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Brunson, Cates, Hansen and others recently in Bobby's Room playing High Stakes Poker

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Posted on 12 March 2018 by "T".

On Friday, March 9, Danish poker pro Gus Hansen posted on his Instagram account that he's in the legendary Bobby's Room at the Bellagio playing with other high-stakes poker pros with stakes going to the levels of $1,500/$3,000!

As poker fans are usually not allowed to take snapshots or take a video record of any high-stakes poker action going inside Bellagio's Bobby's Room, lucky for them that Gus Hansen is in there and has posted up many photos and videos from Bobby's Room in the past few days.

Based from the pictures and videos he had posted via Instagram, Gus ‘The Great Dane' Hansen has been playing with other famous poker players like Andrew ‘good2cu' Robl, Doyle Brunson, Daniel ‘jungleman' Cates, David Oppenheim, and Elior ‘Crazy Elior' Sion.

The Bobby's Room is host to some of the highest-limit poker action in the world, and the games usually have at least a $20,000 minimum buy-in.

Update on Gus Hansen's Poker After Dark 2018 appearance
On Wednesday, March 7, Gus Hansen returned at Poker After Dark (he was last seen there in 2010), and as what poker fans love about him, The Great Dane has played quite a few massive PLO pots.

He appeared on the second and final day of "Racks of Lamb", a week that's named after high-stakes pro Ben Lamb. The segment featured a $100/$200 pot-limit Omaha with a mandatory $400 straddle before the stakes doubled to $200/$400 with a mandatory $800 straddle later in the game. The action was televised by PokerGO.
Aside from Gus Hansen and Ben Lamb, other poker players present were Brian Rast, Chris MacFarland, Len Ashby, Matt Kirk, and Sam Soverel. It was Ben Lamb who got the largest profit at the table (over $250,000) on the previous day.

PokerGO posted in their Twitter feed many incidences of the biggest hands, and most of them involved none other than Hansen himself. While Danish pro really did cause some headaches for his opponents, it was an up and down rollercoaster for him as well.



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16 comments on "Brunson, Cates, Hansen and others recently in Bobby''s Room playing High Stakes Poker"

 maragatero12/03/2018 13:08:19 GMT
Wow..stakes on the levels of $1,500/$3,000! I would see them like Olimpo´s Gods! And when you have an outside looking they seem playing like you and me in NL2. Whats it´s will going on in these minds...I (and every poker´s player) would pay for know that. How they look for the opponent´s tells, how make their estrategy, how much adrenaline run for their body... really a paralel universe!
 CALICUL12/03/2018 15:10:16 GMT
It is better for professional players not to be disturbed by fans. They play for a lot of money and fans starting filming and take pictures it disturbs their game. I'm happy for the Danish player Gus Hansen as he returned to high-stakes tables and i hope he will play for a long time here.
 RytisHunter12/03/2018 18:31:58 GMT
Wow, nice
 Sandmanilo12/03/2018 21:05:56 GMT
It's very nice of Gus Hansen that he had posted those photos of this room. I was always interested what's going on there behind the scenes in this legendary place. Now we have an opportunity to learn more of it.
 3pokeronly12/03/2018 23:01:06 GMT
Hi BRMers, $20,000 min buy-in equates to just 6.66 big blinds, I think you will be well under-funded if that is all you have got, probably $150,000 or 50 bigs would give you some game time and leverage otherwise you would be toast in minutes.
3p out
 ligador3712/03/2018 23:03:51 GMT
Very nice, the most I have played has been NL16, and there they are, playing 1500/3000 as if it were nothing.

I think people would not only pay to know what goes through the minds of those Pros, but also pay to just be there, watching. Amazing, 20.000 but-in, minimum
 doubletop77713/03/2018 08:44:16 GMT
I would have loved to be able to have watched this and see these phenom's go at it. I can only imagine the amounts of money being gambled and the pots must have been huge
 pajalnick13/03/2018 14:58:48 GMT
of course it's very steep bets ... 1500 and 3000 dollars .... such bets can only afford very rich people .. but here are very cool and well-known poker players so it's not very surprising .... but even for them it's very steep bets ..... I would like to see this game but unfortunately this is impossible
 godoy13/03/2018 23:01:36 GMT
a table that is charging you and it's not that hard where the big money roller loads this sim and poker to embrace the variance for the top how much the low kkkkkkkkk I want isso stillnn
 LIKEIT2714/03/2018 10:18:58 GMT
can you watch the table's???
that would be fun to watch,..Full tilt poker,..
i watched it every day,...were some pots did go over a million,..
That was soo cool to watch,..and espacialy when gus hansen played,.
And he loose huge money against isildur,.
Good old days,...phil ivey,..patrick,..isildur,..gus hansen,..and a few highrollers,.
Soooo sweet to see them gambling Cool
 CALICUL14/03/2018 15:21:55 GMT
Those times are no longer because The Black Friday and after that The Pokerstars with Amaya Group have spoiled the good functioning of the games. It could come back good online gambling games but they have to do something. A good strategy...
 LIKEIT2715/03/2018 10:59:57 GMT
Atleast dont let a poker player run the site,...
Cus there was one that was a pokerplayer that made black friday,..
All the poker players were very angry at him,..
o well i think most players did get there money back at full til Worship
 pochui15/03/2018 20:19:07 GMT
well from the picture posted it looks like Hansen is just peeking at some juicy action, and has empty pockets so all that is left for his is to watch how other poker pros who still haven't lost their bankrolls are having some fun.
 CALICUL17/03/2018 15:31:16 GMT
likeit27 this danish player Gus Hansen was not involved in the full tilt scandal and black friday. He lost a lot of money in full tilt, many millions but is a good player, professional and you confuse him with Chris Ferguson or Howard Lederer. They were involved there not Gus Hansen.
 Tony_MON7ANA18/03/2018 19:15:21 GMT
I would go to Bellagio on the weekend to play a $10 or $15 Blackjack back in the 2000s, but I didn't pay a visit to Bobby's Room. I wasn't a poker player at that time. US$20,000 minimum buy-in? That's too much for a casual poker player like myself.
 CALICUL24/03/2018 15:39:18 GMT
then you have to put your hands on the strategy book about poker holdem. Maybe you will not get to play for many money like 20 k minim but for few hundred cash games is very good because this shows you've progressed from casual. You have to do this to hope for more money.

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