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Durrrr Challenge Returns in August

Tags: daniel cates, durrrr challenge, full tilt poker, high stakes, jungleman12, tom dwan.
Posted on 01 August 2013 by "T".

Just about three years ago, Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Daniel "jungleman12" Cates agreed to play 50,000 hands as a part of a heads-up challenge at Full Tilt Poker. The rules were that Dwan would get $500,000 from Cates if he won the challenge, and Cates would get $1,500,000 from Dwan if he won. Now, as you probably already know, the two pros have only played about 19,000 hands and it seems like a lifetime ago when they played last.

Now the good news... according to a forum post by Daniel Cates, the challenge is set to resume in August. Cates wrote that he and Dwan have agreed to play a minimum of 4,000 hands in August and a minimum of 8,000 hands the followings months until the challenge is completed.

Cates is currently holding the lead with a $1,251,059 profit after 19,335 played hands. Besides that, he's been running very good at Full Tilt Poker as of late, so you can't blame him for wanting to complete the challenge and, most probably, get $1.5 million from Tom Dwan.


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20 comments on "Durrrr Challenge Returns in August"

 shokaku01/08/2013 10:41:16 GMT
Those guys are still alive? I thought they had already succumbed to old age. Blink

But i don't buy it, that they continue the challenge, untill they played the 4000 hands.
 SirPoncho01/08/2013 11:15:54 GMT
whats about the challenge between durrr and patrick antonius????
as far as I remember there are also plenty of hands to play,even it seems like this was in the last century...
anybody got some news on that?who was in front?
 shokaku01/08/2013 12:22:37 GMT
Against Antonius Dwan is up $2.000.000 with 10.000 hands remaining. But i doubt that this thing will continue, as it is on hold for three years now, and there is only a small chance, that Antonius can make up that huge loss.
 SirPoncho02/08/2013 07:19:42 GMT
But there is an amount that the winner will receive right?so PA have to pay up durrrr if they dont gonna continue or am I getting something wrong?
seems like durrrr is just playing "the durrrr challenge" when the public interest in him goes way down,
so that he can get some publicity
 roeish302/08/2013 07:38:55 GMT
Those challenges are only good for PR. The real side-betting games are done behund the scenes. Some of them are just crazy. Besides, I don't see them finishing this one and durrr paying the 1.5m - He can just quit after 40K hands with some excuse.
 shokaku02/08/2013 10:26:08 GMT
Of cause it had a lot to do with PR.
But times have changed. Today people have much more problems in their own lifes to care about a match between two degens.
 ELDONKOII02/08/2013 16:03:12 GMT
id like to see a rematch between durr and antonius watched some of the last matches but as i remember they didnt finish?
 Sorin88802/08/2013 16:06:21 GMT
Daniel Negreanu having been asked about his thoughts on Dwan's game, Daniel stated that he doesn't know if "Tom is one of the best in the world", moreover, he doesn't know "if he ever was".
He then went on to say that he believes many top players "lick their lips when they think about playing Dwan heads-up."
 roeish302/08/2013 16:56:00 GMT
It is starting to look like the fudes on WWE. Doesn't matter who is against who, as long as the crowd is interested. Anything that makes more people open the TV (and later play online) is good for these guys.
 demodawggy03/08/2013 05:50:18 GMT
he IS the ultimate bingo queen....but there IS rhyme and reason to the way he plays...

Have you ever gotten crap like 10 2 off,...or J 4 off,...or 9 3 off,.....folded,...then that junk would have gone on to hit and/or connect up on the board somehow and it turned out to be the knutzzzz... and you would have taken chips from a few or a bunch of folks...? Well that's how it seems Spock junior there plays... He plays inversely to instict or reason or sensibility,....because even JUNK will work out as many times as anything else... You just gotta play that junk, and plenty of it,...and you'll win a lot too... Big Smile Thumbs Up
 SirPoncho03/08/2013 15:15:48 GMT
daniel negreanu's video rant was pretty interesting.
he was telking about durrrrr,phil galfond and some other who were seen as the "elite" some years ago.
he doesnt speak very well about them and saying that most of their profit was just coming from Guy Laliberte who lost about 17mio online to those young degens
 Bansai9203/08/2013 18:02:04 GMT
i think durr will come back very easly ! he is a very good and agressive player
 Macubaas03/08/2013 20:42:09 GMT
This will be pretty sick to watch but i think Cates has the edge on nlhe HU...

I think the ultimate challenge of this kind would be against Viktor, HU he is the king.
 Greenmohave03/08/2013 21:05:24 GMT
So doers Cates get the winnings from all the hands played and then above this there's an overall wager for 1.5 million to the individual who wins the most hands? Guess I'm not clear on the bet! Because it appears Cates is only 250,000 away from the 1.5 million.
 teddybears7303/08/2013 22:47:27 GMT
hmmmm,this could be interesting,if i remember when this comes around i will definately watch some of this match. well as much as i can.
 SirPoncho04/08/2013 08:52:30 GMT
it will definetly interesting to watch, but i think that another challenge with less hands but different other opponents would be the bomb.
imagine negreanu matching up against hansen,blom versus ike haxton or Durrrr vs another PS pro.
I think by now both sites should corporate more,especially because full tilt will really need this PR to get their staggering player numbers going upwards
 shokaku04/08/2013 16:23:18 GMT
Negreanu taking on one of the best online pros on four tables at the same time? This is not going to happen. He is to smart to get himself in such a situation.
 SirPoncho04/08/2013 16:50:45 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Negreanu taking on one of the best online pros on four tables at the same time? This is not going to happen. He is to smart to get himself in such a situation.

yeah they would have to adjust things.
what i was trying to say was,that pokerstars and full tilt should corporate more with such challenges.
this is besides freerolls and bonus's th best possibilty to get more people back to their plattform(full tilt).
 infinitypl05/08/2013 07:25:49 GMT
Durr is so lucky heh, I wonder when he will lost bankroll :> anyway mayby there will be some stream from game ? or something.
 doubletop77724/11/2013 16:17:27 GMT
I think Jungleman could well win this challenge. I have watched him quite a few times and think he is right up there with the best. Durrr is also a great player but not as good as he thinks he is

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