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Poker Players pitching in to help out victims of Hurricane Harvey

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Posted on 04 September 2017 by "T".

credit: Time MagazineAs Hurricane Harvey's incessant rainfall lessened over the weekend in Texas, we see operations being conducted both by government personnel and its citizens, and it's great to see that some of them are from the poker community.

Ray Henson, a poker pro with four WSOP circuit rings, almost $2.5 million in tournament wins, and resident of Houston, was one of the citizen rescuers who, by boat, traversed the flooded streets in order to help out people affected by Hurricane Harvey. On August 30, he posted on his Facebook account a short video on his rescue efforts. Not shown on the video, he said he ‘spent the day lifting people out of the floodwaters and transporting supplies.' In some instances, his efforts to convince residents to leave their homes behind were futile.

Ray Henson, resident of Spring, Texas, about 25 miles away north of Houston, was one of the many professional poker players who tried to help out hurricane-struck victims by giving their time, money and resources. Henson posted on his social media account for friends and strangers to view, "Go clean out your closet, any extra blankets, food anything to help these people that literally have nothing. Anything helps guys. You can find somewhere near you to donate and if you can't get out lmk (let me know) and if I can get to you I will. There are people in shelters with nothing but the wet shirt on their backs. Let's get these people dry and fed."

Gavin Smith, a Canadian poker pro who also currently lives in Texas, offered his garage in the Woodlands as a donation drop-off area. He then gathered up volunteers and assigned a team to distribute the items they collected to shelters.

Such efforts to help out people during and after Hurricane Harvey have caught the attention of the poker community, even inspiring other poker players outside Houston to do what they can to help out in their own way.

Chance Kornuth, a WSOP bracelet winner in 2010, on Sunday September 3 publicly pledged 5% of his World Championship of Online Poker cashes and from the whole series to go towards relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

David "Doc" Sands, who retired from poker to work for a hedge fund, along with his wife, tweeted, "Erika and I would like to donate our Vegas condo - 2 br & small room with crib - & round trip flights to a family displaced by Harvey." Even though it is unclear for now as to how he will select and contact a family in need, the sincerity and thoughtfulness of his offer has inspired many other poker players on Twitter to pledge some of their winnings in upcoming tournaments.

Kevin Hart, comedian-actor and new poker ambassador, has been calling out to his 34 million Twitter fans and 54 million Instagram followers to help raise relief funds, as he himself pitched in to the Red Cross a $25,000 donation (which he later changed and raised to $50,000). He then challenged his celeb friends by name (tagged them as well) to match.

RunGood, a poker clothing company, pledged that those who buy their shirts and merchandise online up until tomorrow (September 5) using the bonus code ‘Houston', they will donate 100% of the sales to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Ray Henson said on one of his updates in Houston, "Today was a day I'll never forget. Being out with other volunteers and seeing people risking their lives and trying to save people they have never met before was heart melting. Nobody cared what race, religion, who you voted for or who your fave football team is, everyone just came together and loved one another."



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15 comments on "Poker Players pitching in to help out victims of Hurricane Harvey"

 pochui04/09/2017 19:13:38 GMT
well good to see the effort that poker players are putting into this pitching action. always nice to see some sort of a positive initiative being organized or supported and gets a mainstream support. hats of to those dudes.
 Mober04/09/2017 19:42:27 GMT
The only one i know from that list is kevin hart.
What a number of followers he has Smile
I have watched a couple of his movies along with stand up comedy performances.
I believe he is losing his touch. At least the last stand up comedy he did,
was a fail for me. Dint even smile.
 bowie198405/09/2017 02:42:38 GMT
Posted by pochui:
well good to see the effort that poker players are putting into this pitching action.

Yeah, until you see that one man wants to fly a family out to Vegas (of all places???), Kevin Hart lowballs a pledge (his children tuition to their private elementary schools probably costing more than this 50k he offered), and a poker clothing company which offers nothing on their own.
Seems like lot of selfpromoting going on here instead of 'help'...
 doubletop77705/09/2017 07:18:40 GMT
The pictures we are seeing about this terrible thing is truly heartbreaking. It is nice to see everybody pitching in and trying to do something to help and i hope they can all start rebuilding their lives soon
 DaCapo7105/09/2017 10:03:08 GMT
This wa a good news, that poker pros with a lot of winning spend money for the people which lost her home after the hurricane. After this desaster it was important that a lot of people help them. Perhaps one of the big Casinos or poker siter create a benefit poker tourney.
 CALICUL05/09/2017 10:33:17 GMT
Is a very beautiful thing when natural disasters happens people to help each other both financially and through workforce. With these disasters is not joking and governments should do more things for help people. Congratulations to all who help and those who risk their own lives to save people. These people are heroes for those they save and not only Worship
 pajalnick05/09/2017 17:54:57 GMT
any charity is very good ..... when I read about something similar to me it's nice to see ...... charity is a very good thing and when people do it well to everyone ... and those who receive money and who gives their ..... I hope the money will help and this action will not go to waste
 av196605/09/2017 18:57:20 GMT
Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

This is a very good action that the poker players are trying to put up Worship Worship those actions reflect on the perception that the common people have about poker amd gambling

Hope that the money really gets to the people in real need and not to those that always take advantage of this situations

Stay cool and enjoy life
 Mober05/09/2017 20:03:19 GMT
In such occasions the categorization doenst matter.
What if they were poker player, or soccer or tennis.
Doesnt make any difference at all, like it doesnt add a single thing to the game Smile
Same way you can find the occupation of all the helpers, and start praising them,
by profession Smile
 damosk05/09/2017 22:44:04 GMT
Hey! Anyone who contributes to any such cause is a good egg a slot far as I am concerned. The needs of the media gurus to pigeon hole groups of people into recognisable groups is a factor that always gets played. It may help the image of the poker fraternity, alternatively it may damage it depending on how much they give, which is not what it should Ben about. The act of giving should be enough.
 shokaku06/09/2017 06:05:22 GMT
Whoever is donating money for the hurricane victims should keep some of his powder dry, as there is already at least one more hurricane under way, that may even top the last one for its destructive power.
 Tony_MON7ANA06/09/2017 07:44:44 GMT
Doyle Brunson, the godfather of poker, tweets that his nephew took 250 smoked brisket, 2000 lbs of chicken, smoked turkeys, and 120 pork loins and drove them to Houston. A gesture of goodwill. Doyle must be so proud of him!
 Mober06/09/2017 20:26:30 GMT
You can be proud with no advertising such matters over the net and especially to the
so called social networks.
What are you trying to show there by posting this , about your nephew, relative, friend,
or whatever.
Does anything have to be public and shared?
 Tony_MON7ANA07/09/2017 03:33:46 GMT
Hurricane Harvey washed away the American dream. My deepest sympathy to the victims of this recent hurricane disaster, to those who have lost loved ones, and to those who have seen their homes and property destroyed.
 Gerimantas07/09/2017 10:20:29 GMT
Yes i too think it is very good to see poker players try to get some money for this tragic situation, everyone who is helping is very needed, and if poker players call their fans and this helps to get more money it is a very good thing for everyone.

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