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Andy Murray Gets Custom Built Poker Table

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Posted on 25 July 2013 by "T".

Andy Murray became the first UK champion at Wimbledon in 77 years when he beat Novak Djokovic in the men's singles final 2,5 weeks ago. Murray received a £1.6 million cheque for the historic victory and now has approximately £19.8m in career winnings. So what do you give a wealthy and very successful tennis pro who has everything (or could buy) he possibly could want? Well, according to The Edinburgh News, a bespoke poker table.


Andy Murray's uncle contacted Edinburgh manufacturer Michael McCarron to custom build a card table as an offbeat gift. McCarron told the The Edinburgh News that he started making poker tables a few years ago and that he recently set up his own website and started promoting his business on twitter. He only got about 100 followers on twitter but somehow it was enough to reach out to Andy Murray's uncle, Nial Erskine.

"I asked what it was he was looking for in particular and he told me ‘Well, he's Andy Murray, so could you make it tennis-related?' To be honest, I didn't actually believe him at first!"

But it was the real deal...

"Andy Murray's representatives sent me a copy of his official logo to place in the centre of the table, and also gave me a list of important locations to use as place markers."

Andy has still not tried out his new poker table, but, according to McCarron, he's excited to see it in person.

"He won't be back until about September but I've been told Andy has seen pictures and is very pleased with it."


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14 comments on "Andy Murray Gets Custom Built Poker Table"

 Andrei196RO25/07/2013 12:37:42 GMT
Andy Muray is in my opinion Nr.1 in tennis, Djokojic is a good player too, but i follow Murray`s matches more than Djokovik`s ! Smile
 lukasb25/07/2013 13:39:10 GMT
Wonder what's the price tag on one of those... Nice self-bought present anyway. With that kind of money in my pocket i would also spend a few cents on that.
 SuperNoob25/07/2013 17:27:41 GMT
Murray received a £1.6 cheque for the historic victory

forgot few zeroes here
 vic7525/07/2013 20:08:45 GMT
Wonder if hes going too play high stakes with his recent win or low stakes just for fun or maybe take on isuldur or Ivey heads up now that would be great for T.V. Cool Cool Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 teddybears7325/07/2013 22:00:02 GMT
it seems a hell of a lot of sport stars are playing poker now.
i wonder if they get any free tutoring of the big poker stars,and i don't mean the site. Smile
 Greenmohave25/07/2013 22:01:46 GMT
So I wonder if he'll invite some of the pro's over to play poker with him on the new custom table and possibly lose some of his wealth playing them.

The one thing you must admit, his father must not be doing to bad or done to bad in his life to buy a custom made poker table. It had to cost some high dollar.
 fcumred25/07/2013 22:02:19 GMT
Wont be long before he's a "celebrity" pro on pokerstars...
 demodawggy25/07/2013 23:10:13 GMT
Posted by Andrei196RO:
Andy Muray is in my opinion Nr.1 in tennis, Djokojic is a good player too, but i follow Murray`s matches more than Djokovik`s ! Smile


Won't be long before Milos Raonic is kicking all their a$$e$ and buying a poker table TOO.... Big Smile

THEN,.....he'll kick all their a$$e$ at poker as well... Thumbs Up

THEN,.....he'll take ALL their women.... Cool
 Macubaas26/07/2013 16:54:50 GMT
Great to see that more and more tennis players discover that poker is also a very cool game Smile

I mean after Rafa, Andy would be another great representative if he will decide to sign up with stars.
 Phisix26/07/2013 19:13:50 GMT
Best way to spend a night in with your best mates. Poker on your brand new poker table with few drinks.
 roeish303/08/2013 14:36:45 GMT
He's probably a better player than Rafa is, but that's not that hard. I'm not sure he's got what it takes in poker, even after Ivan's training....
Anyway, the more celebrities play poker the better the image of the game is, so it's always good news
 scouserpoker04/08/2013 22:44:57 GMT
If anybody would like to give me a custom, or normall poker table pm me, )
 rab14505/08/2013 16:13:38 GMT
Posted by scouserpoker:
If anybody would like to give me a custom, or normall poker table pm me, )

I'll give you my poker table... Well when i say table i mean more of a bit of cloth with a plastic thing that looks like a table underneath it. eh nevermind i don't want to give it away anymore
 doubletop77725/11/2013 16:47:39 GMT
Well done to Andy Murray for having this done. Great to hear of him buying such a thing instead of the same old things when you win. I wonder if hes any good at poker but he aint half bad at tennis!!

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