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Viktor Blom Wins Over $1.1M in 48 Hours!

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Posted on 06 March 2013 by "T".

It has been an very turbulent year for young Swede Viktor "Isildur1" Blom at Full Tilt Poker. Blom started the year by winning $5 million in about 2 weeks time, then he lost almost everything of the enormous profit during the month of February.

In an interview that was published on Monday, Blom was asked how he overcomes a bad run. Blom answered, "I usually go out and drink in town with friends and try to forget poker exists for a night, and then try again tomorrow once I am feeling better from the night before."

Blom must have had a really, really good night out last weekend, because he has been doing extremely well since Monday. He has played against Seb86, SallyWoo, patpatpanda, KPR16 and other regulars at the 2-7 Triple Draw, NLHE and PLO tables and, according to highstakesdb, he is up $1,165,191 in the past 48 hours (5322 hands), which means that he's has won $2,058,204 (66392 hands) this year and is the second biggest winner online (PostflopAction is the biggest winner with $2,978,418)! Of course this doesn't necessary mean that Blom has put an end to the losing streak, but for sure it has given him a nice boost of energy and confidence to continue battle at Full Tilt Poker's nosebleed tables - against the best cash game players in the world!

source: highstakesdb & pokernews


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10 comments on "Viktor Blom Wins Over $1.1M in 48 Hours!"

 Fakiry06/03/2013 14:11:34 GMT
How can his friends not talk about poker when having the chance to pass a night with him? That ought to be a rule among them or else that would be impossible. Only if their friends are only chicks! But seems a nice way to relax, and it seems to work too!
 Weenie06/03/2013 14:22:36 GMT
These guys should be closed to rehab or somewhere, because they are just addicted gamblers Big Smile If I would won 5 million dollars, I would never lost them again... I would enjoy rest of my life and play poker on lower stakes as hobby... You dont need more like 5 millions to live as you want anywhere. And your children and children of your children...
 Macubaas07/03/2013 14:17:02 GMT
At least know he has bullets to play for a while...

Unfortunately even if he made some progress when it comes to bankroll management he is still able to lose everything in just a session. The good part is that his game is pretty nice to watch Smile
 Fakiry07/03/2013 14:25:36 GMT
@Weenie i am sure that wouldn’t be possible. One thing is to win a big prize playing a small-in tourney. In that case I believe it would be possible to keep playing only micro or low stakes. But no one starts playing high stakes to win one time and go away. It’s not a decision that you make from the night to day. That’s something that you achieve playing both with your skill and with the amount of money that you have in your wallet. It must be very hard to find a player that started at micro and got to play high stakes without either being already rich before started playing poker or having won many tourneys during his life. So, it would never be possible for a person in the mid 20’s be playing high stakes if he wasn’t already rich as hell. So, if you ever get to win $5 million playing high stakes, that will mean you already don’t need that money to build your life.
 occultum07/03/2013 17:22:38 GMT
Variance catches them like any other.. simply the numbers are unreal and the swings are ridiculous for the average person who spends their lifes grinding a 9 to 6 1k salary.
Anyway i bet he earns alot of money in bonuses/marketing and has a pretty nice credit to play high stakes.
The truth is.. you have 10 knocking in the door to fill his place if he just starts to wonder if he's acting like a degen so don't look back and keep doing it.
How long will take him to lose it all again ? Confused
 demodawggy07/03/2013 18:32:45 GMT
I'd have kept the $5 Million and called it a day,....then go back to playing BankrollMob Freerolls... Smile

Man, the hell could you piss away THAT much money in a month....

Total foolishness... I think the greed just got hold of him BIG TIME....
 rafiko107/03/2013 22:03:03 GMT
The funny part is that I get pissed of when I lose 2 euro's (!) online, during cash games for example.
I am getting angry at myself by playing the hands wrong.
Most of the time I do play them badly when I lose, because I have got an headache and have no read on the table nor the cards. Or I am very tired.
But I am now playing only to release my winnings as soon as possible so I play cash games even though I am not on my A-level...

I don't know how angry I would be on myself if it was let's say 200 euro instead of 2...
And now imagining Viktor Blom and other high stakes players playing for million of euro's and sometimes losing too. If I pretend it's me, it makes me feel sick in my stomach... Aww crap!
 Greenmohave07/03/2013 23:13:30 GMT
This guy kills me! He's up and down constantly and always manages to stay abreast of being totally broke. And, if or when he is down and out he can ride on his name for credit and make it all back to lose again. Unbelieveable!
 Samtoace07/03/2013 23:17:01 GMT
Viktor Blom is a tosser just like a Romany, Gypsy
 ayaraled07/03/2013 23:29:32 GMT
Good to hear that blom is winning again.....when you see him play, its like a roller coaster ride......he will win big in the beginning...then he continues to play for long hours....he will start to lose all his winnnings inclucing his own br then he will comeback and win back all the money again.......

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