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Poker Pro Liv Boeree spreads Poker Wisdom via TED Talks

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Posted on 04 May 2018 by "T".

When it comes to poker success stories, we notice that many who were able to make it to the top come from different types of people from various walks of life; however, it seems like individuals who had the highest success rate are the ones who are analytically-minded and highly-knowledgeable with numbers.

Take for instance Liv Boeree, currently a PokerStars pro team member, who can't seem to shut off her profound love for numbers, and it's probably one of the main reasons why she's been performing excellently at poker tournaments.

She believes her love for numbers and poker can become a doorway to becoming helpful to others, which is why she did a TED talk. The TED (technology, entertainment, design) Conference, held yearly at Vancouver, has become a place for presenting leadership and vision, with previous speakers known as some of the most influential people in the world such as Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Bill Gates.

She contacted TEDx Manchester and asked if she can make a presentation. TEDx conferences are actually composed of hundreds of satellites of some sort, organized by local groups. With less than a month before the conference begins and while Boeree was at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, the organizers responded and told her she can have a slot for her presentation if she'll take it.

With little time to prepare, Boeree still accepted.

Boeree said, "I wanted to find a way to teach poker thinking for everyday people. Maybe we're just so in our bubble, trained and used to thinking in probabilities. But, I think it's a super important skill."

According to rules at TED Talks, speakers need to formulate 15 minutes worth of material to talk about and they need to memorize it so it could be delivered note-free. The presentation also required a flow, visual aids and personal examples so that the audience can understand and relate to.

The easy part for Boeree was obtaining a list of material she wanted to discuss, but the hard part was editing herself as well as being able to impart interesting information combined with deadpan delivery.

She said with a laugh, "When you're trying to crack a joke, you're not allowed to laugh at your own joke."

Two weeks worth of rehearsing and about 40-50 hours of work later, she then finally presented her piece to an audience of around 2,000 people.

Here's one of her past videos (in mid-February) about her speech on probabilities and how to use it to improve our "everyday decision making".

Through these talks, Boeree aims to reach her two goals of improving her own public-speaking skills and at the same time growing the game.

On future TED talks, Boeree had to work harder on edits and delivery because the main TED conference makes use of a format with auto-advancing slides so her timing has to be perfect. Moreover, a limit of only 6 minutes means more self-editing has to be done. She said, "There's so much you can say about poker, trying to trim it down to six minutes is hard. It's like, 'I love this sentence. Oh, doesn't really add enough, got to cut it."


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12 comments on "Poker Pro Liv Boeree spreads Poker Wisdom via TED Talks"

 Mober04/05/2018 16:04:05 GMT
I can see, this as a try, by her own words to improve her own public speaking skills,
but at the same time growing the game?
One way or another it is a card game.
Is there a reason going into such lengths, to draw more people in?
 CALICUL04/05/2018 16:32:13 GMT
I wrote a comment last day about an accountant or mathematicians and i mean they have a great chance to make money from poker. The condition is to learn strategy and have time to play. Who loves math, make money and this is for many careers. Liv Boeree is an example.
 bowie198404/05/2018 17:34:30 GMT
TED talks are the most selfindulging circlejerking pseudo-intellectual showcase of mediocrity that holds no real value nor brings lights to any issue which actually matters IRL but it's hyped up be something completely else. It's beyond my understanding how this shallow institution became a driving force for the conference business.
And if somebody wants to tell me that I am just a contrarian troll - I DARE YOU to watch a dozen of TED talks on youtube, you will find out soon this is just a vehicle for drive these peoples egos to somewhere where they could feel their life's work is important. No, it's not.
 godoy04/05/2018 17:52:04 GMT
think only about having a class like this with one of the best women who plays poker with a lot of things to pass and teach but it is very complicated for Brazilians to have this opportunity
 pajalnick04/05/2018 19:56:53 GMT
hmmm ..... the next poker coach ..... it seems to me that the strategy of the game has already written so many books from different authors that more already and do not need ..... of course time is running ... players are changing but the game is left all the same as many years ago .... Spade Club Heart Diamond
 doubletop77705/05/2018 08:04:29 GMT
I think that this talk would have been very interesting and informative. LIv Boeree has always come across as very well spoken and very well educated. I think that she should do more of these talks
 Mober05/05/2018 17:22:04 GMT
I have seen some of these videos, not only from this "institution" but a couple
others, and i agree that some people think they are doing something great,
when they are actually arent Smile
Probably it is like an old saying we are having here, and goes like this:
If you do not brag about your own house, it will fall and will crush you Smile
 pochui05/05/2018 17:29:44 GMT
yeah I have to admit that what bowie is saying does really have some truth, actually more than a bunch of ted talks itself. of course there are some jewels hidden in a pile of sh1t that you might find by digging deep in manure in your spare time... not saying that this is the way to spend your free time though
 godoy05/05/2018 20:06:29 GMT
thinks of attending a lecture given by none other than one of the most engaged women in the world of poker and being able to absorb a dewte dewte knowledge would be a very good and important thing
 Gerimantas07/05/2018 06:18:20 GMT
I think it is interesting to see and hear this ted talk and i think i go to YouTube and see what she say about poker akd maybe i can hear some interesting information how to win more money and be better poker player
 bowie198407/05/2018 23:44:25 GMT
No amount of TEDtalk gonna make you play poker better because these videos are not intended to make you learn to play the game better. The only information you need to win more money is that you probably better of not spending your money on gambling altogether.
 Tony_MON7ANA08/05/2018 02:11:14 GMT
Liv Boeree looks chic and classy on and off the poker table. Her presentation was well done and to the point. A 15-minute presentation is not too long, not too short.
Doesn't she look a bit skinny in this video? Maybe it's her outfit that's making her look thin? Maybe it's just camera angles?

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