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2012 WSOP: Sam Trickett beaten up by gang - just hours after winning $10.1 million!

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Posted on 06 July 2012 by "T".

Sam Trickett finished in second place for $10.1 million in the $1,000,000 buy-in tournament Big One for One Drop a few days ago. After the big win he and some friends went out to celebrate his amazing achievement with lots of champagne.

However, it didn't take long before the amazing night turned into a nightmare as he was attacked and beaten by six men on his way out of a club. Also, they spat in Trickett's girlfriend's face.

Trickett uploaded a photo of himself after the incident and twittered the following:

Was having a great day until 6 guys did this to me. Seriously Wtf? Couldn't be more angry... #cowards"

"Is this what happens if ur successful? literally beat the shit out of me and spat in @NatashaSandhu face all over nothing..."

Trickett's girlfriend Natasha also twittered about the assault:
"It wasn't a mugging or anything just over nothing, Sam is fine..gonna spend some quality time together now Smile"


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23 comments on "2012 WSOP: Sam Trickett beaten up by gang - just hours after winning $10.1 million!"

 noonlion06/07/2012 09:12:42 GMT
How sad.

Seriously some people are just fucking idiots - they probably knew who he was and thought yeah lets beat up the British poker player - that's one for the boys.
 remco250406/07/2012 09:22:19 GMT
I think his 9 million profit will help to recover from this.
 bullettooth106/07/2012 10:02:46 GMT
some people just cant deal with people doing well.
mindless, horrible, jealous thugs. i totally dont understand some people.
 essambb06/07/2012 10:13:44 GMT
i guess he couldnt bluff them
 Fakiry06/07/2012 13:02:02 GMT
What a way to celebrate such a big prize like this 2nd place worth $10milion. And it looks like they weren’t even trying to rob him, this was really just for funo f the other guys. Who can have pleasure in smacking someone’s mouth? If there was any reason? Will he presente charge at the police for this? Does more people seen what happened? Night can be dangerous, even more near nighclubs…
 TheMachineQC06/07/2012 13:55:56 GMT
After what happened to Duhamel last year, now this... High stakes TV poker players are celebrities, they should have a body guard like all celebrities do.

I mean It's not his fault but that's how humans are. Jealousy makes people do bad things.
 essambb06/07/2012 14:38:30 GMT
i hope left the 10 mil at the hotel
 sadamman06/07/2012 14:46:13 GMT
I don't know what it is I don't like about Sam Trickett, but that's another story. I wouldn't wish this on anybody, except paedophiles, rapists, murderers, Piers Morgan, Rupert Murdoch, and Jeremy Clarkson. It is totally out of order, but happens everyday to people who don't have jack shit, I myself have been threatened with knives by a gang of randomers, when I've got nothing worth robbing. So at the end of the days hes still 10 mil up. He's still got something to smile about. But spitting in his girlfriends face is inexcusable, absolute animals.
 B1gfoot06/07/2012 16:05:30 GMT
Seriously, they call that beat up?
Barely a black eye and a bit of grazing.
Took six people to do that, surely he means a six year old.

I get a feeling "lots of champagne" had something to do with it.
It is odd to think that this was done because he is "successful" shows a bit of arrogance to me, perhaps a combination of arrogance and champers.
 damosk06/07/2012 22:51:49 GMT
Some members of our society just dont give a Sh1t about anyone else. It matters not whether the guy had been drinking champagne or tea, as long as he didnt cause the grief the idiots who attacked him (notwithstaning they didnt do a very good job) deserve no respect from anyone. Violence should not be condoned and the idiots who think they can muscle their way through life deserve only one thing.
 ayaraled07/07/2012 01:15:16 GMT
Maybe they want some of trickets win...and he did not give thats why the gang beat him up...

Anyway, He has lots of money for medication...
 tuantuan07/07/2012 06:45:45 GMT
This is sad..
 kinogomes07/07/2012 10:03:57 GMT
This is the problem of living in a society full of parasites. Some people doesnt want to work, the cops doesnt give a shit about the citizens, and the prisons are full!! Govemrents just wqants us to pay the taxes and doesnt care about our security.
I hope someday theses bastards get what they really deserve!
 MarcWinz07/07/2012 20:48:38 GMT
I agree totally with kinogomes. Let's hope these idiots get whats coming to them. Perhaps someone will individually find these assholes and kicks there heads.

Sorry I get so annoyed when people get penalised for doing nothing wrong. I expect he was being a bit cocky but then I would say he deserved to be a bit happy with himself.

GL to him and all the brits in Vegas.
 Macubaas07/07/2012 20:51:47 GMT
Sad to hear about it, the good part is that he is okay know and he will get good in no time!

Poker can get pretty intense considering the cash amounts involved but in the end it's just a game!
 Indo36M11/07/2012 22:30:05 GMT
in holland,i as 16,going to discotheek,i went to toilet came from toilet in a big lobby,full whit scum trash,they beat me up whit 16 guys,i dont know how i did it,but i saw a chair off a bar so i trow that cheair,to a person whit long hair( coz the fighters had all longhair)but i hit an lady,in my skin was a footprint whit the nike symbol,the day after i went to police,3 months later,i knew the fighters name/; the penalty was for 3 person each 350 euro,but not to me but they had a fine 4 assault,i got beaten up by 16 pers,but the court give them a fine off 350 each,they had 2 pay it to the DA !!! 2weeks later a boy 20 y.o also lke me
they killed him,those ho fight in a group are SISSI'S,IT WAS FAIR IS IT WAS
heads up,the uk or us police had to give the beaters off Sam 40 years hard labor in prison and in sollitary ,just whit a blanket in jail and off the 24hours
out those sissy's behind bars,whit out parool,in holland the judges are 2 soft
and prison here,its almost a Hilton room !!!amazing i had my close face under blood,and the DA( district attorny) took the fine and me? 0,000000000000

those idiots who beat him op,maybe they wanted to rob him,but if they where gangrelated then had sam a little bit more luck,coz gangmembers alaways kill their victims,to pitty that in the world are somany people,some do a murder 4 just a pair off shoes like NIKE......indeed its sad,its better after the trail,after a deathsentence in the us,that they get shot imeditly,coz its cost the tax payers a lot of $$$$,to feed them,healthcare,eye 4 an eye,hope sam whil be feel asap
good,but its hard coz as a male u are full off hate....even 2 or 4 years later
 JUGADOR201112/07/2012 01:39:02 GMT
I think an act of cowardice, they must also learn to lose
 atownshend12/07/2012 05:10:38 GMT
Where were his 'friends' when this happened?
 Neptunus2130/07/2012 12:53:46 GMT
this goes to show that having a lot of money,doesn't protect you against idiots. i mean winning a lot of money doesn't always make life easier for you
 culer30/07/2012 13:48:01 GMT
nice Cool
 Mober30/07/2012 14:54:19 GMT
Sad thing what happened to him, but the whole story with facebook and twitter
gets real sick.

I read here what he wrote in twitter and what his girlfriend said, and coulnt stop
Who cares, really, if they are going to spend some "quality" time together or

 Neptunus2131/07/2012 16:11:59 GMT
after he fully recovers, maybe someone will go and put his girlfriend in the hospital next time and then they'll spend some more quality time together. Ah, the good time never stops... Big Smile
 nipitiri303/08/2012 19:19:02 GMT
heh if u go out drinking this happens often lol noone neeed very good reason to kick sh_.t outta some random guy

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