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Moshin Charania Comes Back From The Dead and Wins bwin WPT Grand Prix de Paris!

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Posted on 31 October 2013 by "T".

Vasili Firsau from Belarus was sitting with 50% of the chips in play when the action kicked off at the 2013 bwin World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris final table on Wednesday. It was thanks to an increadible winning streak over the past 2 days that Firsau had accumulated such a massive chip lead, and his winning streak continued at the final table...

The fact is that he was responsible for all eliminations before he and Mohsin Charania (best known for his victory at the 2012 EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo) were the last men standing in the tournament. 

Firsau had an increadible 7-1 lead and started off the heads-up match by winning a significant pot to extend his lead even further. Even though Charania managed doubled up twice shortly after, Firsau was still sitting on a greater lead than when heads-up play began. Firsau used his big stack well by putting constant pressure on his opponent. After a while Charania got fed up of being pushed around and therefore decided to make a big move...

Back from the dead...

After some betting back and forth preflop, Moshin Charania went all-in with his last 600k holding QHeart4Heart and Vasili Firsau called with AHeart6Diamond. The flop rolled out ASpadeTSpade3Heart and gave Firsau a pair of aces, which increased his chances of winning to 92%. The turn card was the 2Club and now he only needed to dodge 5s on the river to secure the title. The dealer burned a card and dealt the river card: the 5Diamond! Charania found his 6% to double up and suddently he was back in the game! 

The American pro's self-confidence must have increased by at least 200% after that double up since he started winning almost every single pot! Charania took the chip lead for the first time of the contest during level 28. At the end of level 28, Charania had a 2-1 chip lead and the pressure was all on his opponent

The final hand

The last hand of the tournament was played during Level 29 (40k-80k, 10k ante). Moshin Charania raised to 165,000 and Vasili Firsau announced that he was all-in. Charnia made the call right away with TSpadeTHeart and Firsau turned over AClubQSpade. In other words, a classic flip!

The flop came down 7Heart7Club3Spade and Charania remained in the lead. The turn card was the 8Club and Charania looked more nervous than Firsau. The final card of the tournament was the 2Club and Moshin Charania could start celebrating the win with his friends!

Final table results:

1 Mohsin Charania $469,477
2 Vasili Firsau $317,867
3 Peter Apostolou $204,432
4 Elliot Smith $151,359
5 Christina Lindley $113,614
6 Kimmo Kurko $90,845

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5 comments on "Moshin Charania Comes Back From The Dead and Wins bwin WPT Grand Prix de Paris!"

 noonlion31/10/2013 13:08:30 GMT
One hell of a comeback, what a sick sick way to lose out on winning the title, the guy hits a runner to get the backdoor straight. One defining moment and then gone, that was it.
Obviously rigged.............
 pinku13531/10/2013 13:17:43 GMT
Good day Smile
Thats seriously a one hell of a come back .

with such a lead of 50% of the chips and later 7:1 chip lead in the heads .. that was good till moshin came and took away everything Big Smile
A great come back .

Gl at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 sasukepatel31/10/2013 17:13:01 GMT
 Macubaas03/11/2013 20:38:57 GMT
That was a sick final table, and frankly one of the most action pack i record.

I think he would also agree that he had tons of luck and managed to come back this way Big Smile

Does anyone know whats his nick on stars/ftp?
 doubletop77711/11/2013 10:02:08 GMT
what a great comeback by Moshin Charania to win this tourney. but it goes to prove that even the best players need a lot of luck as well as skill to win these things. to hit runner runner straight must have been like a kick in the stomach to Vasili, his head must have been all over the place after this

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