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2012 WSOP: Viktor Blom heads to Vegas on Tuesday

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Posted on 01 June 2012 by "T".

Some good news for all you "Isildur1" fans out there. In an interview with a Swedish poker magazine, Viktor Blom, 21, said that he will go to Las Vegas and play his first-ever World Series of Poker event on Tuesday next week.

"I will go there for the NLHE heads-up tournament with $10,000 buy-in and then I try to play as many tournaments as possible until the main event has come to an end. I'm really looking forward to it. It will be really fun! I feel really happy that I get the chance of going there, but it sucks that it's during the summer."


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7 comments on "2012 WSOP: Viktor Blom heads to Vegas on Tuesday"

 noonlion01/06/2012 10:44:43 GMT
He makes a good point - during the best season there's thousands of people stuck inside a casino.

Still he won't be complaining if he wins big. Just get an off season tan in the Maldives or wherever!
 Fakiry01/06/2012 12:31:05 GMT
Blom looks like a normal teenager speaking, joyful for going to the WSOP for the first time but annoyed for being during summer, screwing his vacations. It’s better someone tell him that Las Vegas is in the desert but there are lots of swimming pools crowded with beauties everywhere, he will love it so much he will become a regular presence at WSOP in the future, that’s for sure, either he wins or not.
 From_Lesotho01/06/2012 13:49:42 GMT
wow! 21, thought he was something like 29, well, he gives me hope. Hopefully il make it to the WSOP when im 25
 jsantos7503/06/2012 00:40:36 GMT
 pochui04/06/2012 17:06:19 GMT
not sure if it really sucks that it's in the summer- would it be any better if wsop was in winter? i doubt, now you can visit vegas, lose a hundred grands and in a few hours can pamper yourself in the bahamas, some drinks, some big boobs and you are back in form- once more ready to lose a hundred grands
 Aces_Bluffer04/06/2012 21:55:07 GMT
It'll be gr8 to see him playing his firts WSOP... I think he'll do gr8, as he is quite a good HU player.

Best luck for him Blink
 erru910704/06/2012 22:14:02 GMT
I'm happy for him =) I've actually met him a few times on some parties Tongue he lives only 30 km from where I live so we run into each other every now and then Tongue

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