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SPIN & GO: 3 Players, 1 Spin, Win Up To $30,000 in Minutes!

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Posted on 07 October 2014 by "T".

If you love winning at online poker but don't always have the time to grind for several hours, then we recommend that you check out PokerStars' brand new Spin & Go's - where you can win 1,000 times your buy-in in minutes! 

How Spin & Go's Work 

Spin & Go's are fast-paced, 3-Max Hyper-Turbo Sit & Go tournaments, featuring 500 chip starting stack. Buy-ins range from $1 to $30, and each tournament has a randomly drawn prize pool that will award between two and 1,000 times your buy-in.

To get started, select your buy-in and the number of simultaneous tournaments you want to play, and then click the ‘Register' button. It's that easy!

Once you have chosen your buy-in and the number of games you want to play, you will be seated at a tournament table until two other players have registered.

As soon as a third player registers for your Spin & Go tournament, there will be a random draw to decide how big the tournament prize pool will be.

The spinner in the center of the table will display the prize pool to all players.

The first hand will then be dealt and the Spin & Go prize will be up for grabs!

Example: You register for a $3 Spin & Go. Once two other players have registered the prize pool will be randomly drawn and announced to players before the first card is dealt. The first-place prize will be multiplied between 2 and 1,000 times your buy-in, meaning you could turn $3 into between $6 and $3,000!

source: pokerstarsblog

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8 comments on "SPIN & GO: 3 Players, 1 Spin, Win Up To $30,000 in Minutes!"

 doubletop77708/10/2014 09:08:52 GMT
This sounds like a crazy way of gambling and i cant quite get my head around it. I think i will stick to my one table no limit hold em game, my brain cant function quickly enough for anything else
 yout8508/10/2014 12:05:03 GMT
SPIN & GO: 3 Players, 1 Spin, Win Up To $30,000 in Minutes! (but likely win double your buy-in back for beating 2 opponents!) Want to remove the element of skill out of poker? Always wanted poker to be much more like a slot machine? Then SPIN & GO are the thing for you!

So if you like giving away value, and lining the pockets of Amaya Gaming's Directors, come and join us at the tables, and let the degeneration of online poker continue!

Yours Truly,

Some Pokerstars employee.... (who's laughing all the way to the bank)
 Skpmorita08/10/2014 12:42:22 GMT
this is pure gambling
and a scam . i played many 30$ ones
i was feeling like to give it a shot

i laugh so hard when it says it is random ..95% of the games are double buy-in

most of them are only 60$ , so extra 30$ goes to pokerstars , just imagine the number of these in one day , the jackpot looks now very low considering the money they are making

but to be fair , i got 2 times 180$ prize pool , won one , lost one heads up my aj of diamonds didnt improve against his 44

i am gonna take the profit i made and never play again
 zeroster08/10/2014 15:22:37 GMT
Posted by Skpmorita:

i laugh so hard when it says it is random ..95% of the games are double buy-in

Who says it's random? Certainly not Stars.

From Stars page:

$1,000* 5 of 100,000
$200* 10 of 100,000
$100* 15 of 100,000
$25 80 of 100,000
$10 1,000 of 100,000
$6 8,000 of 100,000
$4 13,510 of 100,000
$2 77,380 of 100,000

Which table gets the big prizes is random but the distribution of prizes isn't. They'd lose a fortune if you had an equal chance of winning a 1000x as a 2x.
 Skpmorita08/10/2014 15:36:59 GMT
it says that when you open the tab on the right

but apperantly they put it on the site like you said , where most players wouldnt read it , but when advertasing they wont say that almost 78% of the time we are the winners

dont get me wrong i like pokerstars , i think it is the best there is ..

i wouldnt mind paying small rake instead of this double buy-in
like 1.10$ buy-in and minimum win is 3$
 yout8508/10/2014 15:40:04 GMT
By these numbers, Stars have got a slight edge built in (on top of the rake), but only a slight edge...

Running the numbers for a $1 tourney, they would pay out $277,300 over the course of 100,000 tournies, which equals $0.9243333 per player in each single game, and the buy in is $0.93+$0.07... so Stars are making an extra $0.0170001 per game on top of rake. Doesn't sound a lot, but I bet it sure adds up....
 zeroster08/10/2014 15:55:19 GMT
Posted by Skpmorita:
it says that when you open the tab on the right

Yes it does but you're equating random prize with an equal chance. Still, I have to agree that it's sneaky and misleading of them not to put up the chances of winning each prize.

I don't like them myself. I think you'd be better off playing a heads up SNG and buying a lottery ticket if that's the sort of action you want. Big Smile
 pinotte08/10/2014 16:39:52 GMT
Yes this game is a lottery but with loto if you get the winning tcket you are sure to get your prize but with this game you are lucky and it a big amount after that you have to beat two opponents to get the big prize. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

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