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PCA 2015 Main Event: 6 of 8 Finalists Remain

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Posted on 14 January 2015 by "T".

After nearly 12 hours of play, another day of action-packed poker concluded a little bit after 9 p.m. last night in the Imperial Ballroom of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Although a final table of eight was set around 7 P.M., play went on for an additional 2 hours, during which two players were eliminated.

The remaining six players will be led into the final day of play by Chance Kornuth (picture) with 7,860,000 in chips. The American pro has more than $1.7 million in live tournament earnings and a bracelet to his name from the 2010 WSOP. It will be interesting to see how things turn out for him today!

When the final table resumes today there's about an hour left in Level 29 (40k/80k with 10k ante), which means that no player has even 100 big blind and anything could happen.

Day 6 line-up for PCA 2015 Main Event:
Seat 1 - Kevin Schulz, United States, 6,155,000
Seat 2 - Chance Kornuth, United States, 7,860,000
Seat 3 - Niklas Hambitzer, Germany, 3,100,000
Seat 4 - Diego Ventura, Peru, 3,980,000
Seat 5 - Rami Boukai, United States, 780,000
Seat 6 - Juan Martin Pastor, Argentina, 2,655,000


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6 comments on "PCA 2015 Main Event: 6 of 8 Finalists Remain"

 doubletop77714/01/2015 10:02:59 GMT
This is a final table where i do not know any of the players left and this is a first. Chance Kornuth and Kevin Schulz have nearly half the chips between them and one of them should win
 Robbo199014/01/2015 10:21:41 GMT
90k to see the flop...still a long time to play if they want
 klash2314/01/2015 15:37:11 GMT
Not many left and like doubletop says there are not many of the "big names" in that list but Kornuth has won a lot of money,Boukai has been around for years but for the rest of them I think this is the most they will have won in tournaments.This should be Kornuths to win but you never know.
 StheP14/01/2015 15:42:49 GMT
Kevin schulz got lucky at the end of day 5, and he have best chance to win main event, even Chance Kornuth have more chips.... But as i say 2 days ago that I am cheering for Pastor... he is realy good player, and I think he can turn up table in his favor... expecialy if he call some of Kornuth's bluff Big Smile Cant wait for tonight to watch Big Smile
 Sorin88815/01/2015 08:21:16 GMT
Over the past few years, Latin America has become a hotbed of poker talent -- some of it grown there, some of it transported owing to a mass migration of American pros.Ventura and Schulz were the final two players remaining from 816 entrants to this $10,000 buy in tournament and had outlasted 810 others .
 bowie198415/01/2015 14:53:14 GMT
The Imperial Ballroom of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas - I am definitely gonna name one of my rooms in my rent like this. There isn't many more better titles in the world to name a room about, and this one is the absolute winner of them all.
You see, I more or less follow PCA every year, not nearly for the action but mainly for informations, bits & pieces like this, it's practicaly a neverending fountain of fun. Or poker. But who cares about playing poker when you've been in 'The Imperial Ballroom of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas'. Perfect in every way.

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