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Sam Panzica Wins Second WPT Title!

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Posted on 13 March 2017 by "T".

The Season XV WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star $7,500 Main Event drew a record field of 806 players, beating the old record of 753 entries set in the previous season. The final table was played on Saturday and included some famililar poker pros, including Chino Rheem who had the chance to win a forth World Poker Tour title! 

Rheem had over 44% of the chips in play when the cards were in the air and he was looking to seperate himself from 3-time WPT winners Carlos Mortensen, Gus Hansen, Anthony Zinno, and Darren Elias. Unfortunately, Rheem's dream of being the one with most WPT title was put to rest after he lost 2 big pots to Anthonny Spinella to exit the tournament in third place for $521,660. 

Depsite winning 2 big pots against Rheem, Spinella entered heads-up against Sam Panzica with a 3-1 chip disadvantage. The two pros quickly agreed to a chop and the match ended a few hands later when Panzica's AHeart10Spade outlasted Spinella's AClub8Club on the board JHeart5Heart3Diamond4Diamond5Club.

It was Panzica's second World Poker Tour title in just five months! 

Season XV WPT Bay 101 Main Event Final Table
1st: Sam Panzica - $1,373,000*
2nd: Anthony Spinella - $786,610*
3rd: Chino Rheem - $521,660
4th: Paul Volpe - $349,610
5th: Dennis Stevermer - $243,090
6th: Rainer Kemper - $188,460

* Does no reflect the deal

In the below pictures are Panzica together with his mother, Amelia, who surprised her son by showing up just as the final table was about to start!



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10 comments on "Sam Panzica Wins Second WPT Title! "

 doubletop77714/03/2017 08:53:58 GMT
Many congratulations to Sam Panzica on winning his second World Poker Tour title and the $1,373,000 first prize. This final table looked really difficult so extra kudos goes to him for outlasting them all
 Gerimantas14/03/2017 09:28:45 GMT
A lot of money this guy sam won, wow million of dollars from playing poker, now this is just wonderful, I imagine how great it is becoming a millionaire j ust by playing this vreat game of poker, enjoying time in a live event, really good win
 Calmplay14/03/2017 13:27:43 GMT
the pictures showing her mom surprising him for the final table show is very touching and I think that was the extra who motivated him to get the determination to win this. Congrats kid but too bad for Chino who had a great opportunity to achieve a record there...
 pochui14/03/2017 13:43:04 GMT
well there you go, this dude has a mother who actually don't go along the usual lines: "sonny it's bad to gamble, cards are created by devil and you should better be an ecologist or vegan".
so yeah congrats for the win and all that, now pay up your taxes and be a good citizen.
 Tony_MON7ANA14/03/2017 14:56:27 GMT
Massive congratulations go to Sam Panzica on winning his second WPT title! Very well played. He looks very happy in the picture!
 pajalnick14/03/2017 17:28:01 GMT
Sam Panzika is certainly a good poker player and certainly deserved this title ... my congratulations to a good player and I wish him luck in the subsequent tournaments .... he likes me as a player and his game certainly deserves attention
 Mober14/03/2017 22:31:19 GMT
Thats an investment. For 7.4k US$ you get almost 1.4 millions Smile
The rest of the prizes for the final table were also good.
But for 800 players i think they should have more places in the money.
 Heskor20/03/2017 15:06:01 GMT
Haha nice picture , got lucky with his mom coming and looking at him play, this always brings good charm and make somebody plays better when he knows that there is people around that are cheering for him.

Congrats to him hope he keeps the good work and continue to make lots of money, cheers have fun too guys maybe one day you might feature in bankroll mob article about winning a ton of cash . Cheers good day!
 DaCapo7120/03/2017 16:45:01 GMT
Gratz for this amazing second time WPT tourney winning to Sam Panzica! This was a great winning over 1 million Dollar in a record field of players with over 800 poker player. This as really a dream to win one of these nice liver poker tourneys one time...
 bowie198421/03/2017 02:44:34 GMT
Posted by pochui:
well there you go, this dude has a mother who actually don't go along the usual lines: "sonny it's bad to gamble, cards are created by devil and you should better be an ecologist or vegan".

"Yeah mum, but how me being vegan gonna pay all the bills and put food on the table?"

BTW mother is in awesome shape, now that her son is a millionaire she probably will get a ton of dates.

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