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Bruno ‘KeyzerSozePT' Ferreira Tops February 888poker Earnings List

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Posted on 31 March 2021 by "T".

Even though February is considered to be the shortest month of the year, a certain player outperformed others in that month's earnings list at the poker room of 888. With a brand new tournament collection already rolled out, everyone now has even more ways to get involved in the action-packed events taking place at 888poker.

An amazing start of 2021 so far for one player, Bruno ‘KeyzerSozePT' Ferreira from Portugal actually dominated on 888poker not only in January but also in February - he became not only the top earner, but also he came up with the most cashes and most MTT wins for two consecutive months now.

An IT consultant and a recreational poker player, Ferreira earned a total of $24,187 from 86 cashes and ten wins.

He racked up quickly, starting on February 2 when he won back-to-back-to-back tournaments for a three-score total of over $3,500. Four days later, he won $1,687 in an 888poker Progressive Knock Out event. He then continued his onslaught, picking up a four-figure score a total of eight times which allowed him to outperform all other PocketFivers on 888poker by more than $2,700.

Just behind Ferreira on the list was ‘JRG' who garnered $21,463 from 36 cashes in February. After not playing for over a month on 888poker, ‘JRG' came back with a bang and made some large scores including a victory in the $33 Sunday BIG Fish for $5,631 on February 21. On that same day, they finished runner-up in the $16.50 Sunday BIG Fish for another $2,981. Two days later, ‘JRG' added $3,973 to their bankroll with a victory in the $215 buy-in $10,000 PKO Rumble.

Thanks to their prosperous month, ‘JRG' currently sits at a career-high ranking of #2,646 in the world and has just passed the $150,000 online career earnings mark.

Next up is ‘SRFC1899' from Ireland, who took the no. 3 spot on the February top earnings list, racking up $15,878 in earnings from just eight results. Even though he didn't put in a ton of cashes, his one-time achievement really counted - his biggest score of the month came on February 7 when he finished runner-up in a restructured $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep, turning his humble $109 buy-in into a whopping $11,290 score!

A week later, he added another nice payout with a win in the $16.50 Big Fish for $3,872. Thanks to his 888poker winnings, the Irishman has now surpassed $350,000 in lifetime online earnings.


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31 comments on "Bruno ‘KeyzerSozePT'' Ferreira Tops February 888poker Earnings List"

Displaying only the 25 latest comments. To view all comments, please visit the forum thread:
» Bruno ‘KeyzerSozePT'' Ferreira Tops February 888poker Earnings List

 CALICUL02/04/2021 18:34:05 GMT
I have seen many sit outs at freeroll games and this thing is not good. Why people register, if they don't play? or maybe they do it because don't have common sense or are active in real games, where hopes for good results like Bruno ‘KeyzerSozePT’ Ferreira. This client has talent, but you are right, it is very difficult to make money here. This is the situation we accept or go elsewhere.
 Cesar1402/04/2021 22:20:11 GMT
Why do they say that this room is difficult to make money ???, before I have played in this room and I have won up to 150 dollars in 2 months, but from there I withdraw them and I no longer play in that room, I play in another room that It is natural8, I think it is better, it will depend a lot on the big tournaments that they carry out
 Antonnn03/04/2021 17:10:48 GMT
Gewinnen die Leute wirklich?
 dule-vu03/04/2021 20:51:58 GMT
in first sentence you ask why somebody say that is difficult to make money on 888 poker,but in other you say that you made cashout and that you play on other site?so why the hell you dont play at 888 now and make even more money,when its so easy to play there and to earn money!really dont understand it!
 geseco1204/04/2021 00:03:43 GMT
The profits that the professionals are having in this room are good, but I could not say that they are excellent, because as many say that it is difficult to win in this room, that is true, because we are seeing the results of the great players, other rooms the players win millions of dollars.
 CALICUL04/04/2021 12:30:55 GMT
in other rooms are most professional players but it will be difficult for Bruno ‘KeyzerSozePT’ Ferreira there. He can ruin quickly and will have to return to 888 poker to recover from what he lost. His performance is good here because this room is not so big, but has players more equal or weaker with him.
 Cesar1404/04/2021 13:19:28 GMT
I have had the opportunity to see some professional players in the GGPOKER network and I see that they play very high levels, I also saw that truetteller won more than 700,000 thousand dollars in less than 10 minutes, I think that is a point in favor of the room where It offers those levels, of course, each player plays in the room that feels most comfortable and profitable for him.
 geseco1205/04/2021 02:47:50 GMT
Each one can choose the room with the highest result they can have, these players at least see profit per month, and that is the most important thing, others earn more but that depends on many factors, but in general profitability has to be seen, each one is independent of choosing their room, not all of them can work with one in particular, but of course they always want to play in the best one.
 Rogerio1005/04/2021 11:26:02 GMT
Don't get me wrong those result are great, would do anything do have results like those guys on the top of the leaderboards. But when i read the tittle i was expecting much bigger numbers, something like 6 figures for sure. I guess that's becouse all the bigger events are on other sites currently.
 CALICUL05/04/2021 13:39:57 GMT
Bruno ‘KeyzerSozePT’ Ferreira plays or has played in other rooms. I saw that he won a $ 100 entry game that had re-entries. There were 31 players and he won first place where the prize was $ 1110. This game was in 2017. Very nice for him.
 Cesar1405/04/2021 14:01:32 GMT
The most important thing is that we make money playing poker, whether you win a lot or a little, the result is the same, the objective is to win at poker, and these players have achieved it, in other rooms you can win more, but it is another matter here we are here to earn money and now.
 dule-vu05/04/2021 21:54:18 GMT
Posted by Rogerio10:
Don't get me wrong those result are great, would do anything do have results like those guys on the top of the leaderboards. But when i read the tittle i was expecting much bigger numbers, something like 6 figures for sure. I guess that's becouse all the bigger events are on other sites currently.

