses but we have to be strong in this and move forward.
 CALICUL06/08/2022 08:24:19 GMT
the casino has partially reopened but for now things are not ok between China, Taiwan and the USA. Something is not right because there may start a war that will be very dangerous for them, or for all of humanity. It depends on the USA if there will be war or not...
 antonis32107/08/2022 21:00:41 GMT
Well , it's absolutely rational and normal tourists not to come back for a while . These prohibitions are to blame . They cannot go to cinemas , bars , or even eat next to others , so what are they allowed to do ?? Breath ?? lol . I believe COVID is history , we left it and we have moved forward , I do not want to think that this automn we'll have the same saga , and masks again , a least here in Greece . the prohibitions during the crisis , forced many businesses to close , shut down once and for all .......
 dule-vu07/08/2022 21:03:19 GMT
This will ruin their business!
 YapiYapo18/08/2022 22:16:02 GMT
I think it will be hard to back to normal especially in that area...
 dule-vu18/08/2022 23:04:58 GMT
They will work normally in next months!
 geseco1221/08/2022 00:46:37 GMT
I hope they get to normality but I think it will be a little difficult, it will take a long time to recover, the pandemic is still in force and affecting the whole world, we must take care of ourselves and try to avoid spreading this.
 CALICUL21/08/2022 00:52:35 GMT
it is an indescribable mess with this lie called covid 19 and all the abuses done were only for the destruction of man and his submission. Macau should ask a favor from the government if they don't want to have big problems...

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