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PCA 2015: Juan Etcheverry Leads Final 59; Ronaldo Still Alive!

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Posted on 12 January 2015 by "T".

The 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event has been running over the weekend and the final 59 players will return at noon today for Day 4. All the remaining players are in the money as the money bubble popped in Day 3 when 119 players remained. A minimum cash is now worth $24,140 and the last man/women standing at the end of it all will take home a massive $1,491,580 first-place prize!

Juan Etcheverry will lead the way to Day 4 with 1,704,000 in chips. Etcheverry made it to the top of the "leaderboard" late in Day 3 after winning a +1 million pot against Mario Puccini with the nut flush. He will be joined today by familiar names including Brazilian football legend and PokerStars SportStar Ronaldo (512,000), PokerStars Team Online Naoya Kihara (509,000), JC Alvarado (490,000) and Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier (447,000).

We will be back tomorrow with another brief update on the progress of the Main Event.


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7 comments on "PCA 2015: Juan Etcheverry Leads Final 59; Ronaldo Still Alive! "

 pochui12/01/2015 09:46:51 GMT
good to know that ronaldo is still alive, obviously it's not that big of a surprise- not that we were expecting him to do a harakiri at the tables when he lost holding aces against villain's 26o.

pca is every mans dream- poker, beach, booze and babes... sounds like heaven
 doubletop77712/01/2015 09:54:54 GMT
Great to see such a legend as Ronaldo still in this tournament. It would be wonderful to see him go all the way and win this thing but there are some top players still left in and his chances seem slim
 klash2312/01/2015 15:15:18 GMT
I am just looking out of my window here in England and the wind is howling and the rain is lashing across my windows......I would so love to be in the Caribbean right now and it would be like a dream come true if I was also in the last 59 of this event.....obviously in my dreams I would be winning it. Smile
 Sorin88813/01/2015 07:27:01 GMT
Twenty-four players remain in the 2015 PCA Main Event. Brazilian rental car magnate Eugenio Mattar leads the pack.Below posted the chip counts and seat assignments for the three remaining tables.
Dylan Linde 709,000 1 1
Ratharam Sivagnanam 1,341,000 1 2
Maurice Hawkins 962,000 1 3
Niklas Hambitzer 1,317,000 1 4
Tim Reilly 511,000 1 5
Ambrose Ng 485,000 1 6
Pratyush Buddiga 1,629,000 1 7
Diego Ventura 1,154,000 1 8

Chance Kornuth 2,026,000 2 1
Noah Schwartz 238,000 2 2
Mayu Roca 313,000 2 3
Jim Collopy 799,000 2 4
Juan Martin Pastor 1,085,000 2 5
Shyam Srinivasan 1,310,000 2 6
Uwe Ritter 1,062,000 2 7
Scott Baumstein 543,000 2 8

Felipe Ramos 282,000 3 1
Kevin Schulz 441,000 3 2
Emrah Cakmak 2,037,000 3 3
Benjamin Pollak 519,000 3 4
Eugenio Mattar 2,673,000 3 5
Andreas Samuelsson 1,628,000 3 6
Juan Etcheverry 542,000 3 7
Rami Boukai 769,000 3 8
 Pygmalion6913/01/2015 11:43:06 GMT
Go go go, Juan Martín Pastor and Juan Etcheverry, which in this day Argentina finished with a representative at the final table of the PCA Big Smile
 bowie198413/01/2015 13:55:12 GMT
Topkek, Fat Ronaldo arrived ITM... Oh yeah he is still alive but why this is news to whom?
I would be really pissed off if I would happen to be the one whom he beaten. I know this is not rocket science but it still funny nevertheless when all the other Ronaldos are in the news for different football related reasons and he is the one who just get off to play pirate of the caribbean on his winter vacation and found the all the gold at the end.
 StheP13/01/2015 14:05:12 GMT
did you watched him play PCA... He played realy good, I thought that he wouldnt reach ITM, but when I watched him play, I sow that he could make it... he made a few mistakes, but he knows when to bluff, expecialy if you watched him yesterday, because he was on main table all the time... realy its shame that he was kicked out, but for his first big tournament he did good... 26th... its even better than negreanu, busqet and many many others... I am cheering now for that argentinian that lost yesterday last hand... I watched him in day 3 he did realy good things, and he was first one that reached 1 million chips... He took demage on that last hand yesterday, but I am sure that he will come back Thumbs Up

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