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WPT Creates A New High-Stakes Tournament Series!

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Posted on 19 July 2013 by "T".

World Poker Tour Alpha8 is a brand new series of high-stakes, televised poker tournaments held at the most exclusive resorts around the globe, including stops in North America, Europe, Asia and South Africa. The minimum buy-in starts at an insane $100,000 and the first tournament is scheduled for August 26-27, 2013 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. All WPT Alpha8 tournaments will feature an eight-player final table that will be broadcasted on the new FS1 network starting 10pm EST on Sunday, March 16, 2014.

"I am honoured to announce Alpha8, WPT's newest and most ambitious offering in conjunction with its primetime home on FS1," said WPT President, Adam Pliska. "Showcasing the world's poker elite and featuring multimillion dollar prize pools, Alpha8 represents the highest televised treatment of super high-roller tournament poker to date. Playing out over a global stage, this series will give audiences insight into the intensity and skill demanded at the sport's highest levels."


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10 comments on "WPT Creates A New High-Stakes Tournament Series!"

 lukasb19/07/2013 15:54:18 GMT
I never get to see this stuff here on tv anymore like my cable provider thinks poker doesnt give enough ratings or something. That's the only way i'll ever be close to a ft of these entry values lol.
 Sorin88819/07/2013 17:46:06 GMT
You can try to see this online,may be delayed games on this new network,FS1 network starting 10pm EST on Sunday, March 16, 2014.
As part of an exclusive, three-year deal with FOX Sports 1, subsequent WPT Alpha8 tournaments will be aired throughout 2014, and will be sponsored by, a membership poker site that provides players with great VIP benefits and the chance to play free online poker tournaments for a share of $100,000 in cash and prizes each month.*
 Greenmohave19/07/2013 20:32:54 GMT
That's something I look forward to. I really miss the episodes of High Stakes that used to be on. Although I wouldn't get to watch them if it weren't for some of the Mobsters posting them. There was a lot of good converstaions and top line players on every episode. This will do the poker world some good. At least for us who like to watch it!
 demodawggy20/07/2013 03:07:49 GMT
We got poker coming out our a$$es on TV over here in Canada! There's at least half a dozen or more poker shows on every day. For some reason they put them on all the sports networks. Probabaly just to fill up all the dead time when there's no live sports events happening,....and usually a lot of them are reruns from years ago.

I wonder if it ever occurred to PokerStars to start a 24hr poker channel on cable. they seem to monopolize everywhere else... Question
 pochui20/07/2013 06:46:21 GMT
how fcukin interesting- being glued to tv monitor watching some poker "pro" play some hands that are cut out of his ordinary fold fold fold routine. anyone can have similar experiences live- just hit the virtual tables and you're in the pulse of the action.
i would watch only those episodes where hot babes play strip poker.
 Sorin88823/07/2013 08:16:03 GMT
This agressive advertize of the poker is the answer to the urge need of cash to feed the fast growing industry of poker.Fishes around the world we need your money,please come asap.The show must go on
 BubbleGumTrb23/07/2013 12:26:52 GMT
It's about time! I watched all " High Stakes Poker" episodes and I really enjoyed them. I hope this show will be at least as good and long as "High Stakes Poker" was, and also, I really hope to see Phil Helmuth go crazy after losing a hand. Smile)
 Doarulle23/07/2013 13:50:57 GMT
Just $100.000? if minimum was $1.000.000 I was delighted to play on that tournaments but don't deserv the effort.
@pochui I wish that one day to play HU on Sarah Jean Underwood naked
 Macubaas23/07/2013 16:15:46 GMT
It doesn't matter how you loo on this even but 100k is a LOT for a tournament buy in...

I mean yes, there was the 1M dollar buy in event last year but we should not forget that many players that took part in that were staked by other people/players.
 doubletop77727/11/2013 17:35:27 GMT
I love watching these type of events. The players are all top names and to see them sitting there with bundles of cash in front of them instead of chips really brings it home to how much money is on stake

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