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High-Roller Tom Hall Reveals $500k Buy-In Tournament

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Posted on 23 February 2015 by "T".

There will be no $1 million buy-in tournament (Big One for One Drop) at the World Series of Poker this summer, but that doesn't mean that there won't be any other tournaments this year with massive buy-ins. On February 19th, Tom Hall, who participated in the 2014 Big One for One Drop and is a regular in Macau's biggest cash games, posted the following message on twitter.

According to the above tweet, Cary Katz seems to be the organiser of the tournament. Katz, a businessman with over $4 million in live tournament earnings, also participated in the last Big One for One Drop, which Daniel Colman won for approximately $15 million.

Unlike Tom Hall, who bubbled the final table and missed out on the money, Katz took home $1.3 million for his 8th place finish. In addition, he took home the sickest hand of the tournament.

Let's hope more information on the $500,000 tournament will be revealed soon!

source: highstakesdb

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7 comments on "High-Roller Tom Hall Reveals $500k Buy-In Tournament"

 doubletop77723/02/2015 10:02:27 GMT
These tournaments are becoming more and more regular nowadays and the mention of a $500,000 buy in doesnt shock as much anymore. I look forward to see who enters this event
 Heskor23/02/2015 14:31:47 GMT
Wow he could give me some money he has so much and im a bit proud of him and all poker players that are winning they had chance and work hard to reach this potential and yeah they are now enjoying their life with lots of money and so on and you can emphasize how hard they work and one day maybe you will be like them and we can afford those buying.

Anyway peace out guys have fun at the tables and good luck crushing those fishes from all over the world, no pity for the wicked!
 Skpmorita23/02/2015 16:29:02 GMT
Too bad we won't watch the most paying tournament in history this year
but i guess this one is close enough
we just hope to see the big names playing it
i don't know if they can find the appeal because it is half the buy-in which means we might see bigger field
anyway if Daniel is playing i am watching Big Smile
 Fakiry23/02/2015 19:15:51 GMT
Great news! Although we won't be able to see the $1M buy-in action, i am sure the $500k won't be that far in terms of spectacle. And perhaps can bring more players than the other and who knows if the first prize won't be bigger... let's wait to see!
 bowie198423/02/2015 22:37:37 GMT
Of course it's great news! Another live tournament I am not going to be a part of! Hurray!
I have no 500k sleeping in the bank waiting to be spent on poker, but if there was - then no way in hell I would really spend it on to play poker. Hell to the No. I would spend it on to snort cocaine form the landing strip of the best looking russain mail order brides the internet could offer 2 me.
 klash2324/02/2015 11:52:01 GMT
I'm a bit disappointed as after finishing 6th in the Party poker 5 point freeroll I was sure I would be getting an invite to this tournament,maybe it has been lost in the post!!
 bowie198424/02/2015 22:40:19 GMT
5point frees on PP won't get you into this tourey I guarantee you that, but maybe the learning of the 5 finger death punch from Kill Bill could help you to be more persuasive with the organizers of this event. I would even bet on that.

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