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2018 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event won by Dylan Linde for $1.6M

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Posted on 17 December 2018 by "T".

The 38-year-old poker pro from Coeur D'Alene, ID, United States was the last man standing in this event. This is his first-ever WPT title and his biggest score to date, the first-place prize of $1,631,468.

A total of 1,001 players entered the 2018 World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic $10,400 NLHE Main Event, which has now been considered as the biggest field ever in a $10,000 buy-in event on WPT history. The player entries altogether generated a $9,709,700 prize pool. After five days of extreme poker action held at the Bellagio, it was Dylan ‘ImaLucSac' Linde who won the lion's share of the prize.

After winning the event he said, "Incredible... I'm stunned, I'm stunned. I was in for a lot of bullets in this tournament - I was in for five bullets - and all I wanted to do was get even. I was like, ‘OK, I need to get 24th place and then I make like 8K, that's great.' Then I got to there and it just felt like freerolling. I just was confident, I played my game - I mean, I'm still... I'm still in shock."

He explained his multiple $10k bullets fired in this event, "It was like a roller coaster. The first one or two, it was like, ‘Ehhh, OK.' And then when I busted bullet three, I was pretty sad and I kind of tilted. Then when I busted bullet four, I was just like, ‘Ya know? Whatever, this tournament is really good and I need to fire.' At that point, I've already passed my pain threshold so now it doesn't matter. I just try and it almost helped me to be in for five."

He continued, "Incredible! Besides having played a lot of poker for the past 10 or 11 years, I'm a gargantuan poker fan. I watch every single everything on PokerGO, I watch all broadcasts. Even weird cash games that have been televised, I consume it all. I love poker. To be there, to be here playing in the studio, it's incredible. It's just incredible. I watched the Super High Roller Bowl Cash Game this morning before I came to play."

Thanks to this victory, Linde's name is added to WPT's record books alongside players like Daniel Negreanu, Joe Hachem, Gus Hansen and Antonio Esfandiari as a champion of this event.

Linde began the final day of the event second in chips with only six players left, just behind chip leader Milos Skrbic of Serbia.

The heads-up battle saw Dylan Linde (22,375,000) versus Milos Skrbic (17,675,000). As the match went on, Linde managed to increase his stack steadily. When the final hand was on, Linde had over a 6-to-1 advantage.
Skrbic got a pair of 5
Linde got a pair of Jacks
The board revealed K-9-9-9-A, which declared Linde the winner for holding a higher full house.

Final Table Results






Dylan Linde

United States



Milos Skrbic




Andrew Lichtenberger

United States



Ping Liu

United States



Lisa Hamilton

United States



Barry Hutter

United States


Next on the list of the WPT Main Tour is the WPT Gardens Poker Championship with a $10,000 buy-in to be held at the Gardens Casino in Southern California on January 12 to 16, 2019.



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12 comments on "2018 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event won by Dylan Linde for $1.6M"

 Mober17/12/2018 13:48:20 GMT
His first ever wpt win with a great prize.
A bit more than 1.5 millions USD, can open lots of doors Smile
Gives him the ability to play in many more tournaments with high buy ins.
And this one was not a low one either, with 10k buy in.
Still wondering, how can they play a poker game for that long Smile
Five days tournament...
 pajalnick17/12/2018 14:32:45 GMT
Well, here's another person who won the poker winner's bracelet .... It’s very good that New people become the winners of big tournaments ..... This means that many have a chance to win .... 1.5 million dollars this is of course a wonderful win. ... it's like he is a professional. He has the opportunity to play at big bets.
 CALICUL17/12/2018 16:07:36 GMT
This Dylan Linde played a lot of poker and watched other poker games.
This means he has memorized many positive things and after that he participated in a big tournament and managed to win.
Because of this, poker is a game based on skills first and less on luck.
If you do not learn, then chances are small with sharks players.
Congratulations to this player who managed to become professional after a very careful study and for his prize. Smile
 bowie198417/12/2018 23:55:41 GMT
So 700k is just disappeared during the tourney right away? There were a thousand people shelling out 10.4k as the buyin yet the prizepool only contained $700.000 less than that. Doubt that organizing this event would even close to that amount, it's just mind boggling...
 doubletop77718/12/2018 08:08:57 GMT
Many congratulations to Dylan linde on winning this prestigious tournament and a very nice first prize of $1.6m. I can only imagine the feeling when you win the last pot and win the whole thing
 Gerimantas18/12/2018 16:26:15 GMT
Very big win of 1.6 millions of dollars for dylan linde. I cannot imagine personally to be win such big amount if money and then what can i do with this money. Interesting to see he uses 5 rebuys, in this situation he makes good profit, but many times it is big loss to make so many rebuys
 bowie198419/12/2018 00:20:47 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
Interesting to see he uses 5 rebuys, in this situation he makes good profit, but many times it is big loss to make so many rebuys

Depends on his general style and gameplay - maybe it's his forte and all of that. But yeah, five times 10k is no small feat to shell out for keep playing...
 sammybeyo19/12/2018 03:50:45 GMT
Oh wow congrats to all those winners in that event it's the dream to even play in those big live events. Hopefully the winner's use the money wisely. Smile
 godoy01/01/2019 13:37:39 GMT
Coeur D'Alene what about a player of this caliber who at 38 wins his 1 WSOP title with the highest pitch of all in the type of entry of 10 thousand dollars is not for the few and now he should be with the much firmer br lol
 dule-vu02/01/2019 06:47:57 GMT
so another player from unidet states that won big tournament and over 1,6 million dollars is great!1001 and player is big number to beat,but buy in is very high for or regular players!you must good bankroll to buy in at this kind of tournament!
 CALICUL05/01/2019 16:34:10 GMT
Many Americans have money and $10 k is easier to win than in other countries.
They know how to do it, because it is a country that produces a lot of money.
I saw how the Americans play poker, before the Black Friday and they are very talented in this game. They invented this game and it's much easier to learn strategy in english language, or to watch the big players, how they play and you to understand many things.
 Mober06/01/2019 18:28:51 GMT
Now it is much easier to learn the game than it used to be.
You can find tons of info online. Be it books, videos, articles, etc.
And there are also online translators, if that was the problem.
Of course i believe that if you are unlucky you cant go far... Smile

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