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Brunson Defeats Cancer For The Sixt Time!

Tags: cancer, doyle brunson.
Posted on 19 April 2016 by "T".

82-year-old poker legend Doyle Brunson has won yet another battle against cancer. Brunson, who has 10 World Series of Poker titles under his belt, tweeted the following on Monday:

Brunson's battle against cancer started over 50 years ago
Brunson met his future wife, Louise, in 1960 and married her in August 1962. Louise became pregnant, but later that year, a tumor was discovered in Doyle's neck. When it was operated on, the surgeons found that the cancer had spread and declared it incurable. They felt that an operation would prolong his life long enough for him to see the birth of the baby, so they went ahead with it. After the operation, no trace of the cancer could be found. The doctors said that his recovery must have been a miracle, and Brunson has attributed his cure to the prayers of friends of his wife and their correspondence with Kathryn Kuhlman, a self-proclaimed Christian faith healer.


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9 comments for "Brunson Defeats Cancer For The Sixt Time! "

 xxxpokerxxx119/04/2016 17:05:36 GMT
staying positive,probably helps a lot too,and being around,positive people!
 berg5555519/04/2016 17:52:10 GMT
stay fore 90 years dole
 TheMachineQC19/04/2016 18:17:56 GMT
Cool Smile The legendary Doyle Brunson has more years to come Smile I really thought we wouldn't see him again at a poker table.

But he has always said it himself: He will play untill he no longer can. That's why we haven't seen him in the last 2 years or so, he was too sick. Didn't know it was his 6th cancer though. Now he will be back!

Go Texas dolly!!!
 teddybears7319/04/2016 22:03:56 GMT
yes indeed themachineQC,"go texas dolly"
beating cancer 6 times that's just WOW !!! it's hard enough to beat it the once bit what he's done just shows there hope for everyone. Worship Thumbs Up
 bowie198420/04/2016 13:48:51 GMT
Posted by teddybears73:
yes indeed themachineQC,"go texas dolly"
beating cancer 6 times that's just WOW !!! it's hard enough to beat it the once bit what he's done just shows there hope for everyone. Worship Thumbs Up

He has probably more will and luck than any of us here alone or combined tbh. Altough skin cancer is highly treatable if they recognize them on time.
 klash2320/04/2016 15:29:23 GMT
This is no surprise!!If he can keep winning at the poker tables for fifty years then he wasn't going to give up when fighting cancer!
Have to say I am impressed with the medical care he received in the US I doubt he would have managed that feat if he had cancer 6 times in the UK.
 TheIrish7720/04/2016 17:03:10 GMT
The guy was an all american track star, maybe the greatest poker player ever to live. Could've played in the NBA for the Lakers if a knee injury hadn't befelled him.

What's Cancer got that this guy can't handle? Nothing he's more than Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris hasn't beaten cancer 6 times, Doyle MF'ing Doyle that's who's beaten it!

Good luck on your recovery Doyle and can't wait to see you back on the felt soon!

TheIrish out
 Calmplay21/04/2016 07:00:31 GMT
This man really has my respect both professionally and as a person too, and yes as mentioned above beating cancer one time is hell of a miracle now 6 times well I have no words to describe this... long live Texas Dolly Thumbs Up

 doubletop77722/04/2016 08:14:58 GMT
What a great story this is and made me smile when i read it. I have lost many members of my family to this dreadful disease and, after reading this, gives hope to any cancer sufferers

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