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Powerball Winner To Pay Rent For His Neighborhood

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Posted on 04 April 2013 by "T".

Pedro Quezada, won the $338 million Powerball jackpot (the fourth largest jackpot in history) on March 26, 2013, with a ticket he purchased at Eagle Liquors store in Passaic, New Jersey. Quezada, a Dominican immigrant with five children, said in an interview that he was going to help his family with the money. A few days ago, however, he dropped the bomb by saying that he will take the lump sum of $221 million and, according to the New York Daily News, pay the rent of everyone in his neighbourhood for a month or two.

Let's hope that his generosity won't cost him too much so he ends up like one of these lottery winners.


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12 comments on "Powerball Winner To Pay Rent For His Neighborhood"

 kilak04/04/2013 11:19:43 GMT
And they forgot to add that he taking the other $117 million into a heads up cash game 8 tables versus Isildur1..
 bullettooth104/04/2013 13:30:10 GMT
Bit of a waste of money to pay everyone's rent just for a month or two. surely the money would go to better use if he set up a community outreach program or something like that that would help those really in need!
It is a nice gesture but a bit foolish.
 Fakiry04/04/2013 13:41:22 GMT
Having so much money to restart life brings with it the problem of not being used to manage huge sums. I will make a simple exercise with you. Think about a man/family that have a company that started small and grew until the top, having now millions in their annual acount reports. These guys would be able to create even more jobs, help even more the community, having more cars, more houses, but they don't. They do all of this, and i believe that they do it well, but in a moderate way. Because they know how much it cost to earn it, how it was in the begining of business. And people who get these huge sums in prizes only know it cost so few to get that much, so many may have a tendency to spend a lot bad spent. I promise i will be careful if one day i get a prize like this, hope i do!
 pochui04/04/2013 16:40:50 GMT
why not, at least he wants to do something good for the local people. maybe not the smartest idea, but still better that buying 365 new cars so he could change his car every single day throughout the year Big Smile
i wonder if local mafia (bankroll mob) have visited him already, to "discuss the matters"
 PokerDonV7304/04/2013 21:00:09 GMT
It's just crazy. These lottery jackpots are waayyy out of proportion. I thought that half of the world is starving of hunger? I thought there was not enough money to help everyone in need. I don't think so.
Local jackpots now are millions and millions and millions and millions. Absolutely crazy!

Nonethless, I wish Mr. Pedro Quezada a lot of wisdom with his money.
 Greenmohave04/04/2013 23:51:30 GMT
Even if rent was 5,000 per month for an average of 100 homes it would only cost him one million dollars for two months so that's not going to dent his roll.

The truth is probably this, rent is at the most 1000 a month so for two months it would only cost 200,000. A drop in the ol bucket if one has 221 million.
 RoninHarper05/04/2013 01:19:42 GMT
G'day mates
well it is a nice gesture but extremely foolish. in a few months everyone will need to pay there bills again and be right back where they are now but his money will be gone. The money could be put to much better use and still help a large amount of people without his losing it all.

I wish him well but he will be broke very soon.

 niq13niq05/04/2013 01:35:58 GMT
good job
 mazas06/04/2013 09:37:49 GMT
good job nice win and great decision to pay ren he is really lucky and now his life will be more powerfull and more happy
good luck all and hope one day one off brm users also will win the big money pot
 pinku13506/04/2013 11:12:50 GMT
Good day Smile
Well thats a huge amount of money !! he is truly lucky , but i hope he does not end up losing everything like all the lottery winners who lost everything !!! the rent thing is ok i think he can bear it , it may cost max of 5 % from his winnings .. hope he utilizes the money well and enjoy Smile
 gogu16909/04/2013 01:12:17 GMT
now that are a lots a money there ,nice job
 Jack_Daniels09/04/2013 01:48:36 GMT
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