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Tony G: " Erik Seidel is from the family of The Walking Dead"

Tags: erik seidel, partypoker premier league v, the walking dead, tony g, trash talking.
Posted on 10 April 2012 by "T".

Tony G is back with yet another trash-talking video. This time it's Erik Seidel, who Tony G knocked out from the PartyPoker Premier League V, who gets a taste of Tony G's sarcastic humor. 

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14 comments on "Tony G: " Erik Seidel is from the family of The Walking Dead""

 Fakiry10/04/2012 12:11:21 GMT
Tony G really likes to give another dimension to his conquers, like if it wasn’t enough to beat Erik Seidel at the table, he still had to come to the tv laughing about it. This guy likes to leave his opponents nervous and with the will of playing against him again soon so they can try to beat him hard and get their revenge. Is that that Tony G wants to provoke with these declarations?
 arseneele10/04/2012 16:07:04 GMT
Tony G, really love this guy
 ierons11/04/2012 00:54:28 GMT
Fucking idiot...
 GIOMi611/04/2012 02:42:23 GMT
I do not like tony G very much, he does not behave properly and he is ill-mannered and always saying bad things about other poker players, that is bad poker ethics in my opinion.
 Macubaas11/04/2012 06:26:06 GMT
I must admit Tony G is funny to have on a poker table but frankly there are many times in which he makes some huge mistakes...

And yes, this was one of those mistakes, Erik is definately the best live tournament player in the world, Tony has a lot of work to do until he will reach Erik's level...
 raduiacob11/04/2012 06:42:48 GMT
really love this guy
 GeneYuss11/04/2012 11:45:07 GMT
Tony G is pretty funny.. But ya, somewhat disrespectful.. my favourite quote from him is probably "On your bike" or "Who's the captain?" lol
 B1gfoot11/04/2012 18:35:33 GMT
WB GeneYuss..
I still love, "go home Russian" and my all time fave, "I played it like a set, even I thought I had a set"
 teddybears7311/04/2012 19:57:22 GMT
tony g is the biggest arsehole,ever. someone should put him in his place,he thinks he's so funny bad mouthing everyone,maybe it's a tactic but i just don't like the guy, when he's on tv i watch it hoping someone will thump him one (i know it wont happen) but there's no harm in hoping,there you go just my opinion Smile
 nipitiri316/09/2012 06:28:43 GMT
tony G is entertaing wud hate to lose against him at live tourney tho
 Mober16/09/2012 21:29:27 GMT
From what i see Tony g will have it coming some time in the future.
Someone will lose his temper and will kick his butt for real.

 kuisna17/09/2012 08:07:23 GMT
Making people nervous and making em tilt is what Tony is good at. And that's a decent poker strategy, imho.
 chumba7718/09/2012 14:29:25 GMT
Purely as a spectacle poker needs more players like Tony G, televised poker can be quite dull if there's 10 introverts sitting round the table. He can cross the line some times and i find myself hating the guy at moments though.
 WozzaMignun18/09/2012 14:46:48 GMT
The guy constantly puts everyone on tilt, even if they aren't in a hand with him, they will take risks to try to shut him up. He just casually cashes in from their mistakes. I don't like this line of play, however you have to respect the fact that it works. Don't thinks so? Then ask yourself if you would be talking about him if he didn't.

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