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EPT Monte Carlo Main Event won by Nicolas Dumont for €712,000

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Posted on 08 May 2018 by "T".

Even though the final eight featured poker pros such as David Peters, Ole Schemion and Patrik Antonius, the last stages of the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event final table were mainly conquered by relatively live-tournament noobs and it was French poker player Nicolas Dumont who eventually grasped the title for €712,000 (approx. US$854,400) plus a wonderful $30,000 Platinum Pass to PokerStars Players No Limit Hold'em Championship on January 2019.

Dumont, unlike the other established pros he defeated in this event, only have six previous recorded tournament cashes, and not one of those cashes have ever reached over €9,500 (he only had roughly $20,000 prior cashes under his name). He outlasted some notable players on the final day of the event, including German superstar Ole Schemion, 2016 GPI Player of the Year David Peters, and high-stakes legend Patrik Antonius.

At 31 years of age, Nicolas Dumont makes his living as a driving instructor in Paris, France, and so spends a lot of time in the passenger seat. Ironically, he never planned on actually playing at the tournament and only entered in place of his friend Julien Perouse who had meant to play but for some reason was unable to make the trip. Perouse offered to put Dumont into the event if he can manage to find accommodations. Little did the two know that this arrangement turned out to be quite profitable for both them, as Dumont was able to outlast a field of 777 players to emerge as an EPT champ!

Dumont said when interviewed by a PokerStars reporter, "I feel great. It's my first EPT, my first win. What can I say? It's crazy."

The Final Hand - Lady Luck at Dumont's Side with Pocket Queens

The final heads-up match saw Dumont versus Jiang, and it was a victory for the less experienced French tourney player as he beat Jiang with pocket Queens.

The final hand has the blinds at 100,000/200,000/200,000.

Dumont limps on the button with Q♥Q♦. Jiang raised to 650,000 with 6♦6♥ and then got check-raised to 1.55 million.

Jiang pauses for a while before shoving all-in for about 10 million, and got snap-called by a slightly bigger stack. The board ran out 7♦K♣3♦8♥3♠.

A Dream Come True for one aspiring Hungarian Poker Player
Many who tuned in to this tournament agree that the most unforgettable moment happened on Thursday, when Krisztian Gyorgyi managed to pull off the sickest bluff in the tournament, and for that he became an instant legend.

Krisztian Gyorgyi, born in Hungary, got into the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event by simply winning a $5 satellite on PokerStars and made sure it won't go to waste by finishing 5th and took home €184,000 - a bountiful payday for someone who previously just had minimal poker success. Now, he's considered a legend for pulling off an amazing bluff against Tomas Jozonis and a humorous reaction.

Antonius said regarding the bluff, "This is good for TV."

EPT Monte Carlo €5,300 Main Event Final Table results






Nicolas Dumont




Honglin Jiang

New Zealand



Tomas  Jozonis




David Peters

United States



Krisztian Gyorgyi




Patrik Antonius




Javier Fernandez




Ole Schemion






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12 comments on "EPT Monte Carlo Main Event won by Nicolas Dumont for €712,000"

 Gerimantas08/05/2018 13:16:26 GMT
Yes to me it is wonderful when some poker player with no big name and no good results can ein the tournament and be better than ole schemion and patrick antonius. I think this is sport that cleveyone can play and eith some luck get big results
 CALICUL08/05/2018 16:45:05 GMT
Many players win big money in poker tournaments and is very nice when they are more anonymous, but if you're from America it's not very good. You are simply robbed of the tax system. I'm glad that the winner was not from SUA because 712.000 euro minus taxes approximate 50% with + or - is a disaster. The player on the 4th place is American and i do not think he will be very happy.
 dule-vu08/05/2018 16:50:58 GMT
very nice win for him and great prize with 712K of euros and special platinum pass which can be used on later tournament and to play for free!and what to say about 5th position and for player that have 184K of euros from 5 $ satellite!
 Mober08/05/2018 19:28:33 GMT
What can you say about this whole story.
A live tournament noob as described Smile won it by his first ever participation.
And how? By taking the place of his friend who was unable to take the trip.
Do these things actually happen? Smile
 pajalnick08/05/2018 20:47:37 GMT
the French poker player Nicolas Dumont .... for me generally no longer was in sight of the French poker players .... and then he won a big tournament and won good money in it ... maybe this new cool name in the poker community ? .... I personally hear about it for the first time ... good luck to him
 godoy08/05/2018 23:11:39 GMT
is more lucky to write his name on Monte Carlos with a brilliant and indisputable victory played with class and much skill congratulations great champion of monte carlos with a huge prize that should ta happy
 Tony_MON7ANA09/05/2018 02:21:23 GMT
Gigantic congratulations to Nicolas Dumont on being crowned champion of the 2018 EPT Monte Carlo main event. The final table consisted of eight players from eight different countries? That's rare, isn't it?
 doubletop77709/05/2018 07:42:06 GMT
Many congratulations to Nicolas Dumont on winning the Monte Carlo event. This final table was loaded with top top players and he must have played extremely well to win this
 bowie198409/05/2018 15:37:39 GMT
Hey not bad from a driving instructor to be honest. I've seen plenty of them having a tremendous amount of patience since their jobs requires it - well, so does poker. Must be nice having 600k, but probably the french government going to get half of it via taxes.
 CALICUL09/05/2018 16:46:12 GMT
This does not happen very often, but is not a rarity with eight players from 8 countries. The fact that this player Nicolas Dumont, played instead of a friend and won the 1st place is a rarity. This happens very rarely and if you think about it there are many people who can play live tournaments and have beautiful performances but their shyness is great, and they give up going into any casino to play live tournaments. If this would happen many professionals would have weaker results and anonymous would win different 1st places.
 pajalnick09/05/2018 20:46:56 GMT
Posted by bowie1984:
Hey not bad from a driving instructor to be honest. I've seen plenty of them having a tremendous amount of patience since their jobs requires it - well, so does poker. Must be nice having 600k, but probably the french government going to get half of it via taxes.

hmmmm ... but you are absolutely right ... !!! ... there are very big taxes in France ... apparently that's why poker players when they achieve some significant successes change their citizenship in order to avoid big taxes .... so the French players for poker tables of large tournaments are very few ... perhaps it's so Confused
 godoy09/05/2018 23:55:45 GMT
one of the coolest things that can happen and spike an event of this great and with this be able to enindependencia financier forever and epoder play all the big tournaments that want since money will not be problem more this and what a tournament of this after the rest and balela

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