yes,I agree with your!ofcourse this money is great for every for us and big,but we all know how much money is in poker and how much some players win!if they have such a big tournaments on site as they say,then there must be players with hundreds of thousands of dollars trough year,this are very low numbers!
 geseco1206/04/2021 03:15:30 GMT
Every professional player earns millions of dollars, I think those mentioned in the 888poker list, are also professionals but they are at another level, the most important thing is that poker is our greatest profitability, that's what we are for, and I think that even a few dollars that we win we will feel proud of ourselves.
 CALICUL06/04/2021 14:53:35 GMT
there in 888 poker are few professional players in the tournaments where Bruno ‘KeyzerSozePT’ Ferreira plays. Apart from the ambassadors of this poker room, the other big players play in the annual series and less in games where this Portuguese player managed to win this amount. Many play cash.
 Cesar1406/04/2021 14:54:41 GMT
I have seen some videos of poker professionals, and they show their earnings per month, more than 100 thousand dollars up, it is a lot of money, I think you can win this with perseverance, and the incredible thing about this that they do not study poker, just they learn at the tables while they play.
 Rogerio1006/04/2021 18:31:31 GMT
Top tourney professional sure have results like 100k + months but i think in realty they win allot less then wi think. Allot of time we are mistaken and are looking just winnings not included buy ins and all re- buys. Where you hear that top pros are not earn about game? On stream sure they just play if you think that, but sure they do "out of the table" work too.
 geseco1207/04/2021 03:52:34 GMT
I think that everyone chooses their specialty in poker, many have managed to win millions of dollars in tournaments, an example is ADRIAN MATEOS, FEDOR, LINUS, others in cash games such as LIMITLES, TRUETELLER, ETC, each one chooses the format that wins the most , or it can be both, that helps them earn millions.
 Cesar1407/04/2021 16:41:25 GMT
That's right, the winnings I think are based on what they win and they do not take the losses and other expenses that the players have, they take everything in gross profits, but in general they are winning, it is the amount that they really win .
 geseco1208/04/2021 04:16:08 GMT
You should not lose hope of one day winning these amounts of money like these players, I think they are a great example of perseverance, study and hard work, so you have to follow the steps so that one day I can say it was worth it.
 bowie198411/04/2021 16:37:27 GMT
Very iffy tournament schedule where 24k gets you a 1st place on a MTT leaderboard in any month, not just in February. The room could be having some traffic issues because that number should be higher on a decent mid-sized poker room like this one.
 CALICUL13/08/2021 18:55:23 GMT
I see that only star who wins better in 888 is their ambassador Chris Moneymaker. I haven't heard of other vip with the same success, but some womens like kara scott represent this room in live tournaments, where are shown on twitch or elsewhere. I think Bruno ‘KeyzerSozePT’ Ferreira earns more there.
 CALICUL14/09/2021 10:15:03 GMT
we should have more news about the big players from 888 and the good tournaments here. It's harder for me than before to look for satellites or tournaments, because i don't like the settings in their lobby. I would like to find them easier, because it is a good camera that can offer more good games.
 CALICUL22/10/2021 15:04:44 GMT
I think this player is lucky in 888 poker, but in other rooms he wins less. He probably doesn't play that much elsewhere, but his talent also depends on software that distributes the cards differently. I noticed this and it's not that easy, even if you're an experienced player. The results of a super player are everywhere, not just in one place.
 CALICUL20/11/2021 21:13:21 GMT
look at how big his lead is over the other positions. He had good luck with good cards and players who had periods of weakness, if he had 10 wins and 86 cashes. This proves that he has talent in strategy but also many skills.
 CALICUL10/12/2021 10:36:08 GMT
Geseco, not all professional players earn millions to keep in their pockets. A lot end up losing everything and then they will play with smaller players to survive. There they earn money to pay bills and live. When they qualify for big tournaments then they will try again to win a lot of money, including millions.

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