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Dan Bilzerian Seriously Readies Himself for $1.2 Million Bike Ride with Lance Armstrong as Personal Guru

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Posted on 18 March 2016 by "T".

The whopping $1.2 million prop bet arranged between high-roller poker players Bill Perkins and Dan Bilzerian is going to happen in the next few days.

How it all started

Bill slammed the challenge right after Dan himself had bet Samantha Abernethy, another poker player, a modest amount of $10,000 stating that she must complete the same bike ride in just 72 hours.

Well, 24-year-old Samantha took the challenge, and the hottie poker player managed to complete the circuit on the eve of March 13. She notes her progress on Twitter and Facebook, and she said that she had to push through a "giant storm" during the early hours of the bike ride on Friday, but nonetheless, she was able to finish it within the agreed upon 72-hour timeframe.

Lance flew into LA last week to finally meet Dan
Dan Bilzerian, usually identified as the son of a rich corporate takeover specialist and currently well known in the social media circle albeit infamous, must complete a bicycle ride starting from Los Angeles to Las Vegas within a span of 48 hours. Should he fail, Bill Perkins, a hedge fund manager and a film producer, will be the winner of the massive bet.

Both of them have laid out on the table $600,000 each, which sums up to $1.2 million. This is the total amount that Dan could win if he successfully travels via bike for roughly 300 miles (278 miles to be exact) in under 48 hours.

The course of the bike ride involves some rough climbs through the Mojave Desert.
To get Dan into tip-top shape, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong offered his help. As we all know, Lance managed to get under his belt 7 consecutive Tour de France titles (from 1999 to 2005) before it was officially stripped away from him due to doping allegations.

The 35-year-old self-proclaimed Instagram King admitted that he had not ridden a bike in about 18 years before striking the bet with Bill. Most people think that the wager is rather easy to pull, since 48 hours is quite a very long time, but others may not be aware that Dan actually has suffered from many heart attacks in the past, even though back in 2000 he trained to become a Navy Seal.

On Twitter last Monday, Dan Tweeted a video of him and Lance biking together and hanging out.
The bet is scheduled to commence on March 31.



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1 comment on "Dan Bilzerian Seriously Readies Himself for $1.2 Million Bike Ride with Lance Armstrong as Personal Guru"

 bowie198419/03/2016 01:38:47 GMT
Doping allegations? That's a nice way to put it.
Nobody gets stripped of titles based on allegations, Lance Amrstrong's downfall came just in time when everybody was fed up about all these theatre they must had to put up with while gloryfying his performance.
He got stripped and shut out because everything around him was a lie, and things bulit on lies can't live forever (just look at the Church of... Oh, wait... Blink ).

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