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Dan Bilzerian points Daniel Cates as Cheater in Bill Perkins' Private High-Stakes Poker Game

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Posted on 27 May 2020 by "T".

The infamous Instagram star Dan Bilzerian accused Daniel "Jungleman" Cates of ‘ghosting' along with Sina Taleb in a high-stakes poker game hosted by Bill Perkins.

It all started this sunny morning of Sunday, May 24, when Bill Perkins shook Twitter with a highly interesting story, that a major cheating scandal has occurred, one he believes would make the Mike Postle scandal look trivial in comparison, as this scandal involved famous ‘heroes' of the poker world. However, he did not say exactly who it was.

The next day, Monday, May 25, Perkins revealed what the scandal was all about, but did not divulge the participants. Jason Koon was the only name mentioned, whom Perkins said was approached to join the alleged cheaters but refused and ultimately became the whistle blower for this situation.

Perkins is talking about the increasing unregulated market of individuals privately playing online using free-to-play apps, then settling the money matters off site. Of course, these games are rife with security problems. Perkins is claiming that someone, who is actually a professional poker player, is posing as a recreational player, but he isn't naming him/her because they are still investigating what appears to be a network of cheating. The accusation is that the poker pro was using someone else's account, thereby keeping their own identity secret.

The poker community became very curious about this, since it is a common practice in online poker and though it is bad, many say it isn't comparable and nowhere near the level of the Mike Postle scandal.

Perkins also left a vague clue as to who exactly the reputable player(s) are in this scandal. He did not spill any names, but instead he described them as a ‘top 7 player', which many speculate he is referring to the All Time Money List.


Dan Bilzerian Drops a Name
Dan Bilzerian posted in his Instagram and Twitter accounts that he had been one of the players in the alleged private, high-stakes game on a mobile poker app. Last night, Bilzerian finally added a name to the cheating scandal, accusing Jungleman as the cheater who played against him and Perkins under a different player's name on the Fun Ocean poker app.

The tweet, which Bilzerian has already deleted, accused Sina Taleb of letting Cates use his account to scam other players out of money on the app. The post had a photo of Taleb, who doesn't appear to be a well-known poker player.

Cates replied to the tweet quickly, defending himself from the accusations.

Cates wrote, "I can't discuss this right now for legal reasons but this is misleading, I haven't played a hand of poker with Dan Bilzerian ever. More to come when appropriate but there was rampant ghosted on the site that people have admitted to."

Bilzerian's accusation fits nicely with all the details that Perkins has disclosed so far about the cheating scandal. Perkins' tweet on Sunday said that the cheating involved pro poker players playing under the accounts of "fish", and he is still investigating the scam.

This is not the first time Jungleman has been mixed up in a scandal. In 2011, he was linked to the cheating scandal involving José "Girah" Macedo and Haseeb "Dogishead" Qureshi.



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9 comments on "Dan Bilzerian points Daniel Cates as Cheater in Bill Perkins'' Private High-Stakes Poker Game"

 dule-vu27/05/2020 22:23:18 GMT
so now its question is this man right or not,did somebody played from "fake" accounts/from somebody else account that gave him advantage!for now we now that one man say on twitter that probably Daniel "Jungleman" Cates played with this account and that this players are cheated!so will be interesting to see what news we will have in next days!
 Rogerio1028/05/2020 08:04:16 GMT
So this iss what Bill Perkins was talking about? I am not suprise that ia jungelman. I mean even that i dont know notging about that guy, looks to me like some weirdo haha. Maybe i am wrong. Be interesting to see what will come our of this in next days.
 CALICUL28/05/2020 13:45:10 GMT
Professional poker players have quality but not all of course. There can be many cheats and there have been many cases in the past. Some players who cheated are millionaires in these days but poker is a legal game where you can cheat but when some players commit illegalities it is not ok.
 antonis32128/05/2020 19:48:35 GMT
Daniel Cates has been tergeted in the past by his ''fellow'' pro poker players many times , because of some incidents . I remember on a forum , reading the thread , where half of the members were accusing him , theo other half were defending him . i remember some saying he had more such incidents in the past , and that he has some friends who trap him , some bad friends who mislead him , cause he is actually a manchild ,many times do things his friends suggest , but he has no bad intentions deep down inside Smile
 CALICUL29/05/2020 14:34:40 GMT
Dan Bilzerian is a smart man and a formidable player. He was on the side of justice in this case and made it official. There was another option: when he could talk with Daniel Cates and they both came to an agreement. This was illegal of course, but it's good that he did it and news spread everywhere.
 maragatero27/06/2020 00:56:52 GMT
Well, the poker´s players world is very sensitive to the gossip! In this time when the "influencers" can have a million of follower to see what they do with their hair, this vanity world, is very auspicious to all the stupid talk. I like the constructive news, when is telling the building of a player career
 CALICUL27/06/2020 08:21:05 GMT
At this moment Daniel Cates hates Dan Bilzerian very much. I think this is not normal but his frustration is great. Normally he has to "get back on his feet" and bear the consequences. In a few years this scandal will be forgotten but cheating is a black spot for him.
 antonis32127/06/2020 22:24:04 GMT
These two buddies , who now feel victims of unfair play against them , have also done the same thing in the past . They , among all , will cast the first stone , lol Smile
We have better things to look after , worse scandals on poker scene to deal with , than three high stakes players , and their silly childish dogfight , or catfight , whatever , lol Smile
 CALICUL28/06/2020 09:02:42 GMT
It is a horrible decision for Daniel Cates to cheat and shame must to remain on his face many years. A player of his caliber who has a good profit from poker does not have to do that. I like what Dan Bilzerian did. Cheats must be caught.

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