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Writer decides to write Book about Poker but Stops after Winning Thousands of Dollars playing it

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Posted on 31 May 2018 by "T".

Many of us dream of ditching our boring, soul-crushing jobs in exchange for that easier and rewarding life filled with fun, excitement, and lots of money, but of course, what kind of gig should we get to achieve that?

If poker is one of those answers, we all know too well that poker is not for everyone. But, one woman has proven that it doesn't take a very extraordinary skill to be able to make that leap from that daily humdrum world into a higher, more thrilling landscape - that if you just push yourself more and with a little luck on your side, you can flourish and make it bit doing something you don't know anything about before.

This particular woman who now enjoys the poker limelight is Maria Konnikova, a New Yorker contributing writer who simply decided one day that she should conduct a psychology experiment for a brand new book, and the process involves her having a go at high-stakes poker. She sought the expertise of Erik Seidel, a Poker Hall of Famer who won over $34 million so far in his poker career and is currently at the #1 spot in the United States All Time Money list. Seidel was generous enough to take her under his wing and showed her the ropes, and now it's making a big impact on getting her started to a ‘fruitful' career in poker.

According to an interview via PokerNews, she started out in the world of poker "as someone who has never had any experience with the game, and initially played small - $20 and $40 - tournaments and not winning much. Thanks to Seidel's guidance, she got much better that she was able to sit at higher-stakes tables with great players at top Las Vegas casinos such as the Aria and managed to walk away from a couple of games with winnings up to $2,000. Not long after, she was playing and crushing it at the major tournaments.

Lady Luck is definitely on her side, as less than a year after she started playing, she struck gold. This January, at the PCA National Championship in the Bahamas, she outlasted a field of 230 players and took home $86,400 (and a $30,000 Platinum Pass to the 2019 PokerStars Players NLHE Championship) from a game that she began playing from scratch, as a mere experiment, to research a book.

Currently, she is making so much money just by playing poker that she said she's setting the entire research writing thing aside for now, pushing her book schedule back, but the tradeoff to her is so much better, allowing her to experience the lucrative world of professional poker gambling.

Apparently, her decision is paying off well because in March, she just won $57,519 after placing 2nd at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) in Macau!

Last month, she announced via Twitter that she just joined her first ever €25k tournament at EPT Monte Carlo, in which the event was won by Justin Bonomo for $457,380. Her mentor Erik Seidel finished third place in the same event for $210,661.

We don't know how she was able to pull it all off, but Maria Konnikova did it. She said goodbye to her old job, dabbled at a hobby she knew nothing about at first, and now she's incredibly rich! She will definitely be an inspiration to anyone who wants to learn poker and try to change their lives for the better.



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12 comments on "Writer decides to write Book about Poker but Stops after Winning Thousands of Dollars playing it"

 doubletop77731/05/2018 07:35:32 GMT
What a fantastic story and congratz to her. It looks like she has worked extremely hard on her game and is getting the just rewards now. I hope she does finish the book because it sounds like it could be a good read
 godoy31/05/2018 12:17:39 GMT
and what I always say poker and legal and everything else really poker and a lughar where people desperately try to earn good money to be able to stop working and live a good life and susegada without that poker and to have fun yes It's only when I played affectionate adinheiro and to win
 CALICUL31/05/2018 17:36:14 GMT
Erik Seidel regret now that he has an extra opponent at the poker tables or is a good guy and is pleased that he has managed to create a very good poker player? These questions should be asked by somebody to find out what answer he will give in this regard. I think this story is like a good dream.
 Mober31/05/2018 19:56:07 GMT
Lady luck is on her side?
Can you really make it that far, if you are not lucky at the end?
Having the guidance of a professional player is a big help of course,
but you need to be lucky also, to win tournaments like that.
 damosk01/06/2018 07:20:32 GMT
A nice way to make a living. Don’t bother spending countless days weeks and months trying to write about the wonderful game, get out there an play it and try and make your fortune that way. If it all falls apart at least they can get back to the book and continue writing it again. I look forward to reading it sometime soon.
 godoy01/06/2018 15:48:23 GMT
what to say of this woman who now only wants to know to play poker also with a tutor of this only could give good and to win big amounts of money kkkkk poker and to be played and won ai that the luck of the one who has a godfather of this like erike sidel kkkkk
 pochui01/06/2018 19:42:50 GMT
well kinda have to agree with a few comments above that playing poker is a way better and faster way to earn money than writing a book about poker, though only if in this situation, since only winning poker is better than writing a book, losing poker is of course not an option
 Tony_MON7ANA02/06/2018 15:43:41 GMT
Maria Konnikova's résumé absolutely stands out from the crowd. She has a bachelor's degree from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. from Columbia University. It is extremely difficult to get into such prestigious institutions.
 Tony_MON7ANA03/06/2018 19:47:16 GMT
I just took a glance at one of her best selling books titled “Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes.” Very well written and interesting. There is nothing sexier than a strong, smart, educated, and independent woman.
 Mober04/06/2018 15:55:40 GMT
A faster way indeed to win money than selling the book.
unless of course we are talking about a best seller, which means a fortune from the books Smile
But with a subject like that, a best seller is not a possible outcome i believe.
 Gerimantas04/06/2018 19:30:04 GMT
Of course it is good when you have such good poker players teach you how to play poker like eric seidel. Maybe she say that dhe writes book and then meets poker pris and then learns some things from them try to play and wins so much that book is not interesting to her Big Smile
 shokaku05/06/2018 07:02:29 GMT
Confirmation of the old saying: those that can do it, do it. Those that can`t do it, teach it (or write about it). I guess there is far more value in actualy playing the thing, as the market for poker related books is already saturated.

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