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Poker Game Turns Violent in New Orleans (VIDEO)

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Posted on 14 May 2015 by "T".

You might have heard some of Doyle Brunson's stories about the "good old days" when it sometimes was dangerous to play poker. Those days are, unfortunately, not over yet. On Sunday May 10th, someone posted a video on Facebook in which a game of poker turns pretty ugly.

According to a thread on twoplustwo, the incident took place at the New Orleans Harrah's Casino and the story is that one player won a $40,000 PLO pot against another player, who sent a thug to attack the winner (the man in red t-shirt). How did the fight end? Well, have a look at the video and find out for yourselves.

You never know what you'll see at the poker table Jonathan BloyenDONT MESS WITH RED BEARD

Posted by Trevor Winstead on Saturday, May 9, 2015

source: twoplustwo and facebook

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14 comments on "Poker Game Turns Violent in New Orleans (VIDEO)"

 klash2314/05/2015 13:15:21 GMT
Having watched the video I would like to know where the hell were security?Was there no CCTV?I notice that two security guys came out after the fight had finished though they both seemed very reluctant to get involved.
Good to see that the thug got what he deserved.
How the hell do people sort out their chips after this type of situation?
 Heskor14/05/2015 14:23:08 GMT
Yeah if the casino has no security and those things happens i would not go there but there are always risk as sometimes casinos can be risky as there are drunk people and all, so good luck if you going to a casino, as fight can break at a moments notice and so you can get into it , anyway they should have got involved, anyway the chips you take lol, some will pickpocket some lol, anyway thanks for the video see you later guys, loses can make you do stupid thing!
 luisexy6914/05/2015 14:39:45 GMT
I read the news and for what i see one player lost against the other, but for i see is seating in other table, and one time start to call some names to the guy, that knows of fight Tongue, and all players around say him to be call, during that time security have to show up, but no, they start to fight and no one try to stop.

This is not the image of poker, and we hope that this kind of videos not go public, because if some persons see this, the idea of poker that they have is bad, and see this continues and will strong more their idea of poker and casino in general.
 zeroster14/05/2015 17:46:26 GMT
I've seen many fights break out in pub league p0ker over a £5 buy in tournament, I've even seen it happen when there's no buy in at all. P0ker, alcohol and testosterone can be an explosive mix.

That's the reason I quit p0ker around 5 years ago.
 StheP14/05/2015 19:23:32 GMT
Posted by zeroster:
P0ker, alcohol and testosterone can be an explosive mix.

Yup, totaly agree... But in this case security should et envolved very quickly.... I would never step in that casino if I know that security will chill when there is a fight... Good thing that winner knows how to fight and villan got what he deserved... And it a pitty that they mixed up chips... there will be loss after stealing Sad But what is important that no blood has been spiled... If I am owner of that cassino I would fire security right away, and hire new guys...
 doubletop77715/05/2015 09:38:12 GMT
What a crazy occurrence this was and i must ask, where were the security guards? I am glad that the man in red stood up to the bully and came out on top in the end, i cant stand bullying in any shape or form
 klash2315/05/2015 13:51:58 GMT
I am glad it was only me who noticed the lack of security,if they are playing for pots of 40k then there must be a lot of cash in the place.I have seen more security in the local sea front arcade.
The video is no longer available to view so maybe Harrah's casino have seen it and are wondering the same as us. Smile
 Sorin88816/05/2015 07:25:03 GMT
The man in the red shirt, identified as Jonathan Bloyen or more playfully "Red Beard", had won a massive $40,000 pot in a Pot Limit Omaha game at the venue a few nights prior to the incident, and the man attempting to assault him is allegedly a "goon" hired by the individual who lost that particular pot.
 klash2317/05/2015 13:54:12 GMT
The video is back up now,I wonder who was filming the thing as they must have had a premonition that something was going to happen.
I love the shout from someone...."go take some steroids".....for someone so big he went down pretty easily.
 adrianpatrik17/05/2015 19:41:48 GMT
So sad scene
 toronto_r_us18/05/2015 01:02:27 GMT
hahaha THE BULLY got a beat down.
 superthight18/05/2015 05:14:15 GMT
thats the one thing they should first put in mind,security ,without this there wouldbe no justice on all problems. but i wonder why its not installed ,what insane game,so sick try to avoid this next time Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Worship Worship
 damosk19/05/2015 17:56:06 GMT
I love the way the hired hand was pretty ineffective at his mission and took a bit of a pasting from red guy. I also love how while the two guys are brawling, someone keeps calling out that the security is on their way and eventually a lady in a pink top walks in........! Oh yeh, then two guys who could be mistaken for security guys.

The good old days of saloon bar brawls is alive and kicking. Yeeehaw!
 bowie198422/06/2015 21:42:50 GMT
One would think - first: if somebody has enough money to sit down and play PLO with stakes this high he would not be a sore looser even if he has lost a sizeable chunk; second: they are operating an indian casino in Louisiana, the security should be all over the place especially around the high stake tables. This is ridiculous.

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