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Triton Poker Releases Episode 1 of SHR Short Deck Cash Game

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Posted on 04 October 2018 by "K".

Triton Poker has officially posted the first episode of their short deck poker cash game series, entitled Triton Poker Super High Roller Series 2018. Poker fans will definitely be delighted to watch this star-studded table battling it out with a 36-card deck.

Earlier, Triton Poker released a 7-minute video showing Tom Dwan walking out after he lost a humongous pot worth $2.3 million to Malaysian high stakes player Paul Phua.

Short-deck poker, also known as 6-plus Hold’em, became popular in the East Asian high-stakes cash game circuit. Thus, it is only normal that when a high-stakes cash game event is happening in Jeju, South Korea, this new game type is included in their games roster.

Big names at the high-stakes table included the likes of 888poker ambassador Dominik Nitsche, partypoker ambassador Jason Koon, Elton Tsang, Mikita Badziakouski, Patrik Antonius, Paul Phua and Sam Greenwood.

Not only the deck size but also the blind structure was different from the usual Texas Hold’em game - everybody posted a ₩3 million (approx. $2,500) ante each hand, except for the player on the button, who had to pay a ₩6 million ($5,000) blind.

The biggest pot in Episode 1 was between Qiang Wang and Paul Phua, and the two ended up chopping $727,000 in half.

Watch the video here:

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16 comments on "Triton Poker Releases Episode 1 of SHR Short Deck Cash Game"

 shokaku04/10/2018 18:03:12 GMT
Not that different from the 52 card version of Hold'em, only a flush beats a full house here. But if the guys with the big money want to play that version, of cause it will be played. We will see when this game type will show up on the bigger online rooms.
 bowie198404/10/2018 19:32:53 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Not that different from the 52 card version of Hold'em, only a flush beats a full house here.

Which kind of strange since even on a short deck statictically is easier to achieve one than a full house. Wonder why they made it this way.
 pajalnick04/10/2018 19:46:46 GMT
Triton Poker is a completely new name for me. I hear it for the first time, of course. Now, after reading this message, I’ll probably wonder what kind of Triton Poker is and maybe not want more details about it, but you probably just need to google it and everything will be found
 Gerimantas04/10/2018 20:03:52 GMT
Yes to me when i watch short deck poker hands to very strange situation to see flush better and bigger combination to full house, it is sometimes stupid situation can be when you forget this and play liie texas holdem and lose big money whrn see full house lose to flush
 Milos75304/10/2018 22:28:34 GMT
Me too first time hear and see this Triton Poker, and my opinion is - this is so stupid, mean how flush can be better then full house? Who know meybe in future we see new poker where will pair beats flush royal or something like that xD
 CALICUL04/10/2018 23:13:23 GMT
Is a different game and the buy in amount is a great one, between $ 10,000 and $ 250,000. This is not for us, but if this game is introduced online, players can try that. Is not the big difference but it is possible that this game to be played by gamblers. This game can be much more successful than the horse for example.
 Mober05/10/2018 10:22:39 GMT
Not a game that i would be interested on watching.
As noticed from the board of winning hands also is, that flush wins the full house.
Just wonder if that correct though, since you can notice the cards defining
the "straight" win, which is obviously wrong. Or not and the straight is only with four cards here ? Smile
 shokaku05/10/2018 10:27:51 GMT
Yes, a flush is less likely than a full house with only 36 cards, so it is ranked higher in this version. The straight is also correct as the Ace can be both the highest, and lowest card. Like in that example. It is the 36 card version of the wheel.
 doubletop77705/10/2018 12:42:06 GMT
These sort of programmes are right up mu street and i will look forward to watching this. The amounts of monies being gambled every hand is just mind boggling and quite frankly, frightening
 Gerimantas05/10/2018 20:26:29 GMT
To me it is always interesting to try new poker forms because it is boring to plau always same texas holdem, i play omaha pot limit, omaha hi lo, stud and stud hi lo, razs, very kiie to play 5 card poker in our local casino it is call russian poker, and this short deci sound fun too
 bowie198405/10/2018 23:38:14 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
These sort of programmes are right up mu street and i will look forward to watching this. The amounts of monies being gambled every hand is just mind boggling and quite frankly, frightening

I am not sure there was any frightening bit about this news - if you cannot handle loosing six or seven firgurs on one hand you are clearly sitting at the wrong table in relation to your knowledge/budget.
 Tony_MON7ANA06/10/2018 19:37:17 GMT
I haven't tried short-deck poker yet. All of the 2's, 3's, 4's, and 5's are removed, so there are only 36 cards instead of 52 cards in a deck? That's interesting. I guess the variance in this game is much higher than that of regular Texas Hold'em.
 shokaku06/10/2018 20:26:18 GMT
Chances are higher to actually make a hand. So ace high will carry the day far less than in the 52 card version. Especially straight draws are extremely powerfull here. But i know no online room that is offering this version at the moment.
 Gerimantas06/10/2018 21:13:04 GMT
I not see short deck poker too on any pooer room online, so good chance that shokaku say right information, but i wajt to think that if many people want to play rhis game then in some time poker rooms start to give chance to ppay short deck poker online too
 shokaku07/10/2018 18:28:05 GMT
I have looked around a bit and iPoker is offering this version online. But the hand ranking is a bit different from the Triton one, as at iPoker three of a kind beat a straight.

There seems to be some confusion what is actually higher, so players should make sure to know the exact rules at their chosen room, if they want to give this version a try.
 CALICUL07/10/2018 23:16:30 GMT
The rules of this game are easy to find on the internet, but you must to read carefully, to understand the rules and the winner cards. The first time you have to look if this game has enough players in the online environment. If it has fewer, then it is harder and you will have to play other games.

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