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WPT World Championship: Tony Dunst & Carlos Mortensen Ready For The Final Table

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Posted on 29 April 2015 by "T".

The televised final table of the World Poker Tour World Championship is set after four days of play at Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. The two biggest stacks of Day 3, Asher Conniff and Ray Qartomy, will be returning for the final table but defending champion Keven Stammen won't. Stammen, who brought the third largest stack to Day 4, went out in 9th place after losing his final chips (approx. 450k) to Ray Qartomy.

However, there's still one winner of this event left in the race for the title (and $973k in prize money). Carlos Mortensen, who won the WPT World Championship in 2007 and received almost $4 million in prize money, made it through Day 4 to the final table with a stack of 880k chips (22 bb) - the smallest stack of all finalists. In other words, he will have to play his very best game if he wants to become a two-time champion of this event. Or actually it might just be enough that he plays his usual game (Mortensen has over $11.5 million in live tournament earnings). 

Besides Mortensen, it will be interesting to see how it goes for WPT host Tony Dunst. Believe it not but he played the final table of this tournament last year as well and collected the biggest prize cheque of his tournament career ($452,729) for his third-place finish.

Here are the final table chip counts and prize pool:

Seat 1.  Ray Qartomy  -  1,390,000  (34 bb)
Seat 2.  Tony Dunst  -  1,255,000  (31 bb)
Seat 3.  Asher Conniff  -  2,360,000  (59 bb)
Seat 4.  Alexander Lakhov  -  4,110,000  (102 bb)
Seat 5.  Carlos Mortensen  -  880,000  (22 bb)
Seat 6.  Brian Yoon  -  1,970,000  (49 bb)

1st:  $973,683*
2nd:  $573,779
3rd:  $330,358
4th:  $267,764
5th:  $208,647
6th:  $173,873
* The first-prize amount includes a $15,400 seat into the Season XIV WPT World Championship.

Players who were eliminated on Day 4:

7th:  Brock Parker  -  $139,098
8th:  Jake Schindler  -  $104,324
9th:  Keven Stammen  -  $69,549
10th:  Nathan Bjerno  -  $45,207
11th:  Michael Rocco  -  $45,207
12th:  Hans Winzeler  -  $45,207
13th:  Zo Karim  -  $38,252
14th:  Matt Berkey  -  $38,252
15th:  Michael Lavoie  -  $38,252
16th:  David Tuthill  -  $34,775
17th:  Ian O'Hara  -  $34,775
18th:  Oleg Shnaider  -  $34,775
19th:  Dean Baranowski  -  $31,297
20th:  Sungwon Lee  -  $31,297
21st:  Abe Aboukhalil  -  $31,297
22nd:  Sang Kim  -  $31,297
23rd:  Simon Lam  -  $31,297


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5 comments on "WPT World Championship: Tony Dunst & Carlos Mortensen Ready For The Final Table"

 Sorin88829/04/2015 08:06:32 GMT
Brock Parker Out in 7th Place ($139,098),Level 24: 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante
Brock Parker moves all in under the gun for 560,000 with AdKs, and Asher Conniff calls from the button with 9h9d. Parker needs to improve to stay alive.The board comes QsQd3c7c4ht, and the pocket nines hold up for Conniff to win the pot and eliminate Brock Parker in seventh place.
Asher Conniff - 2,360,000 (59 bb)
 doubletop77729/04/2015 08:29:49 GMT
It would be great to see Carlos Mortenson win this event for the second time but with his chip stack it is going to be very difficult for him but he definitely has the game to do so
 klash2329/04/2015 12:36:44 GMT
Looks like it will be a good final table,I have watched Tony Dunst as a commentator in some of the US TV programs and thought he was slightly arrogant but it is always good to see someone prove himself at the table.
Lakhov has a good lead but Mortenson and Brian Yoon have a lot of experience in big games.
 Calmplay29/04/2015 17:07:43 GMT
that's a good line up, very glad to see my favorite poker player C.Mortensen making I think his 3rd or 4th final table in the wpt world championship which indeed he won one of them but at that time the buy in was 25k don't know why it's 15k now...

gl Carlos as you will really need it!!!
 bowie198404/05/2015 00:55:16 GMT
World Poker Tour World Championship is a slight marketing mismatch when it comes to how many world champions are right now in poker (sooo many if I may to elaborate) I would rename this event if I could. Besides Coniff clearly was in play for the lead here already, so no surprise he won this after all.

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