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2014 Aussie Millions Main Event: Ami Barer is the Champion; Sorel Mizzi Finishes 2nd

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Posted on 10 February 2014 by "T".

On Sunday, the final seven players returned for the 2014 Aussie Millions Main Event final table, where a massive AUD$1.6 million first prize was up for grabs! After nearly 12 hours of battle, Ami Barer of Canada was the last man standing after defeating fellow countryman Sorel Mizzi in what can be described as a record short heads-up battle.

After exchanging a few pots back and forth, Barer (who had a 3-1 chip lead when the HU kicked off) opened up the pot with a raise from the button and Sorel Mizzi announced that he was all in. Barer snap-called and turned over AHeartASpade. Mizzi, who is the only player to have played two Aussie Million Main Even final tables, turned over QDiamond8Diamond and needed some help from the poker gods.

The flop came down 2ClubKSpade2Heart and Mizzi needed a miracle (2 Queens or 2 Eights). The turn card was the 3Heart and it was game over for the Canadian-born poker pro. The final card was the ADiamond and Ami Barer was officialy crowned the champion!

TOP 10 Players: 

1 Ami Barer 1,600,000
2 Sorel Mizzi 1,000,000
3 Jake Balsiger 650,000
4 Darren Rabinowitz 450,000
5 Vincent Rubianes 335,000
6 Andrew Phaedonos 250,000
7 Scott Seiver 170,000
8 Eoghan O'Dea 130,000
9 Denny Lewis 130,000
10 Erik Seidel 100,000

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9 comments on "2014 Aussie Millions Main Event: Ami Barer is the Champion; Sorel Mizzi Finishes 2nd"

 doubletop77710/02/2014 09:00:05 GMT
Many congratulations to Ami Barer on winning this very prestigious tournament. He must have been in heaven when Sorel Mizzi announced all in when he was holding pocket aces!!
 Heskor10/02/2014 13:04:47 GMT
Haha good way to bust on the final hand, AA vs Q*, id prefer to lose like that rather to lose with a better hand against a worse one. Cheers, no surprise here, huge favorite pre flop and won the pot and title in the end. Nice hand!
 kwasac10/02/2014 14:26:16 GMT
From those final ten, I've heard only for Seidel and Balsiger (young gun) and I know that was a though competition so I would like to congrats them first who prove to be a succesful ones in this game. Congrats to the Ami too, very well played tournament. Smile
 Theapple10/02/2014 15:25:28 GMT
at least pocket aces do win somewhere Big Smile
 bowie198410/02/2014 16:34:30 GMT
This was the fastest final table heads up I remember but what was the rush, the chip count only was 3 to 1. If you make it to the final table in a tournement with this size I would think you have enough patience to wait for some better odds to shove. Or maybe his read was off a bit. A little bit. Guess we will never now.

Anyway congrats to Ami Barer.
 MB3010/02/2014 16:43:48 GMT
Many congratulations to Ami Barer for taking down the 2014 Aussie Millions Main Event and respect to Sorel Mizzi for earning second place. Unfortunately couldn't watch final table via live streaming due to hour gap. Would like to see all of them battling for chips and specially Scott Seiver who I am big fan since i first saw him at Big game. Jake Balsiger also seems to have what it takes to establish himself among the tops pros. Erik Seidel currently runs hot at $250.000 Challenge(first place/eight players left Daniel Negreanu/ Phil Ivey/ Isaac Xaxton and Tom Dwan among them.

 noonlion11/02/2014 23:09:24 GMT
Well isn't that sick, to get AA at a time like that AFTER Sorel shoved his lot, dream come true.
Just such a nasty take down in the Aussie Millions, life altering tournament for any victor, or at least ought to be.

I bet that guy is in a Carribean country in a penthouse sweet, with at least five ladies of the night (and day) doing his bidding as he orders bottle after bottle of alcohol.
 Fakiry12/02/2014 11:08:28 GMT
Canadians topped this event! And it's always so great to have someone entering all-in before we talk with pocket AA! Having that as an event closing hand must be a great feeling, he will safe that picture and place it in a special wall from his house!
 godoy30/04/2018 03:04:14 GMT
what to say of this is a very exciting and exciting thing because it is one of the things that happens once or twice in the life of a player inbetween so that this man is happy and that he sees well used money parabens

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