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Two More $1M Spin & Go Winners Have Been Crowned

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Posted on 21 January 2015 by "T".

In case you missed it, another two $1.2 million Spin & Go's were played over the weekend on PokerStars. On Saturday, ‘Tornado111' of the Czech Republic bested newann and RusGreen for the $1 million first-place prize. The way Tornado111 won the 10 million to 3 odds Spin & Go has shocked many. Well, watch the video for yourselves here and let us know what you think.

The following day it was time for another $1.2 million Spin & Go. This time Canada's anushan_2323 beat Sweden's ChipsMongot and Germany's jukebox72 for the $1 million first prize. PokerStars Blog described the match like this: "The all-in battles swung the advantage back and forth for many hands, but it started to come together for anushan_2323 when his AHeartTClub held up against jukebox72's AClub8Heart. Then after trading the advantage for a few hands with ChipsMongot, anushan_2323 won a race with AClubKDiamond versus8Heart8Spade for the million-dollar win.

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15 comments on "Two More $1M Spin & Go Winners Have Been Crowned"

 klash2321/01/2015 16:59:38 GMT
I watched the video link and the way tornado played was quite surprising.If it was just a normal three handed SnG maybe it would be understandable but playing for either 100k or one million would make me think about my decisions more.I doubt I would have limp/called the allin with Q7 and I would not have played the K2 the way he did but obviously he got lucky and is now a millionaire!!
 Skpmorita21/01/2015 18:18:42 GMT
this promotion has been running for quite sometime now
but all the 3 winners coming so close together
anyway i don't think we will be seeing any other winners soon
about the hands , it is just normal spin n go to me
where everybody is all-in and some people win pots with weaker hands
 damosk21/01/2015 20:49:33 GMT
Great results and far more $1 million winners than I ever expected. I thought it would be one! Well, it seems there is far more cash awaiting the wii ing of, so get toursleves down and play some $5 spin and God at stars........will I get anything for free it's not marketing I'm just being suggestive to fellow posters to encourage them to try and win loads of cash that they can funnel back into a Hkme Game! Phew....that was close!
 superthight21/01/2015 23:46:05 GMT
slot machine very looks like a slot machine.or a lotto ticket but for me it is more easier to win slot .or lotto than spin and go.with 3 players no deal arrangementif u are a russian u might say u have a chance to win but if not yur a big fan donation of pokerstars marketing Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! careful always for choosing a game Worship Worship Worship Worship
 uno1Bomber22/01/2015 01:35:04 GMT
I feel envy Big Smile I wish they'd finish this promo asap, or I'd lose all my money there.
 arsenej122/01/2015 03:46:13 GMT
Nice to see a Canadian take home a decent prize getting a little closer to home
 roeish322/01/2015 06:48:49 GMT
I should be one game per 10 Million games to hit the jackpot. Either they had something around 20-30 Million games or they were extremly unlucky so far. I guess it will ultimately get balanced.
The conspiration theory is that they want more people to play that casino type game and these prices are part of the promotion cost.
 doubletop77722/01/2015 09:38:01 GMT
It really is great to see that people can win life changing amounts of money for very little outlay. It gives me hope that one day it might happen to me. Congratulations to all the winners
 roeish322/01/2015 12:13:37 GMT
I like the TCOOP because I play almost only turbo tournaments (don't have the time for regular MTT's). Last year I had one try at a big tournament and failed. This year I don't have the intial bankroll to even try and participate (unless something unusual happens within the next couple of days
 pochui22/01/2015 15:02:49 GMT
as long as those those two dudes are somehow connected and interconnected with amaya- stars will not go bust soon. however if those are just random dudes (and santa really exists) then i assume a rake increase is on the horizon... or at least a new update of the software... with a pay-per-view porn room integrated right into the client
 uno1Bomber22/01/2015 16:06:46 GMT
I think they're random. That russian from the video, who won $100 000, posted a comment on the youtube.
I checked his youtube account and here is another video with him
He's just a player.
 klash2322/01/2015 17:03:16 GMT
I have noticed that these types of games involving either all in every hand or super turbo events are being pushed by nearly all poker sites now and it does seem that the sites are trying to remove the skill element out of the game.
It is a shame as since I started playing poker I would say to friends if they asked that the game is about skill and odds and strategy and position etc etc and now they see adverts on the TV saying win a million in minutes or any one can win. Smile
 StS522/01/2015 18:08:07 GMT
All thes lucky dudes out there. Of course congratulations to them, but it would be extremely interesting to know, how many spin n goes they had to play to win the million bucks. If one of them only played a few, then I would call that very lucky indeed.
 bowie198422/01/2015 19:10:37 GMT
Welcome to 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' Amaya style. I'm really waiting for their backstories too. Struggling and hanging around, suckout after suckout on those micro stake games they can afford, then one day...
Boom! Bang! Zoom!

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