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New interview with Gus Hansen!

Tags: Gus Hansen, Joe Ingram.
Posted on 04 April 2018 by "K".

ChicagoJoey, also known as Joeingram1 or Joe Ingram, has just released an interesting video interview with Danish poker legend Gus Hansen. Check out the interview to find out about Hansen's plans for the summer, his million dollar swings over the years and much more.

View video on YouTube!

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11 comments on "New interview with Gus Hansen! "

 doubletop77704/04/2018 09:36:39 GMT
It's always nice to hear from any of the top poker players' in the world and i find it fascinating to hear about their lives off the table. I hope Gus can keep his recenr good run going for a long time to come
 pajalnick04/04/2018 11:51:40 GMT
an interview with the poker legend Gus Hansen is certainly always interesting ... Gus Hansen is a great player and a veteran poker player ... unfortunately to watch an interview in English even with the use of an interpreter is not very correct ... I will wait until someone translates into Russian
 CALICUL04/04/2018 16:03:16 GMT
If i was gus hansen, i writing my memoirs somewhere to be able to make a movie in future with the story of my life in gambling. I think he had something very interesting to say. If he does this in interviews it is possible to lose the chance to earn money with that movie.
 T3ddyKGB04/04/2018 19:59:48 GMT
you guys forgot to put in the video ?
 Sandmanilo04/04/2018 21:21:11 GMT
Very interesting, I'll listen to this interview. I always sympathized Gus Hansen, he must be an experienced player with lots of poker stories to tell. Teddy, video is available if you click on this news story located in the 'Latest News' section on the right sidebar.
 bowie198405/04/2018 00:42:49 GMT
Posted by T3ddyKGB:
you guys forgot to put in the video ?

They did put in but do not bother to find it though. As if the podcast format would not already doing poker a disservice this video is just one and a half hour long skypetalk with one insufferable host and one boring guest.
This long talk with/about him is a couple years too late IMO.
 Gerimantas05/04/2018 11:41:48 GMT
I too think it is interesting to hear from such a great ppker player like gus hansen, he is a real legend, and of course very interesting person, many wins many times lost money also play on biggest tournaments and on television and on high stakes real games and online games.
 bowie198406/04/2018 00:54:18 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
... many wins many times lost money also play on biggest tournaments and on television and on high stakes real games and online games.

You literally described every other popular professional poker player as well (a huge bunch of them could provide a tight hour of podcasting about stories which happened with them). These are not personal traits rather just things comes with this line of job.
 demodawggy06/04/2018 04:55:58 GMT

.... Big Smile< ....Ol' Gus looks to me like he lives in a cardboard box under a bridge...! lol...

.... Big Smile< ...I shouldn't be one to talk though,....he's won more in a single poker hand than I've EVER won all together in my whole life....! Big Smile

.... Big Smile< ....Didn't he get clobbered good by Isildur a year or so ago....? Smile
 dule-vu06/04/2018 09:44:42 GMT
for me would be better that I read this in news,then to watch his interview,even I dont where to find it,probably on you tube!so it would be better to read and to understand more when is in like text!so if I find it,I will read it!
 CALICUL08/04/2018 16:07:13 GMT
I'm sorry for you demodawggy because you did not get a better job for a good salary but nowadays money is gaining more easily than before. Inventions that have emerged over the last 20-30 years bring a lot of profit. To succeed in life, you must live in the right place and have great ideas for business.

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