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Daniel Negreanu Answers Fan Questions

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Posted on 26 November 2015 by "T".

On Wednesday, Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu answered fan questions on (Ask Me Anything). Here are some of the highlights! Enjoy! 

AvoidMyRage: Let's say you would commit all your time, energy and money to making as much money as possible playing poker, what/where would you play and how much do you think could you average a year?

I would play in Macau and think I could average $7 million a year.

Pardonme23: What's a common tell amateurs have?

Glancing at their chips quickly when they like the flop

KoningKorky: Is there currently a significant other in your life? If no, are you actively looking for one? When being a known figure in a certain world can make it more difficult I can imagine.
If I were you, I'd rather find someone that has no idea who you are, rather than someone that knows your as 'that guy from poker'. What is your view on this?

Girl I'm dating had NO CLUE who I was! First time we met out at a Starbucks someone asked for a picture and her eyes got wide and she said, "Who are you?" She thought I set up the whole thing HAHA.

Butcherandom: If you HAD to put numbers to it, what percentage of poker is skill and what percentage is luck?

It's hard to say because time is a factor. In one hand for example it's 100% luck, but over a million hands luck would play less than 0.000001% of a role in your results

krosell24: What procedure did you go through to get your hair back? Serious question. It looks great.

Ha! Pretty common procedure these days. Just moved it from the back of my head to the front! Ever see anyone bald on the side or the back? Nope. That hair is strong like bull.

CaptainTacoface1: Who's the most fun to play with on the tour?

I'd say Phil Hellmuth. He is quite a character and beating him in a hand creates a lot of fun. I can't help but laugh at him he is OUT THERE! haha

JustJeka: Hey Daniel, big fan of yours, was heartbroken to see you out in 11th from ME, but you seemed to handle it well. What was going through your mind at that moment? Just one more - how did you keep yourself motivated at your life's lows?

That was tough. It really hit me hard when that last card hit, but right after that I was fine. It was a hell of a ride.

ThatWasaLebens: Do you enjoy poker now as much as you did when you first came onto the scene? Also, what about the game do you derive the most happiness from?

Probably not. It was different back then because I was grinding and it mattered more financially. I still love to play.I enjoy the competitive aspect of the game.

Tkzn: Hi Daniel, can you tell us what are your thoughts on the new VIP programs that PokerStars offer. Do you think it will affect so much the pro players that they'll leave the site ? And if so, will the recreational player gained overcome that?

I would have made changes to the program years ago, but if I were in charge I would have made sure I gave ample notice that the changes were coming. They are essential, but I wish they would wait until Jan 1, 2017 to implement them and I wouldn't target high limit players by removing their VPPs.

Jadepop: What would you describe as a key to success? Work-ethic? Being self-aware? Confidence? Being self-conscious? Would loooooooove to hear your input.

Self awareness is key. It's important to read other people and how they play, but it's just as important to understand how they THINK you play and disappoint them!

ChoiceCenterHype: Why don't you play more poker tournaments in Canada?

I typically play the higher limit events worldwide and Canada hasn't had any. I have been to Winnipeg and took in a Jets game. They CRUSHED the Leafs that night lol

Mozzerrr: Huge fan Daniel, & not just on the felt. What do you think is the most redeeming quality a person can have? Or possibly the most unique feature that is hard to come by these days?
Also for someone who doesn't know their passion in life: what advice would you give?

Best quality would be one who lives a life in service to others. To find your passion, you may want to start with the end game. Right out a page and answer the following question: what is your vision for your life? In great detail 5-10 years down the road.

chris6987: Is poker still a viable career for someone to aspire to? or is it too close to reaching a point where everyone plays so close to optimally so no one can have an edge.

Depending on your skill set I still think there is plenty of money to be made, you just have to find the right situations.

Ch3rry_C0ke: Why do you think more women don't play poker and what can be done to encourage more women to play? Any behaviour you notice around the tables that needs to be changed?

For the same reasons that men represent a small percentage of romantic novel sales. Generally speaking, I think men and women are drawn to different interests. Not as a rule, of course, but we just have different interests mostly.


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4 comments on "Daniel Negreanu Answers Fan Questions"

 klash2326/11/2015 14:53:25 GMT
Always good to hear from Daniel Negreanu who is obviously an very good player but I think someone who has always been an excellent ambassador for poker.
Also unlike some other top players heseems to have not let all of his success go to his head either.
 CALICUL26/11/2015 18:39:05 GMT
when is your birthday to join me with champagne?
 bowie198401/12/2015 02:30:19 GMT
Posted by klash23:
Always good to hear from Daniel Negreanu who is obviously an very good player but I think someone who has always been an excellent ambassador for poker.
Also unlike some other top players heseems to have not let all of his success go to his head either.

He's a gambler not a rockstar. There is a difference.
 Ingrind3301/12/2015 04:04:48 GMT
Daniel is a very good Thumbs Up player and you don't have to ask him anything about poker, because there are tons of videos online. From a lot of these videos you can get confirmation about poker strategy (what you learned by your self) and learn useful small new tricks and other new things.

He is fun to watch, so it's not boring..

you can find some on youtube, give it a try! Big Smile

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