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The Homeless Poker Millionaire

Tags: backpacker, Faraz Jaka, homeless, travelling.
Posted on 22 January 2015 by "T".

Money and fame can bring out the worst in people. Luckily, there are those who can handle both superbly in the poker world as we know it. Faraz Jaka is a living proof of that!

Although he has won over eight million dollars playing poker tournaments, he recently decided to get rid of his home and started live out of his backpack. In addition, he began avoiding expensive hotels to get closer to the different cultures of the countries he visit while playing poker tournaments.

Check out the video below to find out more about Jaka's new interesting way of living.


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19 comments on "The Homeless Poker Millionaire "

 Robbo199022/01/2015 12:03:06 GMT
easy to do when you have millions to fall back on. but I do like this guy - quite unique poker player but to play so many poker games a year - don't know how you would have time to soak in the culture
 pochui22/01/2015 14:57:35 GMT
blah blah- the real story is simple... won millions, lost millions, borrowed more- lost it again, had to sell the house and backpack was the only thing that was left... needed some story to keep pride, so contacted stars pr team and since he generated more than $1 to them in the form of rake, pr team did their best and here we have a homeless poker millionaire
 klash2322/01/2015 17:17:03 GMT
He does not really the type of person I would describe as "homeless" but it sounds like he has a great life while wandering around the world playing poker when he wants to and without any of the worries or bills which comes with looking after a home.
 Werewolf199222/01/2015 17:52:12 GMT
I can't live like he,but is he likes it. Smile He is not like homeless, but it is true that he didn't have home. Or his home is the world. Smile Sorry for bad English.
 Skpmorita22/01/2015 18:21:59 GMT
sorry if i offend anybody
all i see is attention seeker
so you have millions and travel to different countries to play tournaments
and you sleep in the street ?
is being homeless that means you get closer to the different cultures ?
can't you live in a house and learn about the countries you visit ?
 bowie198422/01/2015 19:30:46 GMT
No, he obviously has a home, just doesn't own a place to begin with. Guess what, I don't have a single friggin' flat or condo on my name, not even a tiny house nor an RV yet I have a home.
But backpacking in South-East Asia 4 a year would cost you around 10k or even less so it's not like he is living on the street.
 leno122/01/2015 23:06:08 GMT
Starting a life out of ones backpack when being a poker player, that earned millions is an absolutely great thing. No one should ever say again, that poker players are not interesting persomalities. This example proofs the opposite.
 doubletop77723/01/2015 09:40:12 GMT
What a great thing to do and i am very envious of him. imagine being able to just get up and go anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat. Good luck to him and i hope he does really well
 Heskor23/01/2015 14:22:07 GMT
Well at least we have somebody doing something crazy for once , it is like real life dram a yes, he will get back on his feet when he bust as he has cash but at least he is enjoying his life and doing something out of the ordinary this is what make history and good story, cheers thanks for the post would not have seen it if it were not for BRM!

So thanks, anyway have fun guys maybe one day we will all go on this one journey hehe and see our name here!
 jasoncashton23/01/2015 15:00:28 GMT
"the toilet" is his online name and he is also an online millionaire as well, google his name he is far from broke......
 Sorin88824/01/2015 08:26:19 GMT
''Couch surfing millionaire'',made the mainstream media last week, but not for his achievements on the felt. It's the lifestyle Jaka leads away from the table and his perspective on money that piqued CNN's interest.
 Milli_Teer25/01/2015 12:18:20 GMT
It's a nice Idea. My respect.
 mirexxx25/01/2015 13:36:24 GMT
Beyond his wealth, it is a bit easier to embrace this lifestyle as a 29-year-old bachelor with no kids. It's extremely difficult to maintain this free-spirited mentality when you've settled down
 raymonvdhaak26/01/2015 13:58:35 GMT

The Homeless Poker Millionaire ??? homeless people wont have a computer and for sure no money Tongue Big Smile
 vanhide01/02/2015 09:50:44 GMT
ha ha
 12umbre02/02/2015 17:47:51 GMT
Thats a very,very nice life.its easy when u dont have a familly and that includes kides.if he avoid exoensive hotels he will not going to be poor.hes rich and young.have hes all live in front of him
 luisexy6916/02/2015 00:16:59 GMT
His having a good time of in is life, is enjoying life at the fullish, for some people have money, is happines, others money is a way to do things that not can, and other money is just a material that is there but is not the first thing to use or to see, first came another things, like enjoy life, meditation, sport, family, childrens, and any more things that the world provides to you, he spoted a thing that make him happy, its ok.
GG for life
 pinotte16/02/2015 04:10:35 GMT
Homeless but full of money and decided to live another way. Travelling around the world wit a back pack no problem.

He can pay wathever he wants they never said that he is sleeping in the street and not having any food.

Just a differend kind ov living if i was younger with is money and poker winning i would have no problem not having a house and live in hotel since you are always on the road. Smile Smile Smile
 sergejcho16/02/2015 07:11:03 GMT
@The Homeless Poker Millionaire

Although he has won over eight million dollars playing poker tournaments ( congratulations for the winnings )
In addition, he began avoiding expensive hotels to get closer to the different cultures ( he doesnt need home, when you want to go around the world while playing poker , you dont need hhome to pay taxes etc).

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