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Tom Dwan Engaged and Moving to Vegas?

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Posted on 07 November 2017 by "T".

It sure took a while before news popped up again concerning Tom "durrrr" Dwan, but luckily on November 2, PokerTube's Pete Manzinelli has updated the poker community via a Youtube video.

While Manz was broadcasting the poker action at King of the Hill III in Pittsburgh last month, he had the opportunity to speak with Brandon Adams regarding Tom Dwan, his favorite subject.

After Adams confirmed that Dwan is not being held against his will somewhere in China, he divulged that Dwan is actually engaged and is moving to Las Vegas. There was also a topic of possible "Tom babies" in the near future.




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8 comments on "Tom Dwan Engaged and Moving to Vegas?"

 doubletop77707/11/2017 09:32:54 GMT
There always seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding Tom Dwan and i wonder how much of it is true. He really does divide opinion and i dont think he is the most popular guy on the circuit
 pochui07/11/2017 14:17:43 GMT
well since we get this information form oh so reliable source then in reality there is no way to know if this is correct info or not. to be honest I don't give a sh1t whether tom dawn is moving to vegas or to some uninhabited North Korean village, but maybe that's just me.
 Mober07/11/2017 23:06:20 GMT
Not something considered news.
If it was something related to poker, and i mean the game, then thats ok.
Otherwise, where he is staying or to whom he is getting married.
How many of the poker players are interested on this.
 damosk08/11/2017 11:35:56 GMT
Isn’t it amazing what some people think makes news these days. Do these people get paid for what they do? I certainly know that I do not pay to read such garbage news. Garbage as in who gives two hoots whether it is news or not. Let’s get serious and have some real news, such as ten feet of snow in Alaska maybe!
 Tony_MON7ANA08/11/2017 14:26:17 GMT
Wasn't Tom Dwan dating a blonde girl about 5 or 6 years ago? I forgot her name but I remember she was pretty damn hot. Seriously hot. Are they still together? Or did Tom meet some Asian girl in Macau?
 pajalnick08/11/2017 17:11:56 GMT
Tom Dwan recently very often I see in the news of poker and not just poker .... apparently someone is spinning and stuffing this player ... or it does it himself or in a big corporation ... Tom Dwan is certainly a good player But it seems to me that he gets into the news too often
 CALICUL09/11/2017 09:17:35 GMT
If he was not forced to sit in china is a very good thing but where he will be engaged in vegas and in what quality. Tom "durrrr" Dwan is somehow broke and not money in his pockets to play professional games? this is possible and i wish him success at his place of work and in his games.
 Gerimantas10/11/2017 18:03:35 GMT
Tom Dwan is a poker legend so very good to see him kive in las vegas city where biggest gambling is always going all night. I too like to live in las vegas, such a good city to live, always lots of fun, concerts, shows, places to visit very good restaurants and bars. Maybe some time in the future

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