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High Stakes: Viktor Blom Won $1 Million Last Week!

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Posted on 04 May 2015 by "T".

Viktor "isildur1" Blom kicked some serious ass on PokerStars last week. On Tuesday, he won $208k playing a 2-7 triple draw, 8-game and pot-limit Omaha (most of the winnings came from Kibler-Melby).

On Thursday, he scored another big win playing $1k/$2k Omaha hi/lo against Team PokerStars pro Jason Mercier, Matt "mustafabet" Ashton, and Kyle "KPR16" Ray. The sessions started in the afternoon and lasted for 9,5 hours, during which time Blom accumulated 700k in winnings!

According to highstakesdb, Blom won $902,112 on PokerStars last week (9314 hands, mainly 8-Game). In addition, he played 3688 hands (mostly Omaha PL) on Full Tilt and got away with a $117k profit. As of today, he's up $867,864 on PokerStars and -$539,710 on Full Tilt this year.

source: pokernews and highstakesdb


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5 comments on "High Stakes: Viktor Blom Won $1 Million Last Week! "

 klash2304/05/2015 14:39:54 GMT
So Victor Blom won nearly a million dollars?Makes a change as we are usually reading he has done the opposite and is a million down.I think the same goes for Kibler Melby who also has massive swings but I am sure these type of players get used to it.
 Heskor04/05/2015 17:14:45 GMT
wow He is back and still going stong he was like out for some time i think i did not heard form him for some length of time but now there he is and he is back and making good money cheers , so much money i would be grateful if i could win like 100 Dollars lol, not much just enough to build up my roll again lol , anyway good luck at the tables and hope you guys someday win like him and good luck at the tables and have fun the most important thing!
 luisexy6904/05/2015 19:30:57 GMT
Another news with Viktor Blom, of winning money, next week will see other news but this time with Viktor Blom with losing money, this kind of news for my opinion do not give such a interest or give a thing for the players here or any others, beside the pros that fave him on the tables.
He was huge profit one week, and the next have a huge down, is a roller coaster, and that kind of players just play for the fun, the money is just a detail, that helps they pass time and stay with her friends on the table or skype or other places.
 doubletop77705/05/2015 08:56:45 GMT
The great Viktor Blom story goes on!! This guy is a pleasure to read about but we have seen this so many times over the last couple of years that you know we will be reading about him losing a million shortly, long may he continue!!
 bowie198406/05/2015 09:42:29 GMT
He is breaking even on these things, his real money is made on the sponsoring and rakeback deals IMO. Especially when his endorsement all the time used as a marketing tool by Amaya - so his win/loss ratio pretty much means nothing but we barely scratching what is really happening at the back when it comes to these deals.

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