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Portuguese Players Soon Cut Off From The Rest Of The Online Poker World

Tags: Portugal.
Posted on 04 December 2015 by "T".

At a Gambling Compliance Conference in Lisbon on Monday, government officials suprised many when they revealed that Portuguese poker players soon won't be able to compete against players from other countries.

On top of that, they informed that "Games of Chance", which includes poker and casino games, will be taxed at 30%. That's about double what other forms of gambling are taxed in Portugal.

When the new law gets approved by the European Union, Portugal's government hopes to make tens of millions in revenue for the country. Spain, France and Italy already have standalone poker sites, however, it is questionable whether the smaller Portuguese online poker community can survive when cut off from the rest of the world, especially when being taxed 30%! 

source: flushdraw.net

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19 comments for "Portuguese Players Soon Cut Off From The Rest Of The Online Poker World"

 Theapple04/12/2015 12:02:49 GMT
lol 30%
 SurfAngel8704/12/2015 12:23:26 GMT
I don't think the title fits the article
 arrow-knee-04/12/2015 12:29:03 GMT
why not its says exactly what the article is saying right? Shock
 Calmplay04/12/2015 15:05:48 GMT
This is sick, I know a lot of solid online Portuguese players who disappeared because of those unfair laws and yes 30% is very unfair too lol Thumbs Down
 SBEP04/12/2015 17:40:11 GMT
Well if i was Portuguese i would trash those politician cars every facking day, till they are so sick of buying new one, and give people what they want, i donno, just a thought Big Smile might work if applied Big Smile go after those parasite`s, and let them know who`s the boss, but i guess its far less convenient for u guys to moan on it, on forums and social media, and do absolutely nothing about it. They were, i mean the facking parasites politician ready to pull something like that in the country im from, but after couple of phone calls and spontaneous cars catching fire, they decided not to go forward with passing that law, geeeee i wonder why Evil Agree Big Smile Thumbs Up
 klash2304/12/2015 18:14:37 GMT
I still don't really understand the logic in the Portugal rulings on their players.Most countries are raking in the tax from online gaming and I can't see how limiting where they play has done much for the tax they have collected.
 pochui04/12/2015 20:18:30 GMT
it's great being a politician- you can think of new taxes every day, even such exotic ones like ball shaving tax (i would definitely leave such country in an instance)... you can spend collected tax money pretty much as your own savings and even if you get busted... well you can always say that it was someone else's fault... someone from the opposition or sth along the lines...
 bowie198405/12/2015 12:09:17 GMT
Posted by pochui:
it's great being a politician- you can think of new taxes every day, even such exotic ones like ball shaving tax (i would definitely leave such country in an instance)...

It's a country of 10 million people. R W sure they gamble that much so this new tax makes sense?
 akeempoy2306/12/2015 13:54:23 GMT
ouch 30%
 SurfAngel8706/12/2015 15:51:27 GMT
Because it only has 1 sentence that relates to the title. Most of the article is about the tax.
 KING_AURELIO07/12/2015 12:01:42 GMT
I've read in several places that matter, but so far not conssigo entneder on its importance
 shokaku07/12/2015 14:11:44 GMT
30% tax? Confused That will kill the goose, that should lay the golden eggs, in no time. The politicians may be able to generate millions of euros of new income, but only for a short time, as the games will surely dry up.
 TheMachineQC07/12/2015 17:47:07 GMT
30% tax? That's huge. I guess they don't want their citizens to waste their time gambling at all lol. With this kind of tax, they are deliberately killing gambling I think. It's already hard enough to beat blackjack, poker and all kinds of casino games with the small rakes they charge, with a 30% tax it would be completly impossible. Even the richest portuguese businessmen will go elsewhere to gamble and it's not gonna be good for their country's economy.
 SBEP07/12/2015 18:08:00 GMT
No wonder Macau became the poker mecca for all players now a days, im sure Portuguese players will soon say ''Fack this 30% im going to macau" and if he/she is any good, will make a lot of money and make a bank transfer to her bank acc. in Portugal on which the transaction fee is a lot smaller then those 30% and so will make a living for him/her self, and fack those greedy leeches politicians up their assss Thumbs Up
 Cardmonkey08/12/2015 01:58:09 GMT
The political persons of the world need to learn to do more with less, they all seem to think that the populations can absorb all their ridicules spending practices, and keep bailing them out.
Politician's are like lawyers and tow truck drivers Smile parasites.

Hey anyone know a good tow company, I just broke down Smile
 khe0ps08/12/2015 08:29:32 GMT
this happens when greedy governments try to get more money
 shokaku08/12/2015 08:54:16 GMT
The real problem is, there is only one different type on offer besides greedy governments - extremly greedy governments. The hunger for other peoples money seems to be ever increasing.
 STACIONAR09/12/2015 22:02:02 GMT
It is a pity that the whole world is cut off on different parts, a variety has to be and it dilutes all interest and unpredictability of poker.
 Indo36M12/12/2015 09:50:37 GMT
thats way moved ruiNF to CZ, where his money is almost doubled,smart

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