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BLOG: Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 5)

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Blog post published on 13 February 2014, written by Ronin`s Renegade Blog.
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Ronin`s Renegade Blog
Leonard E. Spencer "Ronin Harper" from Canada born in 1968

Welcome mobsters, if you are reading this blog for the very first time, I thank you for your initial interest. I think that if you give it a little time, you will find something that will peak your interest.

I am a semi-pro poker player and an author. I am currently working on several projects for publication, and will be discussing them on occasion in this blog. If you are a fan then I warn you, from time to time there will be spoiler book ideas discussed.


Section 1: Poker Tips & Concepts
Today's poker tip is going to seem like some old stupid cliché, but it is very true.
It goes like this, "If you want to change your life, then the first thing you must do is change your life".
It seems stupid at 1st glance doesn't it, However, I would like to ask you this question, "How many of you wish every day that something in your life would get better but you do nothing at all any differently. Every day for years I would say, "I wish I could just get healthier and into better shape". I would then proceed to watch more TV and eat a bag of chips and drink my pop, all while I was depressed about the way I looked and fealt.

How many of you have said "I wish I could win more when I played poker, or I wish I was a winning player", Then just go right back to playing the same old 0.01/0.02 poker games you always play without even looking at the idea of proper bankroll management or interest in read a poker book or watching a video about getting better.

My point is simple if you want positive results the you MUST take a proactive approach to improve by putting in some effort to make real changes, educate yourself and make some choices to do thing better.
Only then once you have made a positive change will things get any better in your life or your poker game. STOP wishing things would get better and then doing nothing to help them do so. We all need to pay our dues before we get the rewards we wanted in the first place.
Until next time

Section 2: "Ronin's Bankroll Management Challenge"

Well this section is going to be familiar to the forum regulars as I have been running this section for awhile in the forums, It is about the single most important skill a poker player must have in their arsenal in order to be a successful winning player.

Bankroll Management has been estimated to be the single most neglected poker skill by almost 95% of all players. Countless books have been written on the subject, and yet most players most often just ignore the rules of proper bankroll management. I too fall into this trap at times.

This section is intended to show how proper bankroll management can ensure that and good poker player who approaches his bankroll and poker play from a solid and disciplined position can succeed.
It also is intended to help me to remain focus and discipline in my own bankroll quest to succeed.
The 1st part of the year in 2014 will see me discussing heavily the results of a combined staking run between myself and a fellow mobster. (His name will be withheld to keep people from asking him for stakes which he does not need the grief from). The next 60 bankroll challenge will begin Monday January 27th, 2014.

Day 1, Monday 27/01/2014
Well day 1 of the challenge was a true test of my resolve to play within the rules.
I had a very bad start to the challenge. There was a point when I was down $12.78
I took a full 1 hour break before going back at it.

Day 1 of the challenge left me down just - $2.36 US
Day 2 of the challenge left me down just - $0.67 US
Day 3 of the challenge and I finished up $1.18 US
Day 4 of the challenge and I finished up $3.85 US

Well day 4 is now over and it has been a roller coaster ride, and now that it is over, I am up once again up from the start of the challenge.

I know some of you want to know what my current bankroll is, and although many consider giving out that type of information is fine, I feel that for the sake of this challenge, I will only give out the exact bankroll from this point on if, the other person in the stake agrees it is ok for me to do so.
He can send me a private email if he wants too.
going to relax now for a while since I just finished a 2 hour grind.
Tomorrow will be a better day.

Section 3: The daily rant.
It never ceases to amaze me how certain calling station just never seem to figure out that they should fold a lot more than they do. I personally find that many Russian player who are calling stations really do not seem to know that they are allowed to fold before the river.

The problem is that the sites do at times seem to reward players for extremely bad poker play. I understand that the more people play then the more rake the poker sites will make. It is this fact that could make a poker sites staff give a little extra help once in awhile to idiots to keep them coming back and playing. It is these constant unlikely suck outs however, that make people constantly scream and whine about sites being rigged. Variance can and does hit us all from time to time, but when you see the same morons winning hand after hand against all the math and good logical play you just got to wonder.

I know there are times when even I find myself saying, "yeah right only online. What total BS".
Well until next time, be cool.

