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Negreanu Gives Twitch A Shot: First Session Got Over 150,000 Views!

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Posted on 16 April 2015 by "T".

On Tuesday, for the first time ever, Daniel Negreanu used Twitch (a live streaming video platform) while playing on PokerStars. Despite the fact that the Team PokerStars Pro only played cash games, the stream attracted over 152,000 views.

After his first Twitch session had come to an end, he thanked Jason Sommerville (who was the first poker star to use Twitch, which is mainly used by video gamers) for helping him setting up the platform. He later told Bluff about his future Twitch plans, "My plan is to do some high-stakes Eight-Game and possibly the Sunday Million."

As of today, he has 6.8k+ followers on Twitch. That number should increase significantly once he starts playing for real money! 

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17 comments on "Negreanu Gives Twitch A Shot: First Session Got Over 150,000 Views! "

 klash2316/04/2015 14:33:27 GMT
This sounds like some good viewing for poker players and hopefully more players will give us the opportunity to watch them play,especially when you get to hear their way of thinking.It would be good for beginners if a good player played some lower level games and talked about the decision making at the low stakes.
 damosk16/04/2015 20:29:29 GMT
WOW! 150,000 viewers of a poker game online. That is some serious viewing capacity. This does open up a new sphere of entertainment and education to watch the pros playing and seeing just how they do in a regular basis would be a good coup for someone.
 Sorin88817/04/2015 08:23:21 GMT
Have been helped out on the technical side of things by established poker streamer Jaime Staples - who recently joined Team PokerStars - Daniel Negreanu has now started his own channel on Twitch
''This kid @jaimestaples is a freaking genius lol. I have no clue how these kids figure out how to do this tech stuff'' said Daniel
 doubletop77717/04/2015 09:13:37 GMT
This sounds like something i would really enjoy to watch and am looking forward to the next time it happens. I hope he does it in a really high stakes game so we can see what goes on in these type of games
 luisexy6918/04/2015 22:00:58 GMT
Be him the person and the player that he are, this is not a strange thing.
I don't no if the twitch can suport more people over the 152.000 viewers, because if can, maybe next time that he do a live, he can get more players/persons to enjoy of his game.

And maybe in is lives he doesn't talk just about poker, and that part is a nice thing to.
 av196618/04/2015 22:37:19 GMT
Hello my fellow mobsters

It's cool seeing kidpoker playing on twitch and everything but play money? Play money is not real poker I would love to see him compete against some of these tough online players. Even if it was just at 1/2 or 2/5 No limit.. The games are so tough nowadays and I don't think he plays much cash. But hey you never know. He is obv an amazing tourney player and poker player overall.

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life
 teo4plm21/04/2015 19:52:21 GMT
It seems that Romanians are the best Worship
 Sorin88822/04/2015 07:15:11 GMT
Phil Hellmuth confirmed he will be joining the streaming site:I'm happy to see my poker player brethren like @JasonSomerville @GregMerson @RealKidPoker on Twitch. Soon, I'll have a Twitch Channel
Another famous poker players who need to join Twitch:Viktor Blom,Dan Bilzerian,Gus Hansen,..
 Skpmorita22/04/2015 07:33:20 GMT
daniel is one of the most famous poker players in the world
i am not surprised by these numbers
and i believe if he keep doing this reguraly .. he will be for sure a star in twitch
anyway it is nice to watch some live players doing this
we have enough online guys streaming in twitch
i am sure more pro players will get on this train
maybe the two phils
i missed this one but next time i am sure watching
daniel not only great advise giver but also very funny
so it would be fun to watch
 Sorin88823/04/2015 07:30:44 GMT
On Sunday, for his second broadcast, he treated fans to a session of $400/$800 Mixed Games, where he proceed to win $50,000.Normally when Twitch broadcasters need to go for a bathroom break, they excuse themselves and leave their viewers staring at an empty chair for five minutes.KidPoker took his laptop to the bathroom with him and went number one (off camera) live on air.
 Sorin88802/05/2015 09:36:44 GMT
KidPoker ,in his blog,stresses the importance of money management (including taxes) and to always be learning while you are playing. Negreanu suggests that you should always have at least two hours of study for every ten hours of play.I n fact, Negreanu does not paint a rosy picture at all, which is by design, as he suggests that only a select few can make poker work as a career:
There are maybe 2%-5% of people that can make this lifestyle work.
 takingdrugs09/05/2015 07:52:47 GMT
im confused, are people actually streaming their cards LIVE while they are still playing? or is there a delay
 Weenie09/05/2015 12:03:16 GMT
Can be fun to watch sometimes. Btw how that twitch works? Are you getting some money for viewers when you are streaming? If yes, how much for how many vieweers? Smile
 Heskor09/05/2015 14:41:13 GMT
Wow he really deserves it he has the popularity and he has got the popularity thanks to his poker skills and now he is giving back and this was the chance for a lot of people to learn a bit from him and if you watched the session i am sure you would have managed to get a tip or two from that great man, anyway good luck at the atbles have fun learning poker and may the poker god be with you and help you make money cheers guys!
 zeroster09/05/2015 16:09:00 GMT
Posted by takingdrugs:
im confused, are people actually streaming their cards LIVE while they are still playing? or is there a delay

The streamer has the option to set a delay. Usually it's 4 or 5 minutes but for the bigger tournaments with a large time bank it can be set higher.

Posted by Weenie:
Can be fun to watch sometimes. Btw how that twitch works? Are you getting some money for viewers when you are streaming? If yes, how much for how many vieweers? Smile

It's complicated, once a streamer has enough followers (4000 I think) they can apply for a partnership. If partnered your site displays a subscription button. Subscription casts $4.99 which is divided evenly between Twitch and the streamer. Other streamers bypass the partnership deals by having a donation button of which 100% goes to the streamer. Others just do it for the fun of it.
 bowie198421/05/2015 11:40:06 GMT
I am used to passed out on introductory or schooling videos when it comes to poker, so I probably won't be the perfect viewer for this but might check him out in the future. Could be fun, just for the comments too...
 bowie198403/08/2015 10:12:17 GMT
Okay, so after all the fuzz from this spring when he opened his official twitch channel, there isn't much story about it since but yesterday when I lurked around I just saw that his last broadcast was a one and half hour session playing 'Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft'. Still a card game, but it's funny. Definitely going to check the channel out more.

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