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WPT: Gregory Brooks wins the L.A. Poker Classic ($1,654,120)

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Posted on 04 March 2011 by "T".

Yesterday, the World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic final table was played. Carlos Mortensen, from Spain, had the chance to win his 4th title on the WPT tour and because of that many were cheering a little bit extra for him to win the tournament. He did very well on the final table, but unfortunately he was sent packing in 3rd place, which left Gregory Brooks and Vivek Rajkumar playing heads-up. It only took 31 hands before a short stacked Rajkumar was forced to move all-in to stay in the game. Rajkumar had QSpade10Spade and Brooks QDiamondQClub. Brooks queens stood up to the river and gave him the win and the first place prize of $1,654,120. Rajkumar got $908,730 for his second place.

Here's a video interview with the champion, Gregory Brooks

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10 comments on "WPT: Gregory Brooks wins the L.A. Poker Classic ($1,654,120)"

 mazas04/03/2011 11:05:34 GMT
nice to hear about so short hu nice winning pot congrates to the winner Big Smile
good luck and have the same luck like the winner had Big Smile
 amu9204/03/2011 11:53:40 GMT
OMG . I wish I could have that sum of money Smile) , anyway , good luck ! hope i have the same luck like Gregory Brooks
 Fakiry04/03/2011 15:20:02 GMT
Very nice, Gregory Brooks! He just did what every tournament winner have the will to do but thinks everybody will make fun of him because of that: Picking a lot of money in his hands and show it to everybody. "Just look at my new fortune, look what i just won!" Should be a great sensation to be in his position. Thats why i keep dreaming... one day my $0.01/$0.02 blind cash and my $1.10 tourney buy-in experience will increase to $10/$20 and $550 and perhaps i can manage to take a picture like this. I hope Smile
 Funope04/03/2011 16:46:22 GMT
Anyone know how big the field was this year?
 Hajinnho04/03/2011 17:53:03 GMT
wow, not a bad cash at all. When i am informed correctly, there were exactly 681 entrys for that Event. So really a hard tournament.
 Maliace05/03/2011 04:27:04 GMT
i hope i ll get the chance to play final table on similar event soon Big Smile
 SuperNoob05/03/2011 13:08:36 GMT
nice to see some1 born from my country play so well. well done to vivek for finsihing second maybe he'll win his second title soon.
and congrats to brook for winning the tournament Smile
 Rusty0906/03/2011 10:12:01 GMT
Well done to Mr Brooks. Its a mighty effort to win any kind of tourney in poker. Regardless of the stake. Pickin up $1.65 million would be a very relieving feeling after toughin it out for so long. big ups
 NoReflex07/03/2011 03:59:27 GMT
666 player
 ZmxPowah08/03/2011 11:12:03 GMT
Yea 666 players already saw that news on other site.
There was more about the 666~ then about the winner Big Smile.
Congrats to Brooks kinda nice name IMO.

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