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Viktor Blom's Not-So-Successful "Comeback" at Full Tilt Poker

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Posted on 25 July 2013 by "T".

After a few days break from poker, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom was back at Full Tilt Poker's tables on Tuesday. Blom, who had won over $2 million dollars in the first one and a half week of July and was the biggest winner of 2013, must have been full of confidence and energy when he took on Bttech86, Doug "WCGRider" Polk, Alex "IreadYrSoul" Millar and other regulars at the nosebleed tables.

Just like many, many times before, Blom's day at the poker tables turned out to one hell of a roller coaster ride with him almost reaching the $1 million profit mark at one point - just to lose it all + a few hundred thousand dollars more. According to highstakesdb, Blom is down $860,000 in the last 48 hours (4608 hands) and he's now second on 2013's list of biggest winners online with a $3.3 million profit (biggest winner is Kyle "cottonseed1" Hendon with $3.5 million).

Here's Tuesday's biggest pot (Alex "IReadYrSoul" Millar vs Viktor "Isildur1" Blom):

Texas Hold'em No-Limit $400/$800

Isildur1 had the small blind and bet $2,400. IReadYrSoul raised to 7,500 and Blom called.

The flop rolled out 2Diamond6Club7Spade and IReadYrSoul check-raised to $28,800. Blom called.

The turn card was the 4Spade and IReadYrSoul fired another $28,800 into the pot. Blom called once again.

IReadYrSoul checked to the river card of a 10Club. Isildur1 shoved his remaining stack of $97,701 and IReadYrSoul made the call with 7Diamond6Diamond. Isildur1 turned over 5Heart2Heart for a pair twos. IReadYrSoul took down the pot of $325.6k with his mid two pair.


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14 comments on "Viktor Blom''s Not-So-Successful "Comeback" at Full Tilt Poker"

 lukasb25/07/2013 09:07:17 GMT
5h 2h?!? really?!? It's like reading a story about microstakes action... the difference being that in this case 5h2h actually lost ahah
 teddybears7325/07/2013 10:25:28 GMT
i said this would happen Tongue
you watch tomorrow or the day after it will be " Viktor Blom wins $1 million "
or something like that. Smile
 SirPoncho25/07/2013 12:33:09 GMT
just amazing,gotta love this guy
better entertainment then any tv show.
I would love to see some video blogs from him kust filming himself during his rollercoaster sessions Big Smile
 MojaveDreams25/07/2013 13:58:47 GMT
Would love to have access to his playstyle more and work out how he does what he does without going broke

He must of had some good luck coming up cause i cannot see how he did it
 Sorin88825/07/2013 20:15:34 GMT
Viktor "Isildur1" Blom continued his recent slide with another six-figure deficit.
After 1,736 hands the Swedish pro lost $446,892 to take his annual profit down to $2,942,867.
"Sanlker" topped the latest high stakes leaderboard by a huge margin in the last 24 hours thanks to a $362,097 win.
 demodawggy25/07/2013 20:32:21 GMT
If his playing style and win/lose record were to be compared to a psychiatric diagnosis,...I'd say it's not unlike paranoid schizophrenia with a side order of bi-polarism..... Confused

It would be very interesting to watch him play an entire tournament whether he lost or won,..either way, would be VERY entertaining.

I watched Daniel Negraneau on TV last night cleaning up in an Australian Asia-Pacific tourney for over $1 Million and a bracelet, which he won,....but not before suffering a few bad beats coming down to the wire,...then getting all bent out of shape and whacking the table so hard with his hands that the table jumped up and over a few inches, and the chips and cards got all jiggled around... Real ANIMAL that guy...!!! Big Smile
 fcumred25/07/2013 22:01:19 GMT
Somehow I just cannot imagine Negreanu getting angry.. Its a bit like a Tele Tubby involved in road rage... it just doesn't happen.

 Greenmohave25/07/2013 22:06:50 GMT
And to think we all play donks on-line only to learn from the best such as this hand between Isilder1 and IreadYrsoul. I mean betting like this out of both of them seems to be a bit reckless, but I guess if you have the money and the stupidity both you do it.
 demodawggy25/07/2013 22:21:34 GMT
Posted by fcumred:
Somehow I just cannot imagine Negreanu getting angry.. Its a bit like a Tele Tubby involved in road rage... it just doesn't happen.

...especially not the 'gay' purple one.... Big Smile<heheheheehheeeeeeeee.....

Oh ya,...I couldn't believe what I was seeing.... It came down to heads up between him and some Aussie short stacked amateur ($2 mil in chips to Negraneau's $9 mil), and he was being a real thorn in Daniel's side...

You could see that Daniel wanted NOTHING MORE than to just bury the guy, get it over with, and get the bracelet. Daniel pretty much had to win it though as he was being a little boastfull about how he was GOING to win it. He would look pretty bad if if didn't win... Confused
 mocoteo26/07/2013 05:08:13 GMT
I watched is the past few video's with Isildur.My opinion on this super poker player is that guy 'eat some shit' when was an child,is one of the luckiest man on the planet...
 Sorin88826/07/2013 20:29:49 GMT
Viktor Blom continued his losing streak as he dropped another $500,000+ at the No-Limit and Omaha 8 tables.
"Sanlker" was the biggest beneficiary of Blom's downswing, netting $385,000 from the Swede in a No-Limit Hold'em match, while Kyle "KPR16" Ray managed to profit to the tune of $150,000 at Omaha 8.
Blom did, however, manage to win the biggest pot of the day from Sanlker, though it wasn't enough to put him in the black.
He called a pre-flop 3-bet before calling down all three streets of a Th3d6c5dJh board with just As6s which was good against Sanlker's 8c9c for a $244,982 pot.
 scouserpoker04/08/2013 22:46:30 GMT
This man has some amazing luck, tell you what i can stand daiel negraneorurueo think he abit full of himself.
 Tomic189106/09/2013 04:06:15 GMT
these guys are the new generation pokerheroes.
like many others they play with the worst pocketcards possible,they build a big pot and
the dumbest person involved in the pot will hit something on the river.
 doubletop77726/11/2013 17:08:59 GMT
This is just small change for Blom and he will soon be back in the chair. The amounts being talked about are life changing but they dont seem to care about the money so i dont think they enjoy it as much

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