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PokerStars Drops Use of Sports Stars as Part of Marketing Strategy

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Posted on 18 April 2017 by "T".

Amaya is looking to change the marketing strategy for PokerStars as it has recently dropped endorsement from their brand ambassadors. The company has officially stated that their brand marketing strategies will focus mainly on in-site offers.

Highly popular sportsmen like Christiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. (picture) have become the face of promotional material of the gaming company. However, in a recent email to affiliate, the letter states: 

"Starting April 1st 2017 we will be focusing on our ongoing Free Welcome Bonus Offer. In addition, our branding team has designed some wonderful creative and banners to help support your acquisition efforts and drive in some big numbers!

Therefore, as of midnight March 31st 2017, all Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Jr promotions materials (ie. banners, images, etc) will have to be replaced as the Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Jr banner creative will no longer be valid for you to use from that date."

While PokerStars has been pioneering the signing up of top sports personalities for marketing campaigns, in a stunning new development they have decided to let go of their brand ambassadors. Other endorsers who will also be dropped will include tennis stars Rafael Nadal and Borris Becker, along with two Olympic gold medalists.

The offers and promos will surely evolve in a big way for the largest poker site. Their strategy now is to focus more on recreational player volume as well as on free welcome bonus offers. Although famous personalities have helped spread their name, the dramatic change in approach by the parent company will have no lasting consequences on the company.

As it stands from a playing perspective, PokerStars will continue to operate as it always has. It is also unlikely that it will relinquish its place as one of the premier online poker site any time soon.



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19 comments on "PokerStars Drops Use of Sports Stars as Part of Marketing Strategy"

 Wo18/04/2017 11:13:26 GMT
I hope that poker Stars finally decided to go back to what has worked for them for a long time, really valuable promotions to its players, both existing and new. But with Amaya as owners I do have many doubts that this is the case. Probably many new lame promos are on the way.
 Robbo199018/04/2017 11:44:39 GMT
i wonder if they are dropping fatima? she was the only one of these 'sport stars' ambassadors that played the ept circuit and created her own following. I do like they are getting rid of ronaldo and neymar who seriously dont need the money but I will like this idea even more if they cash is put into some decent promos for once
 dule-vu18/04/2017 11:55:13 GMT
when I write about this before,that I dont understand why they take so much ambassadors,every poker site,especially poker stars,then people gave me thumbs down and now we can see that they leave this strategy!why the hell I would play more or come on some site,just because ronaldo is ambassador?!now they see that they pay them a lot and there is not such a big influence from that!
 pochui18/04/2017 12:43:32 GMT
ha at last dudes form stars hq have read the words the wise dude pochui wrote and decided to ditch ronaldo with thong and ronaldo without a thong sort of promotions and maybe, just maybe instead give a free $0.10 sng tourney with massive pr on all major tv channels to make their players feel special
 TheMachineQC18/04/2017 18:09:04 GMT
I can understand why. They are wasting their money paying these guys that are already rich millions to get more people to play on their site. But they already have the player base and more than enough traffic so they should focus on making their already existing players more loyal by giving back some of the rake they take to the regulars and the casual players.

Hopefully that budget will be put to better use in the future, cause right now PS sucks promotions wise. They haven't had a deposit promo in over 6 months...
 pajalnick18/04/2017 18:45:41 GMT
I remember the tournament from Cristiano Ronaldo ... it was pretty frustrating but I remembered it ... I hope that new tournaments and promotions will be interesting and contribute to good wins and players will remember this as a good event ... good luck to all BRM players at PokerStars Worship
 Mober18/04/2017 19:38:20 GMT
About time someone to realize thats instead of throwing the money to all these
ambassadors would have been better to throw the money in the site in terms
of promotions and free offers.

They must be having a drop in numbers, and decided to change their strategy.
 vic7518/04/2017 20:34:35 GMT
The only good recent deposit promotion recently from Amaya was win a seat giveaway for the Sunday Million Anniversary 600 tickets in total. They should focus more on player incentives and bring back more free rolls.
 bowie198419/04/2017 01:09:59 GMT
Kek, they starting to cheapen out in da markateing department - seems like some cash flow issues raised its ugly head or the corporation just became cheaper than ever when it comes to raising awareness via marketing... They were always cheap bastards.
 Gerimantas19/04/2017 07:58:15 GMT
I am a customer of pokerstars long time and i never understand why this ronaldo and neymar was promoted, no use for me as player, i better liked when they offered a ticket for deposit or some money when you deposit with code. Better start doing this again all will be happy
 doubletop77719/04/2017 09:04:28 GMT
I have never understood why these big poker companies would want to pay any of these stars to advertise their product. For me it was a complete waste of money and i am not shocked that they have stopped doing it
 pothead201219/04/2017 12:18:04 GMT
I would never make my decision to play on a site based on what celebrity does commercials for them here in Germany they had Boris Becker a guy who was famous for his Sports career like 20 years ago nowadays most people now him for humping in the utility closet i really don't think anyone has ever sayed Hey Boris Becker is affiliated with them i gotta play there
 Odysseus10119/04/2017 15:12:19 GMT
I was holding out for Pete Rose, or maybe the 1919 Black Sox to be ambassadors.
 DaCapo7119/04/2017 16:26:07 GMT
I loughing out loud when i read that a poker room signed up a sport star as a new ambassador. What a strategy is that, which player play on a site only with a sport star in their ambassador team? To reach more public is ok as a strategy, but i think good promotions are more important for a poker room.
 shokaku19/04/2017 16:57:56 GMT
I guess they aim at people that have not played online poker before. So some fresh money can come into the eco system. Little point in just getting established players to switch from room A to room B, and when room A steps up their promotions, back to them.
 bowie198420/04/2017 01:28:25 GMT
Posted by Odysseus101:
I was holding out for Pete Rose, or maybe the 1919 Black Sox to be ambassadors.

Shoeless Joe Jackson might take the opportunity right away, who knows? One thing for sure prominant sport figures in prominant hobby games are not usually equals with more income for the company who is commissioning them.
 pochui20/04/2017 16:38:35 GMT
yeah there is the need to add fresh blood to the party, but i doubt that there is a lot of dudes left out there who haven't tried the product as long as they have at least a very small interest... so maybe new markets, or old markets which have restrictions are the only real hope to increase the new players numbers.
 bowie198421/04/2017 01:41:56 GMT
They obviously need to go back somehow in to the USA but it's not going to happen easily and fast... Plus probably the brick and mortar gambling businessmen - vegas - there spending much more money on lobbyists to work the politicians than their online counterpart - or Amaya willing to spend. Until this not changing it is going to happen what vegas wants.
 vaci3821/04/2017 12:01:42 GMT
The betting restriction is all around I have accounts on many online betting bookmakers almost everyone started to limit my bets I do not know what is happening betfair,unibet,bwin,888,bet365, they receive bets on a small amount of money as 0.5 euro or a maximum of 1 euro Confused I have a few friends who are also limited in bets It will not be strange if poker stars have restriction

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