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SuperStar Showdown: Blom up $281k against Haxton!

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Posted on 02 April 2012 by "T".

The $1,000,000 SuperStar Showdown between Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Isaac "Philivey2694" Haxton kicked off on Saturday. Even though Haxton took the command straight away and was up about 80k after only 500 hands had been played, it was Viktor Blom who dominated the heads-up and finished the day with an impressive $198k profit. Yesterday, after both players had got some well-needed rest, they started playing again. Blom had a really good start as he was up about $140k in the first 500 hands.

Then, in the next 600 hands, pot after pot went to Haxton and he managed to win back $310k. Blom's game was getting more and more aggressive and many expected him to continue losing to Haxton. Blom hadn't given up thought and it didn't take long before he took down a $169k pot (the biggest pot in the challenge so far) and then continued winning most of the match. Blom finished the session with a $82k profit, which means that he's up $281k against Haxton. We can expect the match to continue this week. Haxton still has $219k to work with - more than enough to turn the match around.

Isildur1 makes a tough call and wins a $169k pot.

Isildur1 ($84,848) bet $1200 from the small button. Philivey2694 ($125,912) raised to $4,800. Isildur1 called.

The flop came JClubAClub10Diamond and Philivey2694 bet $7200, Isildur1 called.

The turn card was the 8Diamond and Philivey2694 bet $19,200. Isildur1 called once again.

River KHeart- Philivey2694 went all in for $94,712. Isildur1 made the call and showed ADiamond8Heart for 2 pair. Philivey2694 showed 6DiamondKDiamond for a pair of kings and a missed flush draw that turned into a bluff. Isildur1 took home the pot of $169,969



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4 comments on "SuperStar Showdown: Blom up $281k against Haxton!"

 Fakiry02/04/2012 13:20:04 GMT
At the thrid time Blom wasn’t going to let Haxton go over him very easy. And the biggest pot played shows an attempt of Haxton to joke with Blom. I don’t think it was a tough call. With that flop, anyone would shake, I think I would instant fold in my game, whatever the values in it. But knowing how these guys play, Blom should be almost sure Haxton didn’t have KQ in hand, as for a single Q… he trusted his feelings, and he must be glad to do so, as he won such a pot. From now on, I don’t know if Haxton will smile again against Blom.
 nikita1302/04/2012 15:41:41 GMT
who is that guy Philivey2694, it is really Phil? or it a clone lolol
 Lootorz02/04/2012 18:24:26 GMT
nikita, he's Isaac Haxton
 Macubaas02/04/2012 19:40:55 GMT
The action is pretty sick but the last time when i checked Idildur was up around 470k...

Not sure why Isaac took this challange, it's really -EV to play heads up NLHE against VIktor lol

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