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WPT Venice: Rocco Palumbo Wins The Main Event.

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Posted on 01 April 2013 by "T".

Rocco Palumbo, who won Event #44 for $464,464 at the 2012 WSOP, is the latest World Poker Tour main event champion. The Italian poker pro overcame a field of 173-players to keep the Venetian title from leaving the country after defeating fellow countryman Marcello Montagner heads up. Mike Sexton was the biggest name on the final table and he finished in third place, his best WPT performance ever!

1) Rocco Palumbo, €140 000
2) Marcello Montagner, €84 200
3) Mike Sexton, €54 200
4) Robert Begni, €40 100
5) Xia Lin, €30 100
6) Erion Islamay, €24 100


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3 comments on "WPT Venice: Rocco Palumbo Wins The Main Event. "

 Fakiry01/04/2013 10:26:27 GMT
I'm sad to realize that Kara Scott didn't even got to the final 6, Mike Sexton did and that must have been very nice and scary at the same time for the other players at the final. It ended up being two italians in the final heads up, just hope there was no mob involved on this, i'm almost sure there wasn't! This new victory was peanuts for Rocco, compared with the real one he got at 2012 WSOP.
 PokerDonV7301/04/2013 10:35:05 GMT
First of all; congratulations to Rocco Smile great job!

The number of entrants was 173. I wonder why these WPT events are more popular? I mean, it doesn't have to be thousands but around 500 entries would be a nice number.
 Sorin88802/04/2013 07:12:59 GMT
With two Italians in the final showdown, Palumbo and Montagner, the Venetian title was guaranteed to stay within national borders and within 20 minutes a victor was determined.
After raising from the button, Palumbo decided to call Montagner's three-bet before a back-and-forth exchange took place on the JdTs8c flop.

As the 4d fell on the turn and all the money went in, Palumbo's Jc8s was in the lead but not in the clear against Montagner's pocket nines.

However, after the 3s landed on the river, Palumbo scooped the final pot and claimed his first WPT title.

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