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Poker Pro Claims He Was Cheated Out of €18k During EPT Barcelona

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Posted on 03 September 2015 by "T".

Dani Stern - photo from PokerStars BlogLast week we reported about EPT Barcelona's biggest and most important events. Aside from all record-breaking tournaments, there were several interesting high stakes cash games running at Casino Barcelona during the poker festival. This might be the most intersting pot, though. On Wednesday, 27th September, Dani "Ansky" Stern wrote on 2+2 about how he was cheated out of €18k in a €100/€200 Pot Limit Omaha cash game.

Stern got himself involved in a three-way all on the flop holding three-of-a-kind kings. He claims that he, a Spanish man (AAxxx) and another player (unknown hand) decided to run run it twice before revealing their hands. The first board ran out Ks9s7x As 4x, and the second 7x 6x. The main pot was €36k, which Stern though he would get half of due to winning the second board with a full house, kings over sevens.

"This is when the chaos starts. The Spanish guy now claims that the casino has a rule that you can only run it twice in heads up pots, and that for multi way pots running it twice is forbidden. Because of this, he is claiming that running it twice is only valid for the side pot, and that only the first board counts for the main pot. At this point there is a huge crowd gathered, and there is lots of yelling in both English and Spanish. The dealer is a bit overwhelmed and is just kind of sitting there doing nothing, and the BB then walks away to go get a floor guy. He appears to be a local and to know the staff, but I will admit that is just my read of the situation and I don't know that for sure.

Eventually the floor guy comes over and takes stock of the situation and rules in my favor, saying that because we all agreed to run it twice, it was valid for the entire pot. Then they summon what appeared to be a higher up floor guy, who ruled against me. He said that because the house rule is that running it twice in mutli way pots is forbidden, that the entire main pot is awarded to the BB with AA," said Stern.

To sum things up, the casino manager referred to the poker rules and awarded both the side pot and main pot to the winner of the first hand. Little did it help that other players at the table complained loudly, accusing the Spanish man of not honouring their agreement.

"Juha [Helppi] was especially angry at the situation, and said he was going to take a picture. I'm not sure if he intended to take a picture of the player who was angling, or the floor, but either way the floor told him that if he took a picture he would be banned from the casino. Juha then asked the floor what his name was, and he refused to tell him. Juha asked several more times and the floor kept saying that his name was "poker manager." No one on the staff was willing to give their name or any kind of a business card, and seemed very intent on shutting all of the foreign players up," said Stern

Although the story has upset lots of people over the globe in the past couple of days, there are those who side with the Spanish man as well. A Swedish poker pro, a regular at Spanish casinos, wrote that the Spaniard (a well-known and respected player of the Spanish and French poker scene) doesn't understand any English and couldn't possibly have agreed to anything (running it twice). 

He also claimed that the man had been in the same spot as Dani Stern earlier that week and lost the pot when the casino overruled an agreement. In other words, the man was well-aware of the Casino Barcelona's poker rules. Did he use this information to his advantage? Well, that's something we only can speculate in. The fact is, however, that Stern said in an interview after posting on 2+2 that he had assumed that the agreement was for the whole pot.


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10 comments on "Poker Pro Claims He Was Cheated Out of €18k During EPT Barcelona"

 klash2303/09/2015 14:35:18 GMT
This story sounds very confusing and very shambolic.In the end the results must go by what the floor manager says but the dealers should really know the rule before the hand played out.
If it was my casino I would make sure running it more than once should not be allowed at all.......solves all this nonsense!!
 Buva1303/09/2015 15:06:18 GMT
Interesting story and funny 2 as well. They should banned run it twice and erase it from all existing poker rules and regulations - once the cards hit the board thats it. For me that "run it twice" is a humiliation of the game and bad dealing with the bad beat also cheating on other player who won it the first time. Plus if they all agreed to run it twice i dont see the problem only in dealer like klash said it.
 av196603/09/2015 17:40:29 GMT
Well this a quite a story with a bit of confusion to spice it up and the casino rules that change from place to place
I don´t agree with the "run it twice" not a normal way to play poker and if the general rule only allows at the heads-up don´t think there nothing is can do about it
 StheP03/09/2015 19:00:39 GMT
well I dont like running it twice, but in almoust any cash game, even on pokerstars you can run it twice... but I am with the rule of casino here, that you cannot run it twice if there is side pot, and more than 2 players are in pot... so mistake is dealers... but after mistake I would say that first floor guy did it right, but second one made big mistake by giving it to BB player... that doesnt have any sence!!!
 teddybears7303/09/2015 21:13:44 GMT
Well i don't know about the rest of you but there is no way i would ever agree to running it twice,i hate that idea and i think it is a poor part of the game.
If you win you win no 2nd chances by "running it twice".
 Skpmorita03/09/2015 23:29:48 GMT
the dealer should have stepped up here and said that they agreed to run it twice for the entire pot
not only did this guy got lucky with a 2 outer , he is getting greedy and wants all the money
every big pot before dealing in any casino , you see a floor manager go straight to that table to witness the hand .. in this case it didn't happen
so the blame is on the dealer .. he should have told them about this rule
 pochui04/09/2015 12:10:23 GMT
well that was fun to read... not sure who is right or wrong here, usually the truth is somewhere in the middle and if this is the case then i have no idea who is wrong nor who is right. one thing for sure is that i am happy i wasn't involved in this pot. i just stick with different kind of pot...
 klash2305/09/2015 14:37:52 GMT
I am not totally sure why players want to run it more than once,I was told once about it being about limiting the losses for pro players or something but I think less experienced players could be taken advantage of by the shady characters who can try and manipulate what happens.
 bowie198406/09/2015 00:13:07 GMT
Posted by pochui:
well that was fun to read... not sure who is right or wrong here, usually the truth is somewhere in the middle and if this is the case then i have no idea who is wrong nor who is right. one thing for sure is that i am happy i wasn't involved in this pot. i just stick with different kind of pot...

Yeah, agree. That pot will never ever dissapoint you. Guaranteed.
 muntje07/09/2015 14:21:24 GMT
finally good to see not everybody is bending over for those muricans from the jewnited states of amurica. +1 spanish guy its time for them yankees to bend over now

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