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An insight in Macau's Nosebleed Cash Games

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Posted on 04 March 2014 by "T".

There has been a lot of talk about the high-stakes cash games in Macau in the past few years, but, unfortunately, the information on these cash games have mostly been speculations and rumours as many of the players taking part usually aren't willing to share their stories.

However, there are a few stories (from credible poker players) that reach the public once in a while. On Monday, Irish poker pro Tom Hall shared his experience from the insane cash games in Macau, China, on an online poker forum...

"There is nothing like a trip to the Macau Big Game to get the adrenalin flowing. Have been away from Macau for a few months and rocked up at Poker King Starworld for a few meetings and wandered over to where the Big Game lumbers on. Got to the table and even at first glance, I'm like "Holy S..." what is going on here. Two well known international pros have got giant stacks in front of them and the rest of the table were all Asian players. There were literally so many chips on the table that there was no space to play. Pic attached below as a sample. The guys have been playing for 2 days with the odd 4 hour break here and there.

Then I looked more carefully and noticed a few "vouchers" floating about for HK$5m at a time as they had run out of physical big denomination chips. In total approx. US$20m of chips on the table!! Blinds when I was there was a mere US$4K/US$8K but they had been playing as high as US$12.5K/25K earlier in the sessions. Wasn't a game I was keen to join with even the smallest stack sitting with US$1m in front of him.

It is amazing to think that this game has been running pretty much non-stop (other than when the team is overseas at a high stakes event elsewhere) for 3 years+ now. The atmosphere is still friendly and funny around the table.

The largest pot I saw at the table had a fairly quiet start on a KH 10S 7S board, which exploded with a 10D on the turn and a 5s on the river. After an unusual amount of tanking both a local and a pro, both ended up all in for a HK$40m (US$5.1m) pot. Lot of excitement ended up in a chop with both holding A 10.
Saw some pretty sick river bluffs with river bets of US$700-800k going in which were treated with much amusement at the expense of the folding player.

You can see why the biggest contingent of OneDrop players is going to come from the Macau crew, thinking of joining myself this year. Will be back in Macau next week, think I will play some US$1/$2 PLO whilst drinking a decent bottle of wine, those Big Game stakes likely to give me another heart attack!!"


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17 comments on "An insight in Macau''s Nosebleed Cash Games"

 doubletop77704/03/2014 12:40:25 GMT
This really is an insane amount of money and its not difficult to see why Macau is overtaking Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world. You could easily retire from work by just winning one pot!
 Heskor04/03/2014 14:45:26 GMT
Now instead of going to vegas, people are going to Macau lots of stuffs changed since USA imposed online bans, not much player pools going to the casinos, they just stop gambling and in the mean time Macau is overtook vegas. they deserve it. Macau generating lots of revenues now!
 Fakiry04/03/2014 14:55:46 GMT
Tom Hall is very explicit on the way he explains his way of watching all that real high stakes activity, i can’t imagine how would i react for seeing so much Money being played at a single table. And in the end he turns really funny when he says that, after watching all that action, he decided to go and play $1/$2 PLO. How boy, how bad could it be to loose $200 on that night after looking at those guys?
 MB3004/03/2014 19:50:17 GMT
Think that Macau already is the place where high rollers prefer even more than Las Vegas.I can only imagine why this is happening ,perhaps tax rules or something like that. Personally I believe that Macau attracts super rich businessmen from Asia(Singapore and Hong Kong) who likes lot of action. So professional poker players just following the money. In addition they believe that there are weaker and more loose players .
Talking about money to those players honestly think is without point.What can u say to high rollers and super rich guys who are gambling?Imagiine yourself :you never played your's monthly wage to a single day?I think this quite the same to them with the point that this is their's proffesion.
 noonlion04/03/2014 19:57:44 GMT
Cool - not really giving too much away but interesting to see some of the amounts involved, the sort of hands generating monster pots etc.
 Theapple04/03/2014 22:01:13 GMT
dear lord... that money -.-

on a side note, i did win 3 way pot tonight, for $6,42 !!!

but seriously, to play for a 5m pot ... in a single hand.. no matter how rich you are, it will probably end up ugly... sooner or later, no? :/
 gufra2005/03/2014 05:27:26 GMT
As money moves in these tournaments is true that Macau could beat the vegas acumulaados no joke the boats are huge.
 Drage66605/03/2014 05:59:46 GMT
Reminds me of Andy Beal who was determined to learn to play poker Smile
 Fakiry06/03/2014 08:51:45 GMT
Macau already beated Vegas in terms of values in one single table, the difference keeps on the interest of media and given to media by those two big cities in what concerns to this. Yesterday i heard about a low cost fly company talking about flights between Europe and USA. Can you imagine the amount of people (hundreads of thousands) who would go for a trip to Vegas having a low cost flight? And the money would all go to the tables. But it's all a matter of marketing. How much does it cost a flight from Europe to Macau? More than to USA, even nowadays.
 3paulx06/03/2014 08:54:22 GMT
there is something BIG that is happening there . and i am sure a lot of pro coming from other parts of the world is loving the exchange rate! they can enjoy everything with a small expense Tongue
 Theapple06/03/2014 19:51:51 GMT
yea macau is really awesome place. I remember the last time i was there... good times.

 noonlion06/03/2014 20:33:53 GMT
I would spend at least $1M on some serious looking body guards, like enough for a whole football team if I was walking about with that crazy cash on me.

You'd think it would be a criminals dream to pick off rich poker players.
 Cardmonkey06/03/2014 20:49:00 GMT
Must be nice to be so dam rich. To be honest I can wrap my head around this.
 Macubaas07/03/2014 19:50:48 GMT
A 5.1 million dollar pot is just sick, i know that so far were rumors about 10 or more million dollars between Tom Dawn and other Macau players and frankly i did not it was true.

Too bad that those games cannot be filmed or made public, i think the tv audience would be sick, much higher than on any current poker show.
 noonlion08/03/2014 00:22:25 GMT
Posted by Macubaas:
A 5.1 million dollar pot is just sick, i know that so far were rumors about 10 or more million dollars between Tom Dawn and other Macau players and frankly i did not it was true.

Too bad that those games cannot be filmed or made public, i think the tv audience would be sick, much higher than on any current poker show.

Yeah people would watch it without a doubt but the mysticism of it would vanish and it would take away from the sort of gritty 'underground' aspect of Macau poker.

As for a $5M pot - bananas. But if you have $50M in a bank then it isn't quite so bad, or more. You have to be a money junky to be gambling like that.
 Don_Corleone10/03/2014 09:28:16 GMT
I would love to go to macau. Natives are crazy about casino. In Portugal you see very asians going crazy on local casinos. I don't go there for a while but my lucky is about to change.
 ddblt197011/03/2014 16:10:56 GMT
Nothing special,
if I took all my money, I probably would have enough money for... one small blind

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