Section 4: The call of the Muse (Wednesday's)

This section will also be familiar to forum regulars. I am resurrecting Ronin's Short Story blog which I ran for a time. Yes mobsters I am going to write more poker based shorts here on BankrollMob.
I have decided to once again start writing in "The Bluff - A Poker Short Story".
I will re-post the entire story here in this new blog area along with a new section in the next few hours.
I apologize to Steve's fans for the long wait.
I hope you enjoy the new blog area.

The Bluff - A Poker Short Story
Chapter 1, Part # 5
Steve closed his laptop and put it away before finishing his chocolate desert and getting one more coffee refill. Once the waitress once again refilled his cup and went to see to another table which was out of direct view he carefully reached his hand inside he overcoat and retrieved his wallet and placed it in his outside pocket where he could get to it without having to open his Kevlar trench coat again. The sun was just coming up and when he finished his cup of coffee he asked the pretty waitress for his bill which came to $36.45 so he took out $50 and waited for the waitress to return.

The young women smiled when he passed her the bill along with the money and told her to please keep the change as her tip. He then asked her if she would be able to call him a taxi to go to the airport because he had to catch a flight. She immediately agreed to call him a taxi and thanked him for being such a pleasant and generous customer. She turned and walked happily away and then he stood up and collected his things and started towards the door to wait outside for the taxi.

Steve was just about to the door when the two law enforcement officers walked inside the restaurant,
Steve and the two officers both stopped moving at the same time. In his black Kevlar trench he looked like a cast extra from the movie the matrix. The two police officers looked like they had a long night, now they walked into the path of a killing machine ready to fire on all cylinders. He was just about to move forward when his waitress came flying around the corner and said in an excited voice while throwing herself into the older cops arms, "Daddy! Damn you look more tired than usual. So you teaching this young pup the ropes or just telling him old war stories?"

She hugged him and kissed his cheek. The younger officer never took his eyes from Steve who did not want to harm anyone in this restaurant if it could be helped. He decided on a more passive action and spoke to the waitress in the soft voice he had used with her for the last hour.

"Excuse me miss, I do not mean to be a bother to you or interrupt you. I was just wondering if you remembered to call my taxi"?

The waitress turn from her embrace with her father and smiled at him pleasantly and answered,
"I must certainly did, I told the dispatcher the nicest and best customer I have had in three months needed a taxi to go to the airport. and they told me they would be here in five minutes. I think I can see it coming up the street now. However, I am not letting you leave until you promise to come back and see us again next time you are back in town,"

Steve nodded then softly spoke, "Thank you for being so nice. I promise I will return next time I am in the area. Please thank the chef for the perfect steak. It was worth every second of the wait while it was prepared to perfection. Well I see you were correct, it does appear my taxi has arrived. Thank you again, I do hope you have a great day."

Steve began to move towards the entrance and the young officer stepped sideways into his path, he then stepped through the doorway to hold it open for Steve. He thanked the officer as he walked through the opened doorway and headed towards the waiting taxi. The driver opened the side door and said you can just put your thing right here in back sir if you like, He did as was suggested then walked calmly around and sat in the passenger seat of the Caravan. Noting the younger officer was still outside watching him Steve made sure to say load enough for him to hear the words the airport please.

Steve just had a bad feeling about his current situation. Something just felt off about the driver he was far too damned quite and he kept looking at his mirror and then his watch. The man also kept swallowing like his throat was dry but he had a coffee mug in the cup tray which looked half full. Steve said,
"If you do not mind, I would like to add a stop at the next 24 hour convenience store please. I need to pick up some smokes and a bottle of water and a bag of jerky for the trip. I will pay you for the stop."
The driver looked at his watch and said, "I do not think that is a good idea sir. If you are to catch the first flight out you need to get to the airport as soon as possible. You would not want to miss your flight."
Steve answered him as follows, " Oh is that why you keep looking at your watch. No need to worry on my account friend, my flight does not leave until 10 am, so I will have a few hours to kill at the airport terminal, I just like to get my baggage all checked and cleared early before a flight. I just hate to be rushed at the airport. Please stop at the store which is two blocks up on the right, I know they have exactly the brands I like because I shop the regularly."

The driver exhaled and in a frustrated tone answered back,
"Sir you are my last run of the day and I would really just like to get you to the airport so I can go home to bed it has been a long night. So please if you can make this a very quick stop."
The driver did as he was told and pulled into the all night store, as soon as he had stopped the Caravan and placed it into park Steve spoke again, "I have a friend who drives taxi and he told me how he never seems to get the chance to get out to piss enough. Why not take this chance to jump out to the washroom while I get my things. I will even buy you a fresh coffee if you like, and a muffin as well as part of your tip. I should also get some money from this ATM just to make sure I have enough cash to cover the taxi fare to the airport, It is normally $20 right, but hey I had a great night at the tables playing poker against the guys, so with the ride and stop what do you say we just call it $40. I mean it is not costing me anything really, I won over a grand from the boys."

The driver looked at Steve and smiled, then nodded and started to step out of the taxi. Steve did the same and they entered the store to take care of their business. The driver went straight to the washroom the ATM was the first stop for Steve, He then grabbed two 1.5L bottles of water,3 large bags of Beef Jerky which was one of each flavor, 3 large bags of Pork Jerky again one of each flavors., 12 large oh Henry bars, 4 cans lays stackers, 12 caramel block boxes, 2 boxes of wooden matches, 2 packs of Old Port cigars and two packs of cigarettes, 2 cans of butane lighter fluid for his Zippo, and 6 new disposable lighters. He dropped just under a $100. He also purchase coffees for both himself and the driver along with two blueberry muffins.

The two of them walked back out and entered the taxi and Steve passed the driver the agreed upon $40. The driver happily took the cash and seemed much more relaxed now. Perhaps the man just needed a washroom break thought Steve, who took note of the black Escalade which fell silently in behind them, perhaps he just feels better because he has some friends behind us now.

The driver had driven about a block when he spoke to Steve,
"Pardon my language bud, but that bastard in the Escalade behind us is one ignorant prick. I mean, it is not bad enough that he has had his damn high beams on trying to blind me, but the bastard is staying right on my tail. It's a damn two lane one way street, I wish he would just pass us and piss off."
Steve looked at the driver and then over his right shoulder before he spoke in reply,
" I do think you are right, he has been behind us since the store. I wonder what his problem is, did we cut him off when we pulled out onto the street?"

The taxi driver replied, "I assure you that I did not cut him off when we left the store. I am going to remain on the far right side and slow down slightly. The next light will be turning red soon, I could make it through on the yellow, but I am going to stop in hopes that the jerk will run on through and get off our tail. The headlights are not my idea of a good time."

Steve only nodded and reached forward to pick up his coffee which allowed him to covertly retrieve his silenced MP-5 and prepare for the assault he suspected was about to come from the driver and his friends in the Escalade. The hot coffee was going to go into the drivers face at the first instance of the attack.
Stopping at the red light did partially work since the Escalade pulled up next to the taxi on the driver's side. The cabby gave the finger outside his window just before his face came off and his brains splattered all over his front windshield as the bullet holes tore through the glass. Steve recognized the sounds of suppressed gun fire and he threw his left arm upwards. He pulled the door lever to fall out of the passenger side door and roll back up to his feet ready to fight. He opened fire threw the side windows of the taxi into the other vehicle. The battle engaged with the enemy now meant he was all in and the only option was to win or die. He had no intention of dying now before he had avenged his fellow unit members deaths.
So until later mates.

Section 5: The Escape

Welcome to what for me might very well be the most difficult section of the blog to write on a daily bases. In this section, I will attempt to keep a detailed food intake log, as well as an honest accounting of a daily exercise routine, which hopefully will move me steadily towards the goal of getting physically healthy.
In May 2013 I was admitted into hospital and they weight me at that time at the weight of 602 lbs. I spent 64 days in the hospital and during that time they had me on an 1800 calorie a day diabetic diet. On the day I was released from the hospital I was weighted at 542 lbs.
During the 1st month my weight climbed back upward to 158 lbs again.
I became very depressed about this and honestly just wanted to die. I could not see my life getting better and was constantly in extreme pain which required me to take a lot of pain medications just to stay somewhat functional.

I decided to lose weight even if it killed me. In October I began, and in November I was weighted at 536 lbs. I have not been weight since.

In December I completely went off the rails and I am convinced that I regained some weight back. I plan to get weight very soon in order to have a truer starting number to once again begin working from. I believe that I am right around 550 lbs again, I have a 74" waist and ware an 8X T-Shirt.

It is humiliating to admit these facts but I fell I must be honest with you all of why even bother with this section, my hope is that by making myself accountable to my fellow BankrollMob members that it will motivate me to succeed this time unlike past failures.

The exercise levels for the day will not be great, as I was in a lot of pain, my back is out and can barely move at all. Looking at the day ahead, I think I probably will take in more calories then I exercise away. Will do better tomorrow, I really need to work on my diet and exercise routine. I am at least being honest about what I have done, and realize I MUST do better. It all comes in baby steps and at least I am trying.
I am going to develop a better way of keeping the daily food intake log. I need to have a much better record of the calories which I am truly eating.

I have been working on this issue since the 1st of January, 2014 but I have not really been having as much success as I would like. I am thinking about counselling from a dietitian to get me food choices improved, going to do some investigation on YouTube about healthy eating.

The journey continues...
I have stated above that I have thrown my back out somehow but that I have been using my time being mostly bed ridden well. I am morbidly obese as you all know. Most exercises are currently beyond my ability to do safely, so I have give it much careful thought and come up with the following exercise routine for myself. The plan is to do them every day if I can. I do believe I can do everything on the list every day.
My Starting Exercise Routine to get Healthy
Leonard E. Spencer
Upper Body Routine
1.   Front Arm lifts - knees, chest, up to the sky, chest, knees
2.   Side Arm lifts - hips, shoulders, up to sky cross over, shoulder, hips
3.   Front Hand over palm circles - forwards and back
4.   Front Punches -
5.   Seated jumping jacks -
6.   Alternating Shoulder shuffle -
7.   Shoulder twist -        
8.   Upper Body free Weight routine -
Lower Body Routine
1.   Front Leg extension lifts -
2.   Seated Calf raises -
3.   Ankle turns, both directions -
4.   Short walks from the bed to the apartment door and back again -
5.   Side leg lifts while in bed, both legs - 
G'day mate's

It is now Tuesday 28/01/2014 and I am very pleased at this moment. My back has seemingly slipped back into place. I have been able to do some exercise both yesterday and today. I have absolutely no doubt that I will be able to complete my entire workout routine today.

My food intake over the last two days has also been good. I have been eating alot more vegetables over all. I truly think I have eaten less calories then I have burned off through both my exercise rates and basic metabolic rate. I believe if I can keep things under control for a few months like this then I will lose weight and feel better for sure.


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5 comments on "Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 5)"

 doubletop77713/02/2014 10:16:55 GMT
I think you are correct in saying that if you want to change your life that you must be proactive in making changes. There is no point complaining if you are doing the same things day in day out. Another good blog
 Macubaas14/02/2014 20:52:58 GMT
Another very good read Ronin, you definately have to skill to write good blog posts Smile

I'm still waiting from you a recorded session of poker with your comments, i bet it will be very succesful Blink
 RoninHarper15/02/2014 00:04:54 GMT
G'day mate

I do not know how to do what you are asking me to do.
I do not even know what software to use to try and do such a thing.
I have never ever tried to do a video blog or anything like that before.
I have used mikogo before and host live poker training and discussion sessions in the past when I was a member of "The Suited Aces" on the old PSO on PokerStars.
Sorry I do not know how I can do as you are asking mate.
best wishes to you

Ronin Cool
 starbay15/02/2014 01:47:30 GMT
hi ronin
i read your blog allways and really enjoy it,i wish you the best in your battle with your health issues and hope you succeed to your hearts desires,looking forward to your next installment
 RoninHarper15/02/2014 04:12:33 GMT
G'day starbay

Thank you very much for your kind words.
They really do mean alot to me.
So many people these days only seem to want to tare others down, it is very nice when someone is not trying to do that to another person.
Wishing you all the best.
be cool

Ronin Cool

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