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Phil Hellmuth Defeats Mike Matusow To Win Side Event

Tags: L.A. Poker Classic, Mike Matusow, Phil Hellmuth.
Posted on 23 February 2017 by "T".

It's rather unusual that live tournaments with buy-ins around $1,000 attract many (if any) players from the poker elite, but the $1,100 Omaha Hi-Low/Stud Hi-Low event at the 2017 L.A. Poker Classic managed to do just that.

Phil Hellmuth ($21 million in live tournament earnings) and Mike Matusow (approx. $10 million in earnings) were two of the big stars who particpated and they made it through the 72-entries field to play heads-up for the title. Hellmuth emerged victorious in the epic battle and was awarded with a trophy and $25,200 while Matusow received $14,400 for his efforts.

"Mike and I had a blast and he said we were going to end up heads up. He was pretty short at one point I didn't have a ton of chips and he said we're gonna get heads up. Once he gets chips he's so tough. At Omaha 8 Stud 8 he's such a good player at especially these games. He and I, I felt like it would be a good battle," Hellmuth told following his victory.



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9 comments on "Phil Hellmuth Defeats Mike Matusow To Win Side Event"

 Robbo199023/02/2017 23:16:52 GMT
the mouth on these two in days gone past would be cause for a epic showdown. seems like it was very tame Sad
 StheP23/02/2017 23:40:15 GMT
LOL matusow is still alive O.o heard he is in super debt... no wonder that both phil and matusow played this 1k event...
 Tony_MON7ANA24/02/2017 08:21:18 GMT
Phil Hellmuth and Mike Matusow have been playing poker professionally for quite a long time. Hats off to them!
I miss their funny interaction so much on Poker After Dark! And the hosts of the show were incredibly stunning!
 doubletop77724/02/2017 08:24:54 GMT
Many congratulations to Phil Hellmuth on winning this title. To see these two great players heads up at the final table, must have been a joy to behold. Well done again to Phil
 Gerimantas24/02/2017 08:49:02 GMT
This is great to see these players back from the history books olaying in a libe tournament and playing headsup for the tournament winners crown. Of course this is not the biggest tournament they habe played in their long careers but ut is still nice to see them doing well
 pochui25/02/2017 13:53:43 GMT
yeah kinda strange seeing those dudes playing the 1k buy-in event, sure nice to have such names at the tournament- probably every tournament manager's dream, as it lures lots of players who just want to get the scalp of such famous players.
 Mober25/02/2017 19:32:37 GMT
That is why they entered. To get some extra pocket money from the rest.
What they won is a buy in for the rest of the games they are usually playing Smile
But if you enjoy the game and you have the opportunity for some extra cash, why not.
 Gerimantas25/02/2017 20:35:30 GMT
True these great players especially hellmuth is playing in a lot bigger tournaments regularly so this was just a tournament to enjoy his time, have fun talk to some friends, no pressure to win anything, and also he might just like this game and wants to take a break from no limit holdem
 pajalnick26/02/2017 00:22:12 GMT
Of course, both players great poker Hellmuth but I always liked more and I'm glad that he was able to win !!! ............ but certainly if Matusow won it would have been true, too .... ... great players do not age and continue their great game

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