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BLOG: Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 21)

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Blog post published on 09 June 2014, written by Ronin`s Renegade Blog.
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Ronin`s Renegade Blog
Leonard E. Spencer "Ronin Harper" from Canada born in 1968

Welcome mobsters, if you are reading this blog for the very first time, I thank you for your initial interest. I think that if you give it a little time, you will find something that will peak your interest.

I am a semi-pro poker player and an author. I am currently working on several projects for publication, and will be discussing them on occasion in this blog. If you are a fan then I warn you, from time to time there will be spoiler book ideas discussed.



Section 1: Poker Tips & Concepts

Consider what you want out of playing poker. Decide whether you want to play poker to win or to simply play for fun of it. In order to be a consistently winning player at any level requires two things, time and effort.

What I am trying to say is to be an overall winning player takes work. If you are unable or unwilling to put in the required work then stop playing to make money and just decide to play to have fun.

There is nothing wrong with playing poker because you enjoy the game and just want to have some fun. You need to decide which type of player you really want to be in order to make you poker sessions easier or perhaps more enjoyable for you.

Remember that even the best poker players in the world sometimes have extreme losing sessions. Do NOT think you are supposed to win every time you sit down to play.
It is possible to do everything right and play perfect poker and still lose to an idiot suck out who never should have even been in the hand with his garbage. The true morons do not know what there are supposed to play so constantly try to suck out wins.

We often call these people fish or calling stations. The true is we can both win or lose a great deal of money because of these idiots.

Regardless of which type of player you want to be when you play poker, you should be willing to put in some effort to learn to play the game well, after all there is no need to be a constantly losing player even when you are just playing for fun. I would think it would be more fun to win then to lose, but you will need to make up your own mind.
Until next time

Section 2: "Ronin's Bankroll Management Challenge"
Well this section is going to be familiar to the forum regulars as I have been running this section for awhile in the forums, It is about the single most important skill a poker player must have in their arsenal in order to be a successful winning player.

Bankroll Management has been estimated to be the single most neglected poker skill by almost 95% of all players. Countless books have been written on the subject, and yet most players most often just ignore the rules of proper bankroll management.

I too fall into this trap at times.
This section is intended to show how proper bankroll management can ensure that and good poker player who approaches his bankroll and poker play from a solid and disciplined position can succeed.

It also is intended to help me to remain focus and discipline in my own bankroll quest to succeed.

Week 4 Update: This week I went on a major downswing. I lost 90% of my bankroll and I sort of knew what was happening but I asked a friend to look over my recent hand history and he was able to confirm what I thought was going on and causing me to lose. I receive two massive bad beat which just went so totally against the math that it threw me completely off my game.

I found myself second guessing every move I was making. I also found myself doubting the honesty and integrity of the poker sites on which I was playing. I was sort of buying into the idea that only poker sites really are rigged to reward bad players and penalize good players in order to keep the moronic fish coming back so the sites keep making their rake of the idiots.

I was playing scared and folding in massive +Ev situations instead of pushing through and winning big. Instantly folding to 3 bets and giving players way to much credit for having made a hand which could beat mine.

I had completely changed my poker style to one of a scared and passive player who was trying to not get hurt anymore. This was causing me to haemorrhage money.
I will be starting over on Monday of week five with just $12 so I am back at the 0.01/0.02 NL tables again.
Until later.

Section 3: The daily rant.
Why is it that people are generally so damned selfish? Tuesday at about 2:30 am a man I have known for over 30 years passed away from Cancer. Wayne was only 49 years old and was common law married to my 1st cousin Wendy who was the mother of his two children.

The family has all been losing the collective minds with grief and extreme selfishness in my opinion. The poor man was suffering so much over the last few weeks from the pain that he begged them to take him off life support and allow him to die.

I am sad that Wayne has passed away and that he died of Cancer, However I am glad that his suffering has finally ended. I know what it is to live in constant agonising pain. I have wished to die myself more than once.

I have both good and bad days when it comes to suffering from chronic pain, and when one adds in the extreme depression which often comes along with the feelings of hopelessness then I very happy that his suffering has ended.

Others however are mourning his loss, and wished he had kept fighting, and hanging on as long as possible, even though the doctors admitted weeks ago there was nothing more they could do for him. In the end he required life support systems just to breathe and suffer from minute to minute.

People should be happy when a good person passes away to enter the kingdom of heaven. Wayne's suffering has ended and he is now at peace. So why make everyone feel like crap by being selfish. I say rejoice and remember the things you loved about the person.
Well until next time, be cool.


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6 comments on "Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 21)"

 doubletop77710/06/2014 11:01:33 GMT
You must be ready to put a lot of work in to get any success in anything in life and poker is no different. I know i will never reach these levels because i havent got the inclination to work
 ddblt197010/06/2014 13:18:52 GMT
Losing 90% of your bankroll is a sign of a bad bankroll management.

You should have reevaluated your game before you lost that much.
 RoninHarper11/06/2014 03:00:36 GMT
G'day mate

Yes you are correct.
I should have stopped playing much sooner then I did.
I will turn it around, at least I always have in the past.
wishing you all the best.
be cool
Ronin Smile
 Macubaas11/06/2014 04:51:41 GMT
I have to agree with one of the posts above, you should have stopped before losing that much, it's good at least that you still have some bullets to play!

I guess in the end it also matters how important is poker for you, as a recreational game you can do that but if you live from poker it's not a good sign.
 ddblt197011/06/2014 18:54:54 GMT
Just go through your hand history, look on the spots where you were losing money and learn from them.
I hope you will be able to work your way back up!
 Mipetin31/07/2014 23:03:18 GMT
Bankroll management.. What's that ? I have tried, but it always end poorly Tongue Not for me.. That's why i probably will never be a big winner in this game Big Smile

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