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BLOG: Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 35)

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Blog post published on 25 November 2014, written by Ronin`s Renegade Blog.
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Ronin`s Renegade Blog
Leonard E. Spencer "Ronin Harper" from Canada born in 1968

Welcome mobsters, if you are reading this blog for the very first time, I thank you for your initial interest. I think that if you give it a little time, you will find something that will peak your interest.

I am a semi-pro poker player and an author. I am currently working on several projects for publication, and will be discussing them on occasion in this blog. If you are a fan then I warn you, from time to time there will be spoiler book ideas discussed.




A New Bankroll Challenge 

Climb the Money Mountain $56 - $10000 USD
If you have read Blog post #34 then you already know I have been challenged by a friend to play on PartyPoker and to win on average just $5 USD per week.

I got to tell you that it has not been as easy I as thought it was going to be. Playing poker at the micro stakes is truly annoying. There are just so many idiots and fish that have no clue at all what they are doing. They play hands they should never play and just keep getting rewarded for stupid play.

Many players it seems will not fold before the river regardless of their hand because they chase everything under the sun. Often the site throws out their miracle one outer on the river and then I take a hit to my bankroll.

The climb up the Money Mountain has been treacherous. Every step seems to be fraught with dangers and the fish in the waters all want you to fall. They all want to take as big a bite out of you as they can. Even the guppy's think they are Tiger Sharks.

Well it is now the 24th and I just finished a grind session. The results after just three days have been fantastic! By not trying to be overly greedy I have folded a lot more than usual have not even bothered trying to be too fancy with traps and such. I have just been trying to play a solid game of ABC poker.

What are the results you ask?

After 3 full days of grinding the low limit tables I have increased my starting bankroll by exactly $30.33 USD. I wanted to make just $5 daily but so far I am averaging $10.11

I am pleased that right now, I have actually made double what my goal has been. I will continue to try to make just $5 each day and hope for the best.

I recommend you all think about just setting a small daily goal for yourself to achieve. You can believe me when I tell you that every time you succeed at reaching your daily small poker goal you will feel great. It will not take long before this approach will grow my bankroll up enough to move up into the better stakes.
Will keep you informed as things continue to progress.
Wishing you all the best
be cool.


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4 comments on "Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 35)"

 pochui25/11/2014 09:16:06 GMT
nice to see that you are doing great with your quest to glory @partypoker, keep up the tempo and that $10K is gonna break in no time!
the toughest part imho is barging through the microstakes- it's not only because of the excess amount of idiots (which actually should be a good thing, though often it's not) but also the motivation factor... i find it oh so hard to keep myself motivated at playing on the low stakes.. it seems like it takes an eternity to move to higher limits
 doubletop77725/11/2014 09:38:22 GMT
You seem to be doing really well on your quest and congrats for doing so. I only play micro stakes and you are correct in saying how hard it is to win on there. Good luck to you on your venture
 RoninHarper25/11/2014 12:36:44 GMT
G'day mates

Thank you both for you kind words. The micro stakes are without a question annoying the heck out of me. Hope I can get the hell out of them sooner then later.
wishing you all the best
be cool
 erru910726/11/2014 16:32:02 GMT
What limits are you playing at the moment? I've been thinking about watching you sometime since I'm playing over at Party myself Smile